Yep. I’m still alive. I just haven’t prioritized keeping up with my blog at all… LOTS of things are happening.

I was laid off from my job at Paze Interactive a few weeks ago, and I’m still frantically searching for a new opportunity. Also Brad and I moved in together, and that transition took lots of time too.

Lots of curve balls are being thrown at me in life right now.

So let’s talk about some awesome things that have happened! First and foremost, I got my first ring muscle-up! Any crossfitters reading this will realize just how huge of a milestone this is in the crossfit world. I actually had no idea that I was anywhere close to getting up there. It surprised the heck out of me!!! This photo is from my first time up on the rings, but I didn’t make the dip until a week or so later.  This is a particularly challenging movement for someone like myself who happens to be a bit on the heavier side. And I would also argue that this is a harder movement for females to master since we lack the upper body strength that most men naturally seem to have. So there. I finally beat all the odds and got myself up there 🙂




I have also accomplished a couple more crossfit milestones recently. I clean and jerked 200lbs!!! And a couple days ago I back squatted 300 lbs! And then 305 lbs as well, just because I had some more time. Pretty cool to see some hard work paying off!!!

Oh and I did Murph.

run 1 mile

100 pull-ups

200 pushups

300 air squats

run 1 mile

(partition the three middle movements as needed—I divided them into sets of 5/10/15)


I did the running in a weight vest. Then I felt guilty for not doing the rest in a vest, so I ended up running an extra two miles in the vest with other people to ease my guilt. Next year I will don the vest for the pull ups and push ups too. I’m so grateful that my body is cooperating so that I can accomplish things like this.


I also picked blueberries for the first time. I can’t believe I never did this as a kid! It was actually super fun.



Here is the new apartment (you know… before we moved all our crap in and wrecked the place).




I am hoping that I can take some cool pictures of it next month once we’re back from our Dallas trip to IKEA. Right now the closets are a mess and there is a lot of stuff that needs somewhere to be stored. Maybe I can make a post about it soon 🙂

Tonight  a bunch of my favorite people from the box are all getting together to eat delicious foods and watch the crossfit games on ESPN. We’re all excited to watch Alex Lachance who started crossfit here at Crossfit 540. I’m bringing kale salad and watermelon. But first I gotta go buy more kale salad ingredients so that I can actually feed some hungry cross fitters!



2 thoughts on “OMG I BLOGGED.

  1. Jennifer July 24, 2014 / 10:04 am

    Seriously SOOOOOOOOOOOOO geeked about your muscleup!! Have you been practicing? Doing progressions? I HAVE to be close. Like I want it so badly that other than Oly lifting, it has been all that I have been focusing on and it’s driving me mad that I just don’t get it. Pullups? got it. Dips? Got it. Hips to rings? got it. UGh.

    And amazing lifts!!

    And congrats on moving in.. HUGE deal!!!

    • fabulousinfayetteville July 24, 2014 / 10:08 am


      My best muscle-up tip is pop your hips as hard as you can and then DIVE. Dive like there’s a hot pizza waiting on you on the other side of the rings. It’s hard for me to get the height, but if I dive super hard, that’s when I stick 🙂

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