Broken Bad

Last night Brad and I finished Breaking Bad. Yes–we FINISHED an entire show. A 5 seasons. Aside from True blood, I’m pretty sure that’s my first time to complete an entire show. Season 1 was the best, but by the end of the thing I pretty much hated everyone. It stressed me out, but I ended up feeling okay about the conclusion. My newest guilty pleasure is watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and drooling over their stunning  wardrobes. The show also has good music, but all of the characters selfish rotten have-it-all’s. Which is annoying. And honestly kind of boring, unless you’re in high school. I used to read the book series back in the day, though, so it was kind of cool to see that come to life. I have to brag on my incredible boyfriend. He made this ridiculously fantastic meal on Wednesday night while I was at “girls margarita night”, and I got to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. A big ol steak–complete with sausage, bacon, brown rice and zucchini. 20140411-092829.jpg

I think that one of my favorite meals of all time is the Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short ribs from Nom Nom Paleo.


Which I made yesterday 🙂 Served with my two favorite sides: cauliflower mash and sweet potato wedges. OMG yum. And yes, I realize those are both paleo stand-ins for potatoes. But I don’t care. When I was in high school I used to celebrate every Wednesday because it was “mashed potato day”.


Happy Sweet Potato Day???

I made chia pudding!!! For the second time ever.



Some people have issues with the texture. It makes a little bit if a “slimy” pudding, but I think it’s really satisfying. And super easy to make! You pretty much just make a liquid pudding then add chia seeds and store overnight in the fridge. Hey guess whaaaat!?! I got my bar muscle up back! That stupid thing is so elusive!!!! I did one  a couple of days ago so I ran all over the whole gym and did one on every single bar, so that I wouldn’t get into my head about which bar I was on and talk myself out of being able to do it. Then on Wednesday I decided to work on trying to learn to string a couple of them together. I attempted and failed over and over again. Then on my umpteenth try, suddenly it WORKED! And for the first time, I strung two together. Then a third. Then a FOURTH. Then FIVE!!! Then I went for 6, but my hands were getting angry. And my arms were feeling pretty fatigued. But that was a huge huge HUGE personal victory for me.

Jess Mess stayed with me for a couple nights just for fun and captured this video of the 5th one and then my 6th “attempt”.

My face at the top that muscle up is sheer happiness.

Surprisingly, coming down into second attempts took a lot less effort that the initial muscle up. I wonder if its the same way on the rings! Hopefully I will find out one day in the near future. I’ll be an actual competitive athlete!!! I’ll clean and jerk 200 lbs AND do muscle ups! …Sayonara to scaling?!

And now for a short public service announcement: you can totally make your nanos look new again!!!

20140411-093031.jpg 20140411-093205.jpgI bought the oxi-clean gel stick and applied to to all three pairs of nanos. Then I used a fingernail brush to scrub it into the fabric and let it sit for about an hour. Then into the washer with detergent like a regular laundry load, and THEN they air dried looking FLY!

P.S. I don’t recommend buying yellow or white nanos unless you’re cool with the grunge thing 😉



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