2014 Crossfit Goals

I made lasagna 🙂 Don’t worry—it was gluten free and made with a block of grassfed cheese. SOOOO good, gosh I totally get why people eat stuff like this. This picture makes me kinda not sure which way to tilt my head.20140108-155244.jpg

I’m okay with throwing this into the mix every once in a while as a “lesser evil” cheat. 20140108-155256.jpg

I’m just torn as to how I feel about spending time and effort in the kitchen making anything that isn’t paleo… It’s a whole heck of a lot healthier than restaurant lasagna would be, though. So at least it’s got that going for itself.

For New Year’s Eve I made these bacon guacamole sammies.


They did a goo job disappearing. Bacon has a tendency to do that. Now that I am working from home it’s pretty much almost completely impossible for me to keep it in the apartment. Between last two packs we bought I’m pretty sure Brad got about two pieces. Oops.

Speaking of Brad–he made his delicious meatballs and tomato soup recipe again. I didn’t get any pics other that this one, though…20140108-155322.jpg

I always help by making about 42 million mini meatballs. Good thing I’m not a vegetarian anymore because rolling raw beef and spices around in your hands can be pretty intense.

And I also made PaleOMG chocolate chip pumpkin muffins again. And this time I got MORE pictures! YAY.



They’re officially gone though. My next project is either going to be her butternut squash poppyseed muffins OR the protein chocolate chip cookie  dough balls. They’re actually kind of zone-ish. If you eat a few extra carbs with em.

Here’s my go-to lunch again:


I don’t know how many blocks it is. I guess I could try and figure it out.

Excuse my messy room but here are two new goodies I got!

From the Reebok website:



I love it. LOVE. And I got a lululemon Chai time pullover that I have been trying to hunt down for months!!!20140108-155422.jpgThis post is all over the place.

So far I’ve gotten my third PR using my new barbell!!! Although two of the PRs were on the same movement. I’ll tell you what it was and then share my 2014 crossfit-related goals.

Squat snatch: 145 🙂 Front Squat: 210. Front Squat: 215. And I have *just* missed jerking 195. And I have squat cleaned 195 four times. Haven’t been able to stand the dang thing up yet though 😦

***2014 GOALS***

  • ring muscle up!!!! (the biggest goal, BIG BIG BIG)
  • string bar muscle ups together and do them consistently (i have a lot of “off days”)
  • learn to walk on my hands (I better hit this one soon! it’s in the couples comp next month. so far it’s not looking too promising–haha!)
  • Do ring dips RX in a workout.
  • strict handstand pushups.
  • Clean & Jerk 200#
  • triple unders???
  • 200# Overhead Squat
  • 160# snatch
  • 25+ unbroken pull-ups (butterfly?)
  • get better at Chest-to-Bar pull-ups

I think that’s enough goals. Obviously I want to bench more, shoulder press more, lunge more, run faster and all that jazz too. But this list is all the stuff I plan to spend lots of extra time working on. I usually stay after class for an hour every day trying to master a skill. With the open coming up, I really need the muscle up… ugh.


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