Thunder on the Hill 2015

Spoiler Alert!!! We won!


Ok, yeah, maybe there were only 4 RX women teams… but still. Winning is winning 😉

I was trying to wait and post this once I got more pics from the event. I could have sworn there was a photographer there, but no pics yet so I’ll just post it with the ones I already have.

So the first WOD:

With a running clock

WOD 1: Est 3RMHang Clean, 5min

-1min for teams to set up their bar for WOD2-

WOD2: AMRAP4min: 50DU/100SU, 10 PS (135/95) (95/65)


What they forgot to mention:

  • Everything is done with a men’s barbell.
  • Once you add a plate to the bar you cannot remove the plate. Even if you’re taking if off in order to add weight.

Taylor rocked those cleans, though! Men’s bar and all.

Then we were done. There was some time left, and I asked out judge if we could begin stripping the barbell but he said no. Then i saw other people stripping theirs… I started to argue with him, but then I decided it wasn’t worth it. Then it was my turn to do the AMRAP. Then we start changing the weights. This is the fastest minute ever. All of the sudden someone calls out: TEN SECONDS!

I scramble over to my jump rope and grab the handles.

It’s all twisted.


I hear the whirring of double unders all around me, but I’m still trying to get the knot of of my rope. I end up pulling the knot even tighter! So I frantically decide I need to give up and pass the rope to Taylor for a try. We’re both pretty panicked at this point so she struggles with the knot as well.

By this time everyone else as moved on to the snatches.

I frantically yell out “Why is this happening!?!”  and then we finally somehow get the rope straightened out together.

I quickly start jumping and glance up at the clock. :46 seconds in to a 4:00 workout. Not the best start…I’ve got a LOT of adrenaline and have some serious time to make up.

I move to the snatches. The men’s bar is awkward but I stick to sets of five and knock them out pretty quickly. Back to the rope. 50 dubs with one quick break. Back to the snatches. Two sets of 5 again, barely eeking out that last few reps.

Taylor is yelling some pretty encouraging stuff at me at this point and I can tell that a lot of people around me are still struggling with the snatches, so I am pretty sure I might have actually passed some of them!  I notice the clock is winding down pretty fast. I pick up the rope and do 50 fast unbroken dubs and finish right as time expires.

Somehow I beat everyone else! I was shocked.

Two wods down, two wods to go!

WOD 3:”The Hill-remix”


For Time:

75 C2BPull Ups/Pull Ups (2:1 ring rows)

50 DL(135/95) (105/75)

800m Run(20/14), (No weight)

50Burpees over Bar

25 PC(135/95) (105/75)

25HSPU/Push Ups with feet on plate

10 OHS(135/95) / FS (105/75)

-timecap: 18min


This WOD was the worst thing ever. The pull-up rig was kinda unusual. I stuck to a regular kip and Taylor did quick butterflies. We started out with pretty big sets of ten. Then 7. Then 5’s. It took us a while to get all 75, and we were the second team off of the rig.

I don’t even really remember the deadlifts. They were really easy and super forgettable. Then out the door for the run!

Carrying a freaking wall ball.

For some reason, I quickly went in to panic mode and passed the ball to Taylor. We started up the Hill (i think it needs to be a proper noun in this circumstance). She passed it back after about 400 meters or so and seemed to be dying even more than I was at the first carry.

By then I could tell that my heart rate was starting to level off a bit so I decided I could probably hang onto the wall ball a lot longer. I kept the team in front of us in the sights and tried to pace my way up the Hill. A volunteer was stationed at the steepest part of the hill cheering me on. I was walking so I decided to explain myself to him “gotta save something for those burpees!” lol I really doubt he was judging me though.

I passed the ball back to Taylor as we rounded the final corner to head back into the box. Then I took it back so she could climb into the door. Burpees were the last thing I felt like doing, and I knew we needed to be able to try and pace them so I went for sets of 6. Even though we discussed 3, I definitely wanted longer rest periods. I went to a very dark place during those burpees. This was or sure the very worst part of the whole comp for me.

We were still holding steady in second place.

Then we did 25 of the hardest light power cleans ever.

Then 10, 10, and 5 HSPU.

Then 5 & 5 OHS.

Ended up finishing about 20 seconds behind the first place team–I was pretty impressed that we closed the gap that much!

So we went to lunch and celebrated with donuts!


One WOD left!

WOD 4:

AMRAP 6min:

15 KBS(70/53) (53/35)

30Wallballs (20/14) (10/9’)/ (20/14) (9’/8’)

-Athlete1 will perform the AMRAP while Athlete 2 rows for calories. Athletes may switchas needed. Every calorie rowed, will add to the final AMRAP score.


So I rowed first. I managed 50 calories in 3 minutes and then we switched places.

Which was the worst. This wall ball kettlebell business was a lot suckier than it looked. The kettlebell was tough but doable, but the wall balls did NOT wanna happen. I had to break twice in a set of 30 and it was only a 9 foot target.

BUT that’s all we really needed in order to keep first. If we had come in last then that would has resulted in a tie for first.


The tiebreaker WOD was 60 seconds of front rack lunges and rope climbs. Thank goodness we didn’t have to do that!

We got some pretty decent prizes! A necklace from fashletics (my fave!) An appointment with NWA Acupuncture, a $25 gift card to Zaxby’s, some coconut water from Whole Foods (coming March 2016!), and like $15 to Rush Running. Because running is so much fun… yeah, I’m thinking energy gels or a water bottle.

So THAT was Thunder on the Hill 🙂

OH! And one of the vendors at the event was Complete Nutrition who brought  their “InBody Body Composition Analyzer”. I bravely got myself scanned and was shocked to find out my body fat is only 19.6%! I was sure that I was at least 25. Who knows how accurate that thing is, but they claimed that it was within 2 points of a DEXA scanner. I plan to follow RP as hard as I can for a few months and then head back in there and have another scan done to see if I’m losing fat.

Yay technology!


2 thoughts on “Thunder on the Hill 2015

  1. Chris November 24, 2015 / 10:13 am

    Congrats! And heck yes, winning is winning no matter how many teams! And I’m glad you didn’t have to do the tie breaker as well b/c front rack lunges suuuck.

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 24, 2015 / 10:16 am

      Thanks!!! Yeah, even though it was only 60 seconds, everyones buns were on FIRE! haha!

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