I roasted a chicken!

Brad keeps having to travel for work, study for listening exams, teach classes, and be a career badass, so I have been finding myself alone in the kitchen a lot lately.

Well at work this week (I still don’t officially work here, but I’m about to, hopefully) they had a bunch of chickens for doing some photoshoot about “weeping” chickens! How funny is that? When chickens are preserved properly they can “weep” a TON of moisture and it makes them shrink down and lose their juicy awesomeness.

So anyways, everyone got a chicken! You get a chicken, you get a chicken, and I get a chicken too! They were killed on Monday and we had them on Tuesday. How freshly awesome is that?!?!  So I was like “what the heck do I do with this thing?” Something easy, please—roast it!

So on Wednesday night while Brad was teaching  I sprinkled the thing with kerrygold butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic, and rosemary, shoved some celery in it and baked itin the oven at about 375 degrees for an hour and 20 minutes or so.

 Do you like my makeshift roasting pan?


It came out soon good! it was incredibly juicy and tender and perfectly seasoned. I feel like I got lucky. Roasting a chicken can’t be THIS easy! The only problem was that I didn’t eat it until about 10:00 at night. I was so famished that I hate half a bag of raw celery while I was waiting. I HATE celery. So that’s how hungry I was.

Now let’s go back to the weekend! We went to Memphis!!!

We went there to meet Brad’s dad and his girlfriend. We arrived there on Friday afternoon and after we settled into the hotel we decided to go tour Sun Studios. Which was really cool! I recommend doing that if you ever find yourself tourisming in Memphis but don’t have a whole lot of time.

And if you need to kill time waiting for your tour to start, walk down the street to the Trolley Stop and get a slice or two of pizza! Nomnomnom!

After that we went to Beer street. Wait! Beale street, isn’t it? It smells like beer all over the place. Close enough.

We found this place called wet willies that I was pretty excited about. A place that serves about 30 different kinds of frozen daiquiris from those little spinning machines that are like little washing machines full of slushy goodness. Some of them were super potent. I got a mixture called the hurricane or something.

Obviously I wasn’t counting calories or anything. After that we ate at BB King’s and watched some live blues. They have pretty dang good ribs.

Then we visited the ever-wonderful never disappointing Cheesecake Corner  

Chocolate peanut butter was an excellent choice. It’s actually really hard to choose a flavor when you’re in there. They have so many and none of them look like they’d be less than amazing.

Also–the google says they close at 9:00. It’s a huge lie! We arrived at about 9:30 and they were still open and not closing any time soon. But at least we probably beat the crowd 🙂

We visited DeSoto CrossFit the next morning hoping to burn off a little bit of the bad ideas we’d had the night before. Pizza, beer, ribs, daiquiris, and cheesecake. It did NOT disappoint. we did a 30-minute partner WOD with running, wallballs, pull-ups and burpees. Blegh.

Then after a healthy breakfast of dunkin donuts, we hit Graceland! It was actually pretty cool. We learned a lot about Elvis. I feel like I could score pretty high on an elvis trivia quiz. We were there for about 6 hours and then we went to a place called Gus’s (World Famous) Fried Chicken.

I obviously stunk at taking photos that day. We ended the day with an accidental encounter with a crawfish festival, and some mexican ice cream. Then to bed early! We were pooped!

That was it for Memphis, but I think we did pretty good with just one weekend.

Since Tuesday we’ve both been rockstar flexible dieters. Summer is coming!!! Ahhh!!

I’m off to find an Elvis trivia quiz…. lol


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