Stitch Fix!

So I tried Stitch Fix for the first time! I had a $20 credit for them in my PopSugar Box, and I thought it sounded really fun so I decided to give it a shot! Basically you create a profile with your taste and budget and body type and wants/needs and then a stylist looks over it and sends you a box based on your style preferences. I feel like my body type is a bit rare, so it’s hard to find clothes that fit me properly. REAL hard. I have really big shoulders, an average waist, and a bit butt. I’m SUPER curvy, so “flowy” clothes tend to look pretty dumpy on me. My go-to’s are things that fit snugly and are dark colors. That way they flatter and conceal me at the same time…. not that I claim to know anything about clothes… I can either pick and choose pieces to keep, keep it all for a discounted price, or choose to send it all back and eat the $20 styling fee.

I can’t decide what to do… except that I for sure don’t plan to keep it all. Help me decide???

Ok here we go: my first STITCHFIX box.


The first thing I saw was a envelope with a nice personal note 🙂


So here’s the first thing I tried on: plaid collared tank.



Here are my issues with it: too short, too thin, too see-through, and too tight through the top of the chest. It’s cute, and could be a very nice top to have if you could wear it on its own. BUt this would have to be for layering only since it’s so sheer. I know I’m sending it back for sure because I wouldn’t reach for it if I kept it.

Next: this plain black tank. 20140113-160207.jpg

I like the ruffle/pleat detail in the front. But it’s just a boxy black tank top… what do you think? Maybe it would be the kind of piece I would just go ahead and keep if I also loved everything else in the box in order to keep the discount.

This next piece is the one I am most “up in the air” about! It’s really pretty. I absolutely LOVE the color, but am not sure whether I’d wear this or not.


Yeah, it’s pretty see-through but I have tanks I could layer with it.

The best part is the lacy upper back:20140113-160226.jpg

Here it is layered with a red tank:20140113-160233.jpg

I always feel frumpy in button-ups…. Are they supposed to be worn tucked in??? Does anyone even know? I am clueless.

They also included a skirt!20140113-160244.jpg

It’s very fun and flowy but I don’t really like the way the pleates poof out form the waist. It makes me feel like my hips are sticking out like saddlebags. I’ve been really wanting a skirt lately, though. I would keep it for sure if it was a brighter color and just a little bit shorter.


Last but not least, I got a dress!20140113-160301.jpgI think I am way too tall for it, though.20140113-160308.jpg

I didn’t like the way the back of it hung. It just kinda dropped off way too high. It made me feel super naked. Like I was dressed like winnie the pooh.

It was a really nice quality dress though…

What should I do? Send it all back? Keep the red top? Keep the purple skirt?

Wanna try Stitch Fix for yourself? Use my link 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix!

  1. jenniechris January 13, 2014 / 5:17 pm

    I like the skirt, and I think you’re crazy if you see it as making you have “saddlebags.” However, if you don’t feel good in it and won’t wear it, definitely don’t keep it.

    Red shirt: I also like (partly because I think it’s something different than what I normally see you in!). It seems to fit well and not gap in the front, and you could use it as a layering piece under a cardigan or tuck it into skinny jeans for a more polished casual look. 🙂 (which I just realized is what the stylist suggested, so maybe I’m brilliant???)

    • fabulousinfayetteville January 13, 2014 / 5:26 pm

      Totally!!! Haha! Yes I might keep it. The $20 styling fee goes toward any purchase which would knock the shirt down from $48 to $28.

      I should have gone to your closet party!!!

  2. Lillie Smith January 13, 2014 / 10:08 pm

    First stitch Ive seen That was decent . I hope mine is as good as yours.i love all your colors.

  3. polkadotrunner January 21, 2014 / 9:51 am

    That’s a really interesting shopping concept! You look great in all of the pieces!

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