HOA 2015

The Heart of America Team Affiliate Competition has happened once again!

And this time–for the first time ever–I got to compete with Taylor! I am an honorary competitive member of Crossfit Refine. Which would be against the rules for this affiliate competition, except that since there was no way we would be vying for a podium spot it really didn’t matter ūüôā

Without further ado, here are the events!

Friday night first.

Event 1 and 2

All 6 athletes — Women perform Event 2 while men perform¬†Event 2, then 2 minutes to switch (18 minute clock):

Event 1

8 minutes to establish max load snatch. Barbell load may only increase.

Event 2

8 minutes for perform (3-athlete relay) for time:

30 toes to bar

30 front squats

I hate snatching¬†under the¬†pressure of competition and under a clock. It’s such a complex movement! When I had to do it least year at HOA (which I¬†failed to properly document), I had to resort to power snatching because I kept getting nervous and¬†losing my balance.

This is the face of me hitting a 160# snatch.

Very pleased with that! I even almost had 165–but I couldn’t quite¬†stabilize it. My PR is 170, which I only recently got. So I’m more than ok with 160 in this comp!

The other workout went okay. We didn’t finish,¬†but I somehow did the front squats unbroken and managed not to take an eternity on the toes to bars. I felt good about it. I even ninja’d through there fast enough to avoid getting any pics taken ūüôā Which is good, because I’m 100% my front-squat faces are more than slightly unflattering.

The first half of the next day was divided into three separate guy/girl team workouts. Only none of them let you split the reps however you wanted. Which was frustrating.

Event 3

8:00 time cap (each competitor does all of the reps below)

10 Deadlifts 315#/205# | Partner static deadlift hold

20 Chest to bar pull ups | partner static hang from rig

30 Thrusters 95#/65# | Partner Static front rack barbell

40 unbroken double unders’


Done by Mary Lou and her BF Tim. (I may have accidentally arrived to the convention center while this workout was happening and only been able to watch the last few minutes, but it’s all good….)

Event 4 

7:00 clock – 2 athletes – 1 Male and 1 Female

*3 minutes each to row 400/300m for time,

with any remaining time perform…

Event 5

4 Box Jump Overs

2 Ring Muscle Ups

*Female has 3 minutes to perform 300 m row and AMRAP. One minute reset. Then Male has 3 minutes to perform 400m row and AMRAP.


I somehow got chosen for this one because it contained the row that was heavily weighted. And we discussed that my muscle up skills were probably not that much worse than either of my fellow lady teammates so it was worth it since I am like a foot taller! lol

The scoreboard was insane for that row–1 second separated 6 and 7-way ties.

We¬†all wore matching white booty shorts this day–a first for me. I felt super naked.

Event 6

2 Athletes– 1 make 1 female

6 minutes to Establish a Max Load for the following complex:

1 clean+ 1 hang clean + 1 jerk


This is the one I would have probably done if I hadn’t opted for the double whammy wod. Taylor did it, which was good! She is a stud.

The rest of Saturday:


Event 7-8

15 minute time cap – All 6 athletes–3 males and ¬†3 females work simultaneously performing the following for time:

Event 7 (all three females)

Couplet A: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 65#, 12 Overhead Squats 65#

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #125, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 135#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Event 8 (all three males)

Couplet A: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 205#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #185, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 95#, 12 Overhead Squats 95#


No one seemed super excited about the 125# shoulder to overhead, but I was like “That’s my jam!!! I think.” So I volunteered.

Taylor did the snatches and squats first and sailed through them like a boss. I was grateful because I really hate super high-rep light weight stuff like that and she practically went unbroken through the whole thing.

She then rolled the bar to me. I had to re-dress it with the appropriate weight and begin my couplet.

First 12 reps went unbroken. Piece of cake! This is gonna be easier than I thought!


Um. Except then I started the 9 and after 5 reps I had to drop. Like… I had to drop.


It wasn’t my shiniest moment. Then I finished it off, chipped away at the burpees, and after a bit of encouragement from my judge (I thanked her later), I managed to get the last 6 done without setting it down. I did, however, take quite a pause between the last 3 reps.

It was a very individualized workout. We were 2 reps shy of finishing, but it was good. We were all looking forward to day 3 hoping it would be a lot more team-oriented.

It was a bit disappointing, not gonna lie.

Sunday Day 3

Event 9

All 6 athletes 3 females perform together, followed by the 3 males (25 minutes time cap)


all 3 athletes: 200m sandbag burden run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#

All 3 athletes: 80 wallballs 30#/20# to 10′

Athlete 1: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 60 GHD Situps

Athlete 2: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 40 Aternating DB snach 90#/60#

Athlete 3: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 20 FatBar squat cleans 180#/120#

Buy out:

All 3 athletes: 200m Sandbag Burden Run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#


So 3-2-1 We load up sandbags and take off. 70# is a bit heavier than I imagined. I try to sprint but all that happens is a jog. I don’t want to think to myself how this is going to feel when I complete the buy-out later. I¬†when I come back to our lane, I accidentally pass it. The judge makes me turn around and go back to the rig and enter through the correct lane instead. I yell “are you kidding me?!” at them. Which is rude, but that was rude of them too. I lad to lug my 70# bad an extra 50 feet thanks to that.

Wall Balls are my b*tch. Even the heavy ones.
Once I was semi-recovered from that stupid sandbag run they actually felt pretty good.

This was a¬†difficult workout to really plan out. The brunt of the hard work for me was all at the end so I was dying to death! Mary Lou had trouble with the dumbbell snatches and fat bar cleans so other than a rep here and there, Taylor and I split all these reps. And for some reason I did my overhead lunge in between those two movements–lol! At least that part was pretty easy and really really short.

I immeditely did a squat clean and “MAYDAY!” was going off in my head like an alarm. So I did one more and went “someone else!!!” My team communication skills are pretty sharp.

All in all it was a good weekend. But the workouts just weren’t as cool as they used to be. Especially Sunday–Sunday is supposed to be super super awesome and it was just painful. That Fatbar was textured with razor blades for some reason and so afterwards my thighs looked like the owner of a rabid cat.

Sunday events from HOA 2012 and 2013 were much better.

Would I do it again? Well, probably. The main reason would be to get to have fun competing with friends. Plus I got to leave Fayetteville during Bikes Blues and BBQ, which was nice. Motorcycle Rallies aren’t really my thing.

Have a fantabulous rest of your week!

Oh, and don’t eat hummus at restaurants. Have a fantabulous week!


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