A strongman comp! 

I did a strongman competition. I wouldn’t have thought I was capable of doing a comp like this. I know that strength is one of my strong suits in crossfit, but I never thought I could actually complete a competition like this!

Julie was doing it (she was a division 1 collegiate thrower) and she urged me to join her, so I did.   I figured i’d be brave and try something new with her. We wanted to enter the “novice” division, but after we arranged to meet Syard (NWA Strongman “president” and coordinator of the even), she told us both that we needed to compete in the open division instead–because you can qualify for nationals if you compete in that category.

Since there were only a few female competitors, they combined the mid-weight women with the heavyweight women. Too bad for me because I was the only mid-weight woman.

So there were 5 events. And each event is only 60 seconds long! It made the day go by super duper fast.

The first event was an axel bar clean and press, log clean and press, followed by as many one-arm DB presses as you can get in the remainder of the minute. I hated the axel bar because it didn’t “spin” the way a barbell does.

The log is freaking awkward.

I got zero dumbbell presses. I had managed to get one a few days before, but my forearm has a huge swollen bruise from resting the sharp-edged weight on it.

Next was Yoke squats at 325lbs. I wouldn’t call the squats so much as I would call them “yoke ups”. The range of motion will take your hips nowhere NEAR parallel. Very, very different from crossfit standards!

This was probably my favorite event. It was cool to move so much weight so quickly.

Next was an axel bar deadlift at 265 for 60 seconds. It was pretty awful! I only got 12 reps. No pics, that goodness, because my deadlift face is pretty bad.

Event 4 was a carry medley! 300lbs farmers carry (150 in each hand!) for 50 meters, then turn around and bring 150 lbs sandbag back 50 meters. I was pretty slow on this one, but I got it done. I was really nervous on whether I’d be able to pick up the farmers carry, but i did. And once it was up it just became all about having quick feet and a good grip.

Last but not least….

We had this ridiculous 165b stone over-bar thing. This was my first time touching an atlas stone. And possible my last. I didn’t ever get the damn this over the bar.


I made some pretty interesting food-choices that day.

I came in last in my three-person comp with two super strong heavyweight ladies. Which means I GOT THIRD! lol! $5 gift card to YTFS 🙂

I actually ended up getting invited to nationals, but I am not so sure that I want to go. I would get my ass handed to me!

But I do feel accomplished that I got out there and faced some fears! And everyone involved with the event was SUPER nice and helpful. I would consider doing this even again to support it and help keep it alive and strong 😉

2 thoughts on “A strongman comp! 

  1. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed July 27, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone! Most of those things seem really crazy to me haha. Great job 🙂

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