New and exciting food

Time to write about my favorite topic!

Food, food, and more food 🙂

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl (duh), and I didn’t feel like healthy food was appropriate and I’ve always wanted to make cake balls. So I looked into it… and then decide to make oreo balls instead. Cake balls are SUPER involved. You have to bake an entire cake and then crumble it up. UGH. That sounds horrible. Maybe next year. That just sounds like the most boring thing ever. Crumbling oreos in my food processor was much more fun!


I decided to be festive and color them Super Bowl colors. Bad idea. They look like a 4th grader’s astronomy solar system science project. And this is what my kitchen looked like after those shenanigans:


But. man they were tasty! I have to give my sister credit for the idea. She made them one Christmas. Pretty sure I ate at least half of them.


I have been eating the same thing a lot lately. Which is good and bad. Good because it becomes super easy to stay on track if your diet is paleo or zone. Or both. The bad thing is that without variety, your body can suffer from limited exposure to certain nutrients. I don’t know what exactly–but it just makes sense to me that some days are broccoli days, some days are spinach days. You can’t just only eat asparagus every day. Just ask my pee…. lol jk. Ew.

I made sweet potato fries!


These burger patties from Walmart are an easy go-to for a relatively quick dinner.


It’s dumping snow like crazy outside right now, which wasn’t in the forecast. I am happy to be sitting here in my cozy sweatpants writing about food! 🙂 I was actually going to start back with running today since I am pretty much over that stupid sinus infection thing I had for the past month. Guess it can wait for a few more days. Either that, or I can look for a little active recovery/endurance session in my apartment gym later. Depends on the roads. What a tangent! Let’s get back to food.

I’ve been trying to make some new and different things lately. I made chicken pesto “zoodles” the other night.


I feel like that whole meal is a phoney! Fake spaghetti, fake (dairy-free) pesto. Still delicious, though. I cooked chicken the way i’ve been cooking it for my lunches. Then I googled a paleo pesto, then I just threw zoodles in a skillet. I tried to undercook them so they weren’t all watery. But I ended up microwaving the whole thing after it was plated. I kinda sucked at keeping it all warm while waiting for Brad to come home from his lecture.

I also got inspired again last night and made chorizo meatballs from the Practical Paleo cookbook:


I had to google to find a spice blend because I didn’t notice there was a recipe for one in the book. Woops. But I happened to have everything to make it, so here it is:

Mostly paprkia, but some fresh garlic, oregano, cumin, salt and pepper.  Sooooo easy, folks! You just mix the spices into the meat, roll it into balls, and bakety bake bake bake it! At 425 for 25 minutes.

I decided the meal needed more carbs (I didn’t bust out a calculator, but it was looking very high-fat so I wanted to try to bring it to a slightly more zone-friendly level or carbs. Plus I wanted and excuse to make these potato wedges that I have been eyeing from PaleOMG.


For that particular recipe, you soak the wedges in ice water for half an hour. It’s supposed to keep them firm during baking somehow. Which is interesting. Kindof a cool concept, and I think it worked! They turned out SUPER good. But next time I will make at least two potatoes worth, they went FAST!

Brad plated it and it looked super cool. He’s good at that stuff 🙂


Tonight I am also using the Practical Paleo Cookbook again to make some beef stir fry. I’m excited! Hurray for trying new recipes and not just making vietnamese zoodles, chili, and ..whatever else my cooking rut had in it.

I definitely go through cycles where I just wanna make the same 5 recipes over and over. It’s like getting a writer’s block for cooking. I get a little unimaginative and lazy in the kitchen and end up making the same things over and over for weeks. I’ll even read recipes and think to myself “ughhh thats too much trouble!”  But I LOVE cooking. And I love making new things! Does that happen to you?

P.S. OMG, it’s my 2-year crossfit anniversary.

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