Rocktown Throwdown

Saturday was really fun! We went to Little Rock and stayed and Aaron and Abby and then teamed up with them for a really fun competition day. Our team was called “Squat like your EMoM”.


Here are the results. We ended up placing 4th overall! I had the big clean and jerk of the day with 185lbs, which I have been stuck at for a while. I really thought I could make 190 happen, but I just missed the jerk.20140407-104135.jpg



I was able to attempt 190 twice, but I missed the jerk both times 😦 Here is my final attempt:

Other good things happened though! I did Isabel for the first time during the final WOD of the day, and it took me 3:13. Which I would say is fairly decent considering I was a little spent from standing around and trying to be ready to compete all day. The last workout we did was one where everyone had to do a “girl”. Each team member did one and then “passed the baton” to the next team member. So I did isabel first, then Abby did grace, then brad did Elizabeth with power cleans (and did it under 5 minutes which blew my mind!!!) and Aaron did Fran. And we actually made the 15 minute time cap by two seconds 🙂 lol

After that we ate at Big Orange (a pretty awesome little rock tradition) and dropped by lulu (where I picked up a camo forme jacket) and then headed home.

Starting today I am going to try to clean up my diet as much as possible…. meaning no more candy from the basket at the post office, and no more snacks in between meals. Since I’ve been working form home, i’ll pretty much just go in my kitchen every day at 10 am and eat whatever the heck I can find and just chalk it up to tiding myself over for lunch. It’s really a terrible habit, so I’m going to stop. Or at least switch to vegetables instead of south beach bars.

I want to do another sugar detox, but I don’t want to go without fruit for that long. So I’m just going to do it my way. “Lisa’s easy fun sugar detox that probably doesn’t work at all”. My detox allows people to have biscuits and gravy on saturdays 🙂

Here’s my latest “semi-paleo” lasagna:


Gluten free sheets of pasta, grass fed kerrygold cheese, and full of beef, sauce, italian spices, zucchini, onions, and broccoli. So tasty!!!

Sunday as usual was another “epic breakfast”.


I made PaleOMG’s crispy vanilla protein waffles and I used grassed butter instead of coconut oil and then I skipped the applesauce and added a small drizzle of bacon fat to the batter. The waffles came out a nice golden color and had that savory sweet taste that I really like.


Here’s a second tomato mixed green salad topped with strawberry balsamic reduction. Mmmmm, we still have some raspberry left.20140407-104254.jpg

And paleo burgers atop asparagus.20140407-104304.jpg

This is what I got with a $10 ebay credit 🙂

I am pretty pumped about stiffing through it for ideas today. Grocery shopping tomorrow night! YUM. Paleo is my favorite.20140407-104331.jpg


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