Protein Cookie Dough Balls!

This recipe for cookie dough protein balls is amazing! Go make it right now! As fast as you can 🙂 That Juli from PaleOMG is a very smart lady.


They were so awesome that I made them twice. Because I had enough stuff to do it again. And I could do it a third time, too…. Don’t tempt me.20140127-091202.jpg

I want to start trying the “zone” diet again. My own paleo version of it… SO I put the cookie balls in there to see how they added up:

So yeah. As usual, way too much fat. I don’t think the paleo diet is all that high-fat. Just the way I do it, it is.\

The only meal of the day I manage to “paleo-zone” correctly ever is breakfast. It always looks like this:


I know. It probably needs more vegetables. I’ll tell you what. If you chop me up some peppers and tomatoes and onions and eggs and spinach then I’ll add it to my eggs 🙂

Here’s my typical lunch, though! Like every day, I eat this same meal and it makes me happy.


I actually haven’t broken it down to see it’s zone properties… I’ll do that right now.

It’s actually not perfect but pretty dang close! I got 44% protein/32% carbs/24% fat. I’m thinking that I could eat more sweet potato than I do… sometimes I only eat half of a sweet potato. It would be a 5-ish block meal. I could add a piece of fruit or something. Or a tomato salad. See? This is why I don’t like the zone diet. You have to be a flipping CHEF if you want to eat paleo while trying to also eat zone. And a mathematician. And a millionaire. I am exactly none of these things.

Hey! Remember these from Regionals last year??? I found them on sale at Target yesterday! #iwin


I definitely cleaned out my entire fridge after I took that. It make me aware that I had way too many crumbly/sticky unidentified things in there.

I made chili last week! I forgot to mention it. I think i’ll make it again. And again. And probably again at least once a week till it gets warm outside again. My stomach greatly appreciate a hot bowl of hot spicy protein at dinner. Have you ever dumped it over a sweet potato and then topped it with some kerrygold grassfed cheese? If you haven’t, you should add that to your bucket list. Do it!


I was beside myself earlier today. I *knew* that the USB receiver for my wireless mouse was in this purse but I couldn’t find the stupid thing anywhere!!! I literally went through the purse ten times. Then I emptied the entire thing out and still coudln’t find it. During my search, I noticed that one of the pockets had a hole in it. I assumed that the hole led to the main compartment of the purse, but upon further review I discovered that it led to a top secret trapdoor secret passageway inside the purse!


I found the USB receiver right away. Along with some perfume, nail clippers, bobby pins, and a lip gloss.

I actually searched for the nail clippers at the gym once for a long time because I had a giant hunk of skin on my hand that was dangling and needed to be clipped. Little did I know, my “Criss Angel” ninja  purse was eating everything.

I haven’t spoken about crossfit in a few days. Or have I? I don’t remember. Ohwell, it’s time.

I have been finally starting to work on learning a ring muscle up. I have gotten a lot more consistent with bar muscle ups, but the rings are just a lot trickier. According to me. I blame my butt-to-arm size ratio. Guys just don’t understand. I actually googled “heavy girls doing ring muscle ups” and didn’t find anything. Too bad.

What else? I have been religiously working on handstand walking! Brad and I signed up for a couples competition in Springfield on Valentine’s weekend. How cute is that?! I love it! It’s gonna be crazy though. For one of the WODs we have 2 minutes to do either max handstand walks or max weighted pistols. Here is the catch: one foot of handstand walking is worth two weighted pistols. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. I will have to hold a 35lb kettlebell and do a one legged squat on EACH leg and that is worth 12 inches of shuffling around upside down. Unfortunately, I am known for being super uncoordinated and have never tried this skill before. So for the past 3 weeks or so, I have practiced every single day. I’m no pro, but I have come a long way.

Even if I still kinda suck at it, I’ll do better with that than I would with trying those stupid pistols. I can do them, but I am really slow and it hurts my back/knees. Brad’s knees are even more pistol-sensitive than mine, so he is working on the handstands too. An 8 minute “Jackie” style team workout comes immediately after that 2 minutes, so doing handstand walking will definitely be much less taxing.

Have a magical week! Eat some chili on a potato and stay warm!!!

2 thoughts on “Protein Cookie Dough Balls!

  1. jh January 27, 2014 / 12:40 pm

    Your posts make me smile.. 🙂

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