Stick Fix #3!

So…. I signed up for my third Fix at Stich Fix!!! I’m so excited! I never ever shop.  Seriously. And when I try to shop, I always leave practically in tears because nothing fits me.  My body type is a difficult one to dress, so I left a note to the stylist that I prefer things with stretch.

If you Ddn’t know what Stich Fix is, it’s this incredibly convenient online shopping experience. You fill out a profile on their site and they send you a “Fix” which consists of 6 items.. I think. I’ve always gotten 6 in my fixes. The stylist who creates your Fix will try to tailor the items to your profile. Also you can write them notes per fix and share a Pinterest board with them. I totally share mine and I think that’s why i end up with stripes in my fixes a lot. I don’t really love stripes on me, but I love them on other people. Models. Everything looks good on models.


So anyways, I got my box last night when I got home from the gym. I was so excited, I apologize for the sub-part photos, but i was super excited and didn’t care about the crappy lighting.

Here’s the note from my box:

And now for the goodies:  

First item:

STREET LEVEL #7382-044

Juno Small Folded Clutch



I never use clutches, but I really like this one. I am honestly extremely torn about keeping it or not… but I will decide by the end of the day today so that I can take all the no-keepers to the post office.

I forgot to mention–if you keep everything then you get 25% off! Unfortunately, not everything fit me so that’s not an option for me with this Fix, but it’s a pretty cool bonus. But also, since I know I won’t keep it all, I have no incentive to keep “most” either. Which makes me  feel less likely to keep the clutch since I can probably find something similar for the same price later in the future when I actually need it.

I also forgot to say that it costs $20 for the “styling fee” but then you get to use that $20 towards keeping anything from your Fix. And shipping both ways is free, so it totally is worth it even if you don’t keep anything, IMO.

Next up:

PAPERMOON #6711-357

Anna Mixed Material Knit Top


This top is really cool. and unlike anything I already have. I have nothing with this type of print and nothing that is mixed materials like this. I think it’s really cool. It’s looser/flowier than what I am used to, but I am keeping it for sure. Excited to be adding something new and different to my style 🙂

I almost wish the whole thing were solid colors, but here’s to being a little more exciting.


And here come here come the stripes 🙂


Canon Button Detail Striped Knit Top


I love the button details on the sleeves! And the length of the sleeves. This top is an absolute keeper because it works perfect for any season. And it’s knit so it stretches to fit my insane shoulders.  I would love to have it in a solid color as well if that exists.

I specifically asked for a pair of pants to try in this Fix. And I got these:

MARGARET M #7098-754

Emer Bootcut Pant


 They are so stretchy! And I think it’s cool that they don’t have a zipper or button fly of any kind, they are just a super easy pull-on pant and really stretchy. Which is exactly what I asked for 🙂

Unfortunately, if I bend at all then they slide down like crazy! Exhibit A:   

That will drive nuts at work, so I knew I had to pass on these. Very unfortunate. #bigbootyproblems?

Next up is a SKIRT!

PIXLEY #7790-924

Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt


It’s actually a little bit longer than most of my skirts, but I think I really like it. It will be great for work this summer while it’s so dang hot. I was on the fence for a while, but I think I should keep it.

The color may be a little tricky to match with. It’s navy with white polka dots.  The stylist mentioned to pair it with the striped top, but I held them up together and felt very strongly that it wasn’t a good look for me. lol

  Also here is the clutch again. I just can’t decide! Gah!

Here is my OOTD for work today!

I think my arrowhead necklace added a fun touch that went along with the indian print theme. Woohoo, I’m trying harder to be more stylish! It’s really fun, but not something that comes naturally to me.

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Do you wanna try it? Would you keep the clutch?

If you think you wanna give it a try, I’d love it if you used my referral link. I get $25 credit when you schedule a fix!



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