RP one week in!

One week progress front shot!


My front is way more photogenic than my back. I won’t consider posting that for a long time. If and only if I see extremely drastic changes! lol The changes shown above are definitely just me holding some water weight and me without it. The one on the left was taken at night and the one on the right was in the morning just days apart. I have this common phenomenon called “morning abs” that disappear every day by 11:00 regardless of what I do or eat. But I’m pretending that I think all of the change between the two photos is the amazingness of doing this RP template.     #motivated

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use the templates. I am so used to following flexible dieting that the templates are really throwing me off. I wish they gave me EXACT numbers to shoot for instead of oz. and and handfuls and whatnot.

As a female, I know I should aim for at least .8 grams per 1 lb. of bodyweight, but this template I purchased has me eating 122 grams of protein (plus whatever protein accidentally adds up from other things I consume that are mainly fats/carbs). I weigh a lot, so 122 doesn’t really seem like enough to me.

Then on “moderate” days the fats and carbs are outta control! Like 90 fat and 225 carbs! What in the heck? I feel like I am completely relearning how to eat.

On rest days I feel like I am starving half to death. I haven’t tried to eat anything less than 1700 calories since college! Boo on that.

Here is a rest day dinner that definitely had more than 3 oz. of protein. Yum.

This is a typical pre-workout meal for me. I’m totally confused about what 7 grams of healthy fat is, so I just skip it. I should probably buy almonds or something.

This is another rest day dinner:  

Not gonna lie. 4 meatballs and a tiny cup of broccoli for dinner on a day that I had gotten up at 5:00AM to run 5 miles made me extremely angry and sad. Not sure I am cut out for this yet…

Bought these for a post-workout carb option! Yay Fig Newmans! lol

This is my typical noon meal during the weekdays right now. I know i’m probably doing too many veggies, but if that’s my biggest crime then I am pretty sure I’m doing ok.

I like to split the fats between “real” dressing, feta cheese, and avocados.

And here is one of Brad’s bedtime meals because I like how he does his carbs 🙂

Yes! Brad is doing it with me! Only he is a lot better at not complaining. I am having a hard time  being disciplined enough to weigh everything and track it all correctly. He inspires me ❤


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