I’m just Bulking

 Last night:

Accidentally dressing alike is my favorite! How cute is he?!?!

Food prep this week was ON POINT.

Grilled things, butternut squash soup, steamed broccoli all full of volume and fiber! Yes, yes and yes!!!!

Plus we did this while prepping:
Beats ordering a pizza! It’s a little bit hot outside for outdoor dining. And by “hot” I mean the temperature and the humidity are both in the 90’s. “Feels like 114”???

I may have let a whole lot of bread and wine into my life last weekend… 
And I didn’t get enough pictures, but we made some homemade strawberry cobbler in our cast iron skillet on the grill. Grilling everything really makes a lot of sense in the summer because ovens turn regular houses into sweat boxes.  But yeah, this cobbler has all the sugar and gluten… but it’s kind of worth it. If you’re feeling saucy, then here is the recipe.


I sure do make a lot of stupid food choices.

I keep writing really long “woe is me–I want to happily eat food and lift heavy, but be less fluffy” rants and deleting them because they are ridiculous. Life is about balance. And I really hope I will eventually find it.

I like flexible dieting, but I am often “too flexible” and also I am sick and tired of tracking. I have tracked weekday food religiously on the myfitnesspal app for about 8 months in an attempt to “cut” and have nothing to show for it (no weight loss, no substantial strength gains, no body recomposition).

Hating your body is pretty lame. Especially if you work out every day and prep food every week.


I made this my Wodify picture. I literally made it. He is a chunky prairie dog ❤

Happy Friday!



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