RP and stuff

I’m so bad at this diet stuff. I will be hungry for a whole week straight and follow all of the principles of the RP templates to a T on Monday-Friday. But then when it’s Saturday some switch flips and goes “YAY! You made it to the weekend! You need a treat!” No tracking, measuring, prepping, planning, weighing, exorbitant amounts of dishes and lots of sleep for you!”

And I can’t just “eat intuitively” because then I just want to have yummy things I don’t normally let myself have which means I end up eating 600 grams of fat in one sitting. Then Monday comes again and I repeat the whole process.

I’ve been hitting levels of hunger I didn’t even know I was capable of. Is it wrong to wish that your hunger mechanism was weak??

I’m guessing that I will probably just keep this same stupid cycle through the rest of the year and then in January when everyone else seems to be acting a little more health-conscious it will be a little easier to make it happen.

My favorite part of this diet is the casein protein meals. Since I work out at night I get lots of carbs in the evenings which means I get to make banana pudding out of my casein. And I top if with almond butter because I also get some fat servings! Woohoo!!! ❤ Yum. WINNING!


I made chili and butternut squash soup last week so that I could have a break from sweet potatoes and the plain old chicken that I’ve been eating. And the weather is getting colder so chili is definitely necessary.


IMG_3478 2



Really ugly soup, but really delicious. I didn’t know how to track it to accurately count the carbs so I tacked it as “pureed butternut squash” since that is 99% of the ingredients.

Here is the recipe for it.

And here is the chili that I made:

IMG_3457 2

Covered it with fat free cheese and a dollop of greek yogurt. I tried half-assedly to track all of this accurately.


RP doesn’t give you the exact macros you are looking to hit or the calorie goal or anything like that. So coming from flexible dieting to this has been quite a challenge. Also “letting go” and eating all the carbs is really hard.

Is this what normal people struggle with on a daily basis? Hunger, math and muscle soreness?

Anywho. I get to do a little local 2-person crossfit competition this weekend with Taylor!


I’m excited!


2 thoughts on “RP and stuff

  1. amberbusyboldblessed November 16, 2015 / 6:20 am

    So are you seeing any results? I’m starting a nutrition/workout/sleep challenge w/my gym today! Thankfully the nutrition portion is mostly just based on eating whole foods because I don’t think I could do all the math that counting macros, etc. requires haha. And yes… definitely struggling with you with lots of muscle soreness!

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 23, 2015 / 2:31 pm

      yes!!! It’s taking me some time to really get used to eating all the small meals and to drinking so many carbs (I’ve always avoided doing that like the plague). I’m not PRing lifts, but my weight is slowly dropping and I’m feeling better and better about gymnastics every day!

      But yeah, I’m still religiously tracking, planning, weighing and counting, everything. it’s easier just to eat the same thing every day so that’s kinda what i’m doing for the most part.

      And I really stink at rest days! Man! Rest day calories are so LOW! haven’t mastered that yet… it makes me want to work out every day so I don’t have to starve…

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