Wedding week!!!


SO SO SO much has happened since I posted last, but I’m going to give a quick update!

We are less than a week away!!!! I can’t even believe it! I’m so excited!! I found my human and we’re going to throw a huge party and eat cake and be as gushy as possible ❤


Look how cute my coworkers are:

And then they also gave me registry items! How insanely adorable and thoughtful is that?!

I rounded up some fun tidbits from my camera roll to express my excitement and give anyone reading this an idea of how exceptionally magical this weekend is going to be.

Here’s our cake topper:

This is my groom! How impossibly cute is he??? (I mean this photo is a bit old, but he is just as handsome!)

Me on the right with my sissy in our bunny ears. I imagine this was how we celebrated easter.

Groom shoes!

This is trickdilly tacos: our guests will be feeding their faces with the insanely delightful brisket tacos. And a few other options as well but the brisket ones…. dude…

Bridesmaid shoe on top of a bridesmaid scarf 🙂 They will probably be able to do without the scarves but I can just call it a really cozy part of their bridesmaids gift for being the best ladies I know in the whole universe.

And then here’ s a photo of my computer screen when I was working on the header for our photobooth. Ha!

I don’t have any idea how brides keep it together. I think I will be a total spazz (with tears of joy)  probably this entire week.


Lawd help me.


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