Greater Gateway Games!


I haven’t competed in crossfit what feels like ages!   This past weekend we did a 4-person RX team competition called the  Greater Gateway Games 3 or “G3”. Some Masters athletes from Crossfit 540 also competed. Here is the whole group:


Check these awesome shirts!!!


And now I will give the lovely lowdown on the comp 🙂 Wod 1 was this:

“The 150’s”

6 minute time cap:

150 Wallballs

150 Chest-to-bar

150 DU

AMRAP of KB snatch with remaining time (53/35)

This was a  fun workout except that I felt suuuuuuper weak on pull-ups. I had just had my shoulder worked on the day before. I had injured/irritated it practicing butterfly pull-ups (no, really–I could barely lift my right arm to my steering wheel on Thursday!). So I certainly wasn’t ready to do anything that wasn’t a “standard kip”. My teammates definitely pulled the slack on that part 🙂

And yes of course we went to Chipotle for lunch. I was walking distance from the venue!!!


Next was my FAVORITE!

8 minute time cap

4:00 women/4:00 men

3 rep max hang snatch

❤ LOVE! They scored the women separate from the men, and Taylor and I ended up getting second place in this event! Which was super cool. I got 140#….. I eat too many oreos.\




12 minute time cap

male/female pair

2 laps

20 OHS 95/65

This one might have been my other favorite. The whole time we were doing this one, I kept hearing the announcer talking about “lane 10” (hey! that’s us!) being out in front. So that was pretty exciting. It actually came down to running a lot more than I thought it would. And being able to do all the sets unbroken. We both had to break on the last set of overhead squats, but it was definitely a leg-burner. I like regular Nancy, so this one was super fun for me–we only suffered one no-rep.


—end day 1—



We ended the day in 15th place, which is *spoiler alert* exactly where we ended the whole competition.

WOD 4 “Bar Work”

15 minute time cap


9 power cleans

6 front squats

3 shoulder to overhead


OMG! This was my first time ever to do bar muscle ups in a competition! And it was on their crazy rocking rig with fat bars and uneven pull up bars all over it. On my second bar muscle up I ended up hitting my knee on the front short-bar. So then my judge made me move back to the fat bar which freaked me out. I actually still have a knot on my knee. I went first in this workout and ended up only getting 3 bar muscle ups in the time that it took Taylor to get her barbell work done and join me on the rig. Poor Brad. I am pretty sure he did no less than half of all of the bar muscle ups for our team! lol


WOD 5 was outside!

3 minute time cap

every athlete to  complete course

We rounded up cleats for this one (we had a few days notice). We literally had to run a short version of the zig sag sprint from the 2013 games. I think it was 2013? Anywhoooo… I don’t think I am too great at sprinting but we finished both 15th in that one 🙂


We has to pose with this statue! I hope he isn’t sacred to anyone.



12 minute time cap

row 400/300 (male then female)

25 burpees (female then male)

70 thrusters while teammate holds front rack

50 toes to bar while teammate hangs



This one was most definitely my least favorite and I am so glad it was last! I went to a very ugly dark place during those thrusters. What was interesting was the fact that the other guy-girl had to wait for you to finish your thrusters before they could start, so we figured the faster athletes needed to go first. But then we were able to take our sweet time on the toes-to-bar. It was weird. Our score was based solely on how far the second pair of athletes could get. Most of the super competitive teams put their faster athletes second for that reason I guess. Only two teams actually finished the WOD because they said that the time caps accidentally got switched for this one and WOD 4.


Overall I have to say that I definitely recommend this event. Good venue, really nice judges, lots of air conditioning, and man I had the coolest team ever. And I loved having our masters team there too. Pretty cool people. My favorite part of crossfit is the people. Hands down.


2 thoughts on “Greater Gateway Games!

  1. amberbusyboldblessed September 4, 2015 / 6:28 am

    Thrusters always put me in a dark place… cue the flashbacks to 15.5! I NEED that guac shirt 😀 Congrats!

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