Flexible Dieting FTW!

I mentioned in my last post that I was wanting to dabble with flexible dieting. WELL I have been! And I am pretty sure I love it. I’ve learned a LOT lately, and I am dying to share!!! No more “fat-loss diet” shenanigans.



Weekly meal prep, anyone? lol jk! I actually haven’t had pizza in a while… sad face.

BUT I get to eat an english muffin every morning with greek cream cheese on it. And Bacon. And I get to have goldfish, rice, potatoes, fruit, and I certainly won’t turn my nose up to a donut.

And sometimes in the mornings I can see what resembles abs:


And my left hamstring is irritated, so I haven’t been running in over a month.

So here is my pro and con list of flexible dieting:

  • Pro: You can have a social life and go out to eat with friends.
  • Con: You have to be careful what you order so that it still fits your macros.
  • Pro: You can eat oreos (or whatever other treat your heart desires)!
  • Con: You have to take however many you fit into your day and put the rest away.
  • Pro: You will start to gain more strength and feel better during workouts 🙂
  • Con: This may take a few weeks to kick in because your body is adjusting.
  • Pro: If you mess up every once in a while, it won’t completely halt your progress. You can call it a “reefed”. Tomorrow is a new day with new macros!
  • Con: You have to track everything…. EVERYTHING. Like you’re anorexic or something. This is definitely the hugest con, but it’s worth it because you’re not eating tilapia and broccoli. And the myfitnesspal app makes it really easy to insert recipes, save meals, and create macro goals.

The more I do it, the less I hate it. At first my workouts were sucking and I was constantly hungry. I had to tweak my calories quite a bit to get to a place that I felt was where I needed to be. I’m actually still not there, really. I think I probably need more protein. I currently am eating 195 carbs/ 146 protein/ and 65 fat and 1950 calories give or take 100. Unless I start diving into goldfish like I did yesterday… oops.



I’m just really happy that I’m not prepping stupid amounts of chicken thighs and steaks every single week.  I’ve discovered uncle ben’s ready rice pouches and they have saved my life! SO easy and fast and tasty. Jasmine rice might be my most favorite food in the world right now. Right under red velvet oreos, obviously. Why do they have to be limited edition?! I want them ALL the time…


What’s been going on with me lately?

Thanks for asking! I’m still a freelancing graphic/web designer–hoping and praying that someone offers me a job in the near future… The crossfit games open starts next week, and I’m hoping to do well in that. TOMORROW is the couples challenge! Brad and I get to spend the whole weekend together which will be really amazing since he has been working so much lately. And then other than that I’ve made a couple of minor fitness victories:

  • Back squat PR again: 315!
  • Been able to string together 2 muscle ups–almost got three the other day!
  • Deadlift PR? I lifted 320 off of some 25lb plates. I really hate deadlifting for max load.
  • I’ve been a bar muscle-up machine–going unbroken in WODs for sets of 4 and 5!

That’s all, I think. My goal has been to improve my gymnastics, and I have been! Particularly in the are of muscle ups, but I really need to get my strict handstand pushup and legless rope climbs, because right now I can’t do either of those…. I did a strict handstand pushup once, but it was a long time ago. And I completely hate working on it. I also need to handstand walk more often. Ugh, yuck.

More to come: couples challenge, new natural grocery store grand opening, longer term flexible dieting, and the crossfit open!


2 thoughts on “Flexible Dieting FTW!

  1. Jennifer February 20, 2015 / 1:43 pm

    I love everything here!!! 😀

    Except that you covered your face.. haha. But you are looking great!! 🙂

    It’s funny how we get in this cycle with Crossfit and how you SHOULD eat.. and like there is only ONE RIGHT WAY to do things (paleo).. I’m sooo much happier and stronger eating what I wanna!

    I do still obsess a bit over meal timing.. and when to eat my carbs.. but overall, much better mindset.

    • fabulousinfayetteville February 20, 2015 / 1:45 pm

      Oh yeah! i forgot to mention carb timing! When i first started i was “saving” my macros (mainly carbs) so i could eat them at night after my workouts. NOT a guid idea. My workouts were total crap. Now i will eat more carbs at lunch and usually take a banana with me to the box 🙂

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