17.1 the soul-crusher

At least that’s how I saw it. These workouts are meant to be  challenging and to weed out the weakest and put the fittest at the top. But this was gross. It was like 14.5/16.5 all over again in its own way. Pure cardio. Lacking in skill and in strength.

So on Sunday on the week that the first Open workout was being released, I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with something. My throat was sketchy feeling and my nose was starting to run. This wasn’t cool because I had just gotten over a sinus infection last month. I attempted to go to work the next morning, but I mentioned I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Since a few of my other coworkers were out with the flu, they kicked me outta there. I went to a walk-in clinic and got swabbed for flu [beware… this means they stick a mascara wand WAY up your nose and wiggle it around to collect stuff and then go to a lab and test it]!

I went to the pharmacy and picked up sudafed and nasal spray and went to bed. My fever shot up to 102. Then the next day it went up to 103.  I was feeling awful and couldn’t get out of bed at all for three days.

On Thursday I started to feel a little more human. My fever had gone back to being low-grade and I was able to run a few errands but still not ready to work out. I went to the Crossfit Open announcement at the gym. I thought the workout sounded pretty doable.

Workout 17.1
For time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Women use 35-lb. dumbbell and 20-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

I was kinda wrong about that.

On Friday I was actually feeling pretty close to normal and my fever was finally gone. So I went to work that day and then decided to attempt the open workout that night. Which was a mistake.


After about two sets of burpees I was starting to feel like I was being crushed. I couldn’t catch my breath and I couldn’t fight through the reps. I kept stopping and shaking my head. I felt extremely defeated and I could barely make myself move.

I literally had bed head still from suffering from the flu.

I focused on finishing the workout and somehow managed to eek out my last burpee at 17:49 on the clock.

Then I really started to panic. I felt searing pain through my whole body. My head was pounding, my lungs were caving in and filling up with fluid, my whole body was shaking. I couldn’t catch my breath. My stomach was extremely nauseous and I was trying not to puke. I honestly wondered if I was dying. The waistband of my pants was making me feel even worse. I was having to hold it out away from my body to keep from feeling worse.

This lasted for half an hour, I was there on the floor unable to do anything other than roll over a few times. I’ve never felt so horrible after any workout in my entire life. I think I even dosed off a couple of times because I felt so insanely exhausted and sick.

I knew I had to redo it before submission closed, but could I get better and have it completed by 7pm on Monday?

I spent the whole weekend trying not to think about it. On Monday I literally felt like I had a weight on my chest crushing down as I drove to the gym, still coughing up tons of incessant phlegm that began after my first attempt on Friday. I could barely eat that day. It was horrible.

I got to the gym a little late, but had time to make my attempt. I wanted to quit so bad. I was so afraid the whole time about how I would feel once it was over. Would my lungs finish collapsing in? Am I well enough to be doing this again? Would I drown in my own phlegm? Would someone have to carry me out? Am I going to destroy my back?


The tightness of my back was kicking in pretty hard, but honestly it was one of the least of my concerns. I strapped on my weight belt for the 40’s and 50’s and even left it on for the final 15 burpee box overs because I couldn’t get the damn thing off.


I completed my final rep, ripped off my weight belt, and crawled onto the floor. I assessed myself and realized I could still breathe. That my head wasn’t screaming and I wasn’t anywhere close to puking. I went to my scorecard to see: 16:32. SO much better!!!! Still not good, but a pretty big improvement considering.

The leaderboard is still going all over the place, so who knows where our team is going to fall. It’s unlikely that we will have a shot at regionals based on the results of this week that are showing up so far, but  you never know. If the give us something heavy, things could be a lot different. Or a skill.


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