Big Cedar Birthday Celebration!

Mom was celebrating her birthday at Big Cedar, but then we decided to make it a joint birthday dinner extravaganza 🙂 So I went there with her on Saturday and did the Paint & Pour class and spent the night.

The weather was perfect.  This photo was accused of being The Shire–lol!

Anything you oder at Devil’s Pool will be delicious.

Here is my BBQ chicken sandwich with sweet tater chips:

And my bloody mary:  

The Shire again, haha!  

At Paint & Pour, we did a mod-podge with paper pattern swatches on the deer antlers!  It was actually really hard! Trying to measure and cut all the swatches into the shapes I wanted in a timely manner was completely impossible. (Try doing that in 20 minutes! lol!) We did a lot of tearing and guessing and going “meh…. good enough!”

I had never done one of those group painting classes before. It was super fun and i would definitely do it again!

Dinner that night was a white sangria with a bacon-wrapped pork chop.  


And a lovely sunset.

The next day Dad and Brad joined us for lunch and a super fun golf cart cave tour.


Yes! We went into a cave!!! And there was a bar and we got “Bat’s Blood” which was a blackberry jalapeño bloody mary that I could drink every single day–SO good!!!    

Up next: We are going to Dallas to hang out with Marlea and Trip and watch the South CrossFit Regional competition! Woohoo!!!


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