NC Wedding!

I haven’t blogged in a billion years! I do that sometime… forget about my blog.

First of all–NEW HAIR! It’s been over a year since I got my hair cut. Before and after:20140429-082302.jpg


This weekend was Brad’s brother’s wedding! We flew to North Carolina (to which I’d never been) and stayed there all weekend. It was pretty fun 🙂

The plane we flew from Atlanta to Raleigh was fresh out of the hangar and taking its maiden voyage. Which was a scary thought to me. I’m still awful at flying. The more I fly, the better I get at it, but I still arrive everywhere completely exhausted and pitted out.

The new Delta planes are awesome though! Everyone gets their own screen with games, movies, music, and more!


Their flight safety video is pretty funny.


Doesn’t this picture make you feel really glad you’re on the ground???

The worst part was flying back to XNA from atlanta on Sunday. We beat all the tornado-infested storms, but the entire flight was inside the clouds so all you could see out the window was whiteness. And the turbulence was pretty much constant. I’m glad that was the last flight of the trip and not the first. At least by then I was a little bit more trusting of the whole process. but UGH, it’s too bad that I love traveling because flying makes me a wreck.

Brad was busy a lot the first couple days, so I went with some of his family to a store called Jernigans. They had some pretty cool goodies. I ended up getting poo-pourri.


I didn’t know you could get it in a store! I figured I would just have to order more from amazon. I got two tiny ones so I could take them back with me on the plane 🙂20140429-082441.jpgThey work!!! Just saying.

The wedding was really nice.

20140429-082457.jpgThe reception was really fun too! Brad gave a tear-jerking best man’s speech. They fed us a whole bunch of soul food and tons of cookies and oreo balls. And the cake was funfetti-tastic! It was perfect.


All the guys decorated the groom’s truck.20140429-082529.jpg

For future reference, don’t use silly string on a car. It’s hard to get off and if left on for long it can dull the finish.

OH! And I caught the bouquet. 🙂 I caught Marlea’s too, but I think we kinda rigged it a little bit so that I wouldn’t miss! lol This time it was fair and square!

Moving on….

I visited a box while we were there! It was called H2ACrossfit. They made me feel super welcome, treated me like a celebrity, didn’t charge me a dime, and actually gave me some pretty good tips for my split jerk! It was only a mile away from the hotel, so I ran there. And then they gave me a ride home. Small town crossfit boxes are the bomb dot com.

I know, there aren’t many pics of food….let’s just say I ate really really bad. Like REALLY bad. I plan to get my act together soon…

I saw a makeup  vending machine at the Atlanta air port!!! How cool is this??

20140429-082546.jpgThat would be pretty awesome to find if you lost your bags.


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