Super quick and tasty meal!!!

Have you ever accidentally figured out something was super delicious? Maybe I’ve just been craving hot sauce ever since I made that PaleOMG recipe a few weeks ago. Well yesterday I threw together a couple things in my fridge and topped it with hot sauce an called it a meal. Then when I started eating it, I was blown away with yumminess! BLOWN AWAY, I tell you.


So it’s comprised a few go-to things I’ve been doing lately. Thing 1 is crcokpot sweet potatoes–because you just wrap them in foil, turn on the crockpot, and then forget about them.  Then voila–the taste of oven-baked sweet potatoes without all the trouble and without abusing your microwave 🙂

The other thing is Thing 2: pasta-ready chicken.


  • Hammer out the chicken (with platic wrap?) to tenderize it.
  • Heat a skillet to medium high heat with a bit of oil (coconut, olive, butter, whatever!)
  • Season the chicken (salt and pepper plus Mrs. Dash has been my go-to)
  • Brown the chicken in the skillet on both sides.
  • Change the heat to LOW and cover with a lid. Or a cookie sheet, whatever fits.
  • Set a timer for to mintes.
  • After ten minutes turn the burner off. Leave the lid on!
  • Set the timer again for ten more minutes. After than, made sure the internal temp it at least 160 degrees.
  • Let the chicken cool down some and then cut into cubes or strips or whatever the heck you want 🙂



I’ve been eating it mixed with broccoli too. But who’d’athunk you could just do it in a sweet potato??

Use a half or a whole sweet potato and stick it in a bowl. I prefer to peel the skin off. It’s actually pretty easy to remove it from a cooked sweet potato with you fingers. Is that weird? I don’t know. Whatever. lol

You could add a pat of butter if you want:


I love walmart for starting to carry Kerrygold–it’s grassfed beef!!!  Now if they could only keep it in stock.

Finish by topping it with hot sauce. Frank’s original has clean paleo-approved ingredients.



This picture isn’t even flattering, but your tastebuds will be having a big party–trust me!


It comes out to being almost exactly a 3 block  zone meal–half a sweet potato is only 2 blocks of carbs, so it would be a good idea to eat some extra veggies on the side. Also, you’d want to use half of a tablespoon of butter on your potato to get the right amount of fat. I’m still on the fence as to whether the zone diet does much for me, personally. I never really got accustomed to measuring and counting everything.  The only way to be successful at it is to eat the same thing over and over.


I’m going to be that cliche dude who starts using myfitnesspal on january 1st.

It’s  kinda silly, but my box is all kinda doing it together. We just finished “bulking” season and now we’re going to try and get lean for the open. I have exactly 4 and a half days to eat whatever I want. Which is ideal, because I have two $5 pizza coupons.

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