Married Life

OMG. I don’t know where to start. Getting married is the best thing I’ve ever done! The day itself was the absolute best, but also I feel like extremely in love and loved and happy from now on! Getting married is basically promising to be my boyfriend forever and ever even if I act like a moron/jerk/weirdo. But he already knew that going into it. Joke’s on him 🙂


Let’s rewind. First I had a bachelorette party where I got lots of underwear, food, and played a really fun game where I had to guess Brad’s answers to awesome questions like “When did you know she was ‘the one’?” And “What are you favorite qualities.” etc. Oh, and giant Jenga later on that night.

I feel like I’m fast forwarding through everything, but it was over two months ago so everything is still a bit of a blur. Let’s see… the rehearsal dinner was fun! I didn’t get any photos, but oh well. It was a stressful day actually to be honest. There was a lot of work being done trying to prepare our venue for the big day. And I had booked a lot of things like eyelash extensions, nails, and whatnot.

The day of the wedding was amazing! I had to climb a ladder in my dress in order to sneak into the venue without being seen. I was so excited! Completely unable to experience any emotion other than just being completely elated.

For our first dance, Brad surprised me with live music from his coworker Stephen and my bridesmaid Taylor and her husband Jordan. LIVE MUSIC! I cried about it later, but at the time I was like “:D” and that’s all I could really do.

Here’s our cake because that’s super important.

The night went by SO FAST. Everyone who knows me should know that I am a lover of food. But on that night I had no time to eat! I literally had one but of wedding cake and one dessert off the groom’s table and that was that. At least we got to eat tacos from our taco truck between the ceremony and reception.

I booked a wonderful Air B & B for our wedding night.

We even got to see her peacock named Romeo.


Book it here!

The next morning we were off to Austin, TX to eat lots of food and do honeymoon things.

We stated on South Congress and an amazing hotel called Hotel San Jose. It was right next to this fantastic coffee shop. It may have been late October, but in Austin it was friggin HOT!



So everyone there drinks iced coffee. Which was awesome.

Here are some pics from our trip:








This is Franklin’s BBQ. We waited three hours on a Wednesday morning to get it 😛





(This one was my most liked food photo of all time. It’s from a food truck in Waco called Pokey O’s. We stopped there on our way home to visit a friend at do a little workout at his box.)

I wanna talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas too! But maybe I should save those for another post. lol *sigh*

I’ll list all of the places we went in Austin. Chronological order! We’ll see how well I can do:

  • home slice pizza
  • hotel san jose
  • jo’s coffee
  • milk + honey spa
  • lululemon
  • 24 Diner (chicken and waffles)
  • Whole Foods
  • Walking all over 2nd street
  • Google Fiber (jsut to see what it was!)
  • Hey Cupcake!
  • Walking around South Congress – Uncommon Objects and TOM’s shoes. Bought my first pair!
  • Polvos (yum yum mexican food with strong margaritas!)

Day 2

  • Free breakfast at Hotel San Jose
  • Cossfit Central – We did some sort of horrible qualifier WOD for something. 2 rounds of rowing, KB swings, and burpees.
  • More wandering around South Congress. I bought a dress at Maya Star bc it was SO HOT!
  • Cheese board at Hotel San Jose & Book Signing for Marfa Modern
  • Fixe Austin (OMG! A must-do!)

Day 3

  • Franklin BBQ (3 hour wait, but it was really awesome!)
  • Graffiti Park
  • UT Austin Campus (to attempt to walk-off some of the meat sweats)
  • Ice Scrapers
  • San Jose Hotel Pool
  • Poke Poke (we walked there but it was a sketchy trek)
  • Apanas Coffee & Beer (a tasty flight of beer and a super awkward stand-up comedian)

Day 4

  • Torchy’s Tacos (melted my face. See photo above)
  • Crossfit Jakarrru in Waco
  • Pokey O’s in Waco
  • Dallas to the Lamplighter school to check out Brad’s work project 🙂

And then that’s pretty much the end of the honeymoon. We missed out on doughnuts, legit comedians, the continental club (we tried but it was sold out!), more BBQ places, and many other things. So obviously we will have to go back for an anniversary or something!


I just don’t really prioritize blogging anymore. Oh well.

If I ever did a 10,000 calorie challenge, I would do it in Austin.





One thought on “Married Life

  1. amberbusyboldblessed January 9, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    Congrats on your marriage! You looked beautiful. All that food looks amaaaaaaaazing. I want dat poke!

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