Treat Yo’self.

So flexible dieting is hard. I told myself after the Open (is that a proper noun?) that I would be a little more aggressive with my diet because swimsuit season is coming!!! How many times have I hit my macros since the open ended two weeks ago? Like twice, maybe. I don’t know why I can’t get motivated! I have this “treat yo’self” mentality right now because I am about to finally get a JOB OFFER! I’ll spill more about that later once it actually happens.

Plus I’m still super happy that the open is over. PLUS I sold my land rover (YESTERDAY) and am now shopping for a new car. Only I’m driving my dad’s gigantic dodge ram pickup in the mean time. It has the agility of an elephant and the turn radius of a commercial aircraft.

I went to natural grocers this weekend! here’s my haul:


I am not sure about the B-vitmain I bought. B-vitamins are the grosses things in the world. It’s the grosses texture–it’s like slime and coagulated blood mixed together flavored with rotten fruit and earwax. BONUS: If you accidentally touch it, it stains your finger for the entire day. Vitamin C and D are pretty good though.

This is my favorite purchase: (only bc i haven’t made the bacon yet)


I have tried the Arctic zero ice creams before and they were awful. This new flavor is the most tolerable one I’ve ever eaten. I think it will do a good job of helping cure an ice cream fix. But if I ever have this craving and have lots of protein macros left (almost always) then I’ll just mix up some protein fluff or something.

Have I mentioned protein fluff yet? You should google it! It’s one of those “flexible dieting” tricks. Along with egg whites, portion controlled snack packs, heavy barbells, greek yogurt, and oreo cookies.

Have a fabulous week!

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