Crossfit Open 15.1

Weekends don’t feel like weekends at all right now.  My two new favorite days are Tuesday and Wednesday because I don’t have an open workout looming over me like a dark raincloud. Ew, I’m so pessimistic. But the good news it—15.1 is in the books and I’m not sad about my performance 🙂


9 minutes of 15 toes to bar, 10 deadlifts and 5 snatches at 75lbs.


I definitely am average at best at toes to bar. I also got tested on them during the couples challenge, and I totally was doing them in singles by the end of 30 reps 🙂 haha, I did what I could.

I did this open workout twice. I will likely do all of them twice because I am trying to help my team. My forearms are not happy about that… but our team is sitting in 24th place in the region and I am in 104th! (Thank you max lift!) I ended up 5 reps shy of completing 6 rounds. So that’s 175 reps. I’ll take it.  I’d love to be able to help send our team to regionals, but I’m a little bit sad that I have no wiggle room during any of these workouts to suck. Chest-to-bars and ring muscle ups are still going to happen. I am the weakest link on the female side of our team, but I am still a force to be reckoned with. Is that how you spell that? Reckon. Weird.

But I was SO happy in this photo:

I’ll explain why. This was my second time to do this workout. The first time I got 163 reps in the metcon and lifted 192lbs. I was SUPER amped because this time I got 175 reps, so I needed to match my clean and jerk. And instead of getting a safe weight, I made my first attempt at 192lbs. Right out of the gate. First of all…. WHO OPENS WITH THAT?! I somehow stuck it so that was glorifying. Then I put 197 on the bar and did that too! I didn’t have a ton of time left after that (and zero energy), so I called it a day.

No pics of me hitting my lift during the open, but it looked kind of like this:Only there wasn’t nearly as much bra hanging out. lol (This was from the couple’s comp)

We had a freak snow storm on Friday, so I had to postpone my first attempt to Saturday. Then we got another one yesterday with ice sleet and snow. It’s been COLD. And difficult to work out.

I’m having a lot of trouble staying away from comfort foods right now. And even more trouble tracking things. Being a “top athlete” and trying to make it to regionals on a team is a lot more stressful that I ever thought it would be. I actually miss my goal just being to contribute a score here and there. Now it’s about achieving an end result of pushing on into the next round.  Which is giving me a lot of anxiety. Especially since we actually still have a shot at this point. I’ve never been so nervous to do anything! I used to get really nervous before 5ks and stuff, but as soon as they shot the gun and I was running I was immediately calm and at home and zoning out. You can’t really zone out during these open workouts. They require quite a bit of coordination and strategy.

It’s hard to think of other things besides the open. The next announcement is today. 15.2. What do you think it will be? Chest to bar? Thruster? wall ball? double unders? Maybe it’s all four of those in a chipper! Or maybe they’ll take rowing for calories and make it a movement in the open.  I wouldn’t mind that.

I actually like crossfit, I promise. Here is a list of the things I feel strong at and would like to see:

  • heavy thrusters (like 105-125lbs)
  • bar muscle ups (WHATTT?! I know, right?! I’ve come a LONG way!)
  • pistols
  • double unders
  • pizza eating contest


Those are all good skillz.


3 thoughts on “Crossfit Open 15.1

  1. Chris March 6, 2015 / 2:42 pm

    Wow! You crushed it and check out your standings.. that’s awesome! Man… I need some C&J pointers from you haha. Good to see you took care of your hands with grips because hello pull-ups now!

    • fabulousinfayetteville March 6, 2015 / 2:54 pm

      Yes! And i am using the grips again for this one 🙂 Last year i only did 14.2 once because I ripped so bad. So here’s to keeping the rips at bay! And to hoping i do well enough to decide that i am “one and done” with this thing!

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