Pinky toe and my eyelash extensions allergy 

It seems like I have a knack for incurring unusual ailments.

I have two that I really want to get off my chest! The first one is my allergy to the glue of my eyelash extensions. When this happened to me, I searched all over the web and couldn’t find much information on it, so I really wanted to share my experience and hopefully help someone else if they also fall victim to this rare and unusual unfortunate ailment.

My lash technician uses a great brand called Bella Lash. The lashes are “natural” looking with a nice taper and silky texture, and according to people who have used other brands, Bella Lash is a favorite.

So I got these lashes for my wedding. I was doing my own makeup, so I really wanted to have good lashes to start with so that I didn’t have to work a giant miracle all on my own (I knew NOTHING about makeup before perusing youtube tutorials prior to my wedding day).

So here is what my lash exentions normally looked like:


They are super comfortable, i hardly noticed them until i went to wash my face and had to tread carefully around them.

After getting fills every 3 weeks or so for about 5 months, I started to notice some itching occurring about 24-48 hours after a fill. Strangely, it wasn’t immediate and I had little to no sensitivity at all during or immediately following eyelash application.

Finally, after one of my fills I woke up two days later with some pretty intense swelling. Especially on one side that needed more attention during my fill. I started to suspect an allergy. I didn’t realize that I could slowly develop an allergy, but it’s possible!

Bella Lash glue does not have anything crazy in it like formaldehyde or latex. I asked the company and they sent me this information about their glue:

MSDS Platinum+ Adhesive

I decided to take benadryl before my next fill and if I still had a reaction then I would remove the lashes.

Got the fill on saturday afternoon and sure enough I woke up on Monday morning looking like this:

Here’s a link to the time I freaked out and had an athletic-induced shellfish allergy a few years ago. My eyes were extremely puffed up then too and it lasted for like 2 and a half days.

The swelling lasted a full 24 hours and then some. It decreased a lot but about 3:00PM, but I was still super embarrassed because I had to go to work like this and explain the situation to my coworkers.

I sent these pictures to my lash lady and she said I definitely had developed an allergy to the glue. The weird part is that it only really flared up during that 30-something hour mark after getting a fill, but since the reaction was worse every time and benadryl didn’t seem to help, I made the decision to have them removed when I was due for another fill.

Getting them removed was much worse than getting a  fill. The removal product burned a lot and a lot of pulling had to be done, but in the end I left with my tiny baby natural lashes.

I’m getting used to them, but at first I felt like my eyes were super bare and ugly. And I’ve noticed a lot of friends and coworkers have started getting eyelash extensions and I am extremely envious. I will miss them a lot.  I’m currently shopping for an eyelash growth serum and thinking about getting a lash lift which is a lash perm that makes your lashes curl upwards and seem more prominent. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the lash lift.

Hope this was helpful for anyone who was looking to diagnose their reaction to eyelash extensions!

Now I will move on to tell how  I broke my pinky toe.

We went to the Buffalo river to float. It was GORGEOUS. I love floating beautiful rivers like that one. I was stupid and wore flip-flops even though we got out and hiked up to hemmed-in-hollow. It was about a mile or so each way from the river to the falls, but we did it twice because Brad forgot his ROGUE hat! 😛

Hemmed In Hollow

My feet survived that just fine, but about 10 minutes or so after being back in the canoe we got snagged in some rapids and our canoe flipped!

I slammed into the rocks hard and the river ripped away my paddle, shoes, and all the contents of the boat started to float away. Instinctively, I grabbed my shirt because I knew that would be the hardest thing to ever find again. Then grabbed the waterlogged canoe and started dragging it along with our cooler towards the bank.

The water was quite cold, but I was so scraped up that I appreciated it to help numb the pain.

I have bruises and scrapes on my legs and it happened over two weeks ago. My toe was screaming in pain once I hobbled to shore. Luckily our friends downstream were able to get my shoes and my paddle.

The trip was extremely fun until that happened. It totally ruined the rest of the day for me, padding around with my toe searing in pain. We even flipped one more time for no reason. We were pulling up to a bank to stop for a minute and turned over. I have no idea why we tipped again, but I was very unhappy about it.

my broken pinky toe on the day that it happened (it turned all kinds of colors over the next few days)

I haven’t been able to wear any type of shoe (other than my uggs which are like giant house slipper and very roomy. I have had these uggs since 2004 (ew), so they are super roomy. I have tried to continue to try to do crossfit workouts as much as possible because I hate for this to set me back. But i’ve had to do everything carefully and barefooted, and it was about a week before I could really get a good “second pull” when it came to barbell movements. I have been putting my shoes on very very loosely to row. I rowed barefoot a few times the first week but it was pretty painful. The loose shoe hurts less. It all hurts. I’ve been trying to have a good attitude but it is quite frustrating. I can’t do box jumps, bar over burpees, running, double unders, muscle ups, or anything else with jumping (I have done super slow careful regular burpees, but that’s it) . I have done the assault bike barefooted a few times, but it’s quite unpleasant–those pedals are not comfy. I plan to try it with loose shoes or sandals in the near future and see if that works better for me.

If you’re going to break a toe, break the pinky toe. Fun facts:

  • buddy taping (taping to the toe next to it) is a possible treatment for a severe break. This was super painful for me when I tried it, so I am just going commando.
  • the pinky toe is the most common toe to break.
  • a broken toe is the 5th most common bone to break (behind clavicle, arm, wrist, and ankle)
  • a pinky toe fracture is the most ideal because it won’t limit your ability to walk (although I do have a limp… but i don’t need crutches or anything like that)
  • you don’t have to go to a doctor because there is not much they can do for a pinky toe break (i opted to not go. this is america and even with insurance our healthcare is outrageous.)

I’m hoping I can start working out in shoes again by this time next week, but we will see. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to be able to return to normal life after a broken toe. I really just came here to vent about it. It’s frustrating!!! I know there are much worse injuries out there, and I am super lucky that I can still go to the gym at all.

And on a light-hearted note, I feel super “primal” when I’m doing 200+lb back squats and 155lb snatches barefooted. So, so, so paleo. lol!

Don’t break your toe! Have a wonderful week 🙂






6 thoughts on “Pinky toe and my eyelash extensions allergy 

  1. Celly March 27, 2018 / 7:55 pm

    Hi girl, so I have a question … how long did it take for the swelling to go down completely after your fills ? I had a lash removal and reapplied a new set in the same visit , and first time I notice that my eyes puff up like this … it’s been almost 24 hrs but not quite. I actually had them done in the evening and woke up with the swelled up eyelids. I also see kinda blurry sometimes. Did that happen to you? Might just be from the swelling. But the solution that was used for removing the old lashes did burn so I’m afraid to go back and have that done again after spending $150 to get them on. Grrrrrr

    • fabulousinfayetteville March 27, 2018 / 7:59 pm

      It went down completely after about 2 days once the swelling started. It was so bizarre! It sounds like you might be allergic to the glue too. Ask your stylist if she has a sensitive glue you could try next time. I ultimately ended up stopping getting my extensions and using eyelash growth serum instead.

      • Celly March 28, 2018 / 11:42 pm

        So you didn’t have to remove them immediately after the initial reaction? It is my second day with the reaction and it doesn’t seem to have gone away.. it minimized a bit mid day, but not closer to evening it swelled up a bit again… I’m debating wether I should have them removed or if it will subside …

    • fabulousinfayetteville March 29, 2018 / 11:26 am

      Have you tried taking benadryl? I think you will have to get them removed, but maybe benadryl could help or possibly a topical allergy or anti-itch production could help bring inflammation down. Go buy yourself a super fancy mascara to make everything better?? If all of the swelling goes away by tomorrow then you might be able to get by with putting off the removal. or just letting the lashes fall off on their own, which is what i kind of wish i had done. that removal chemical is harsh!

  2. fabulousinfayetteville March 29, 2018 / 11:22 am

    I would have them removed then, it sounds like your body isn’t able to get any relief. My swelling immediately started going down and was gone within about 24 hours from when it started. It sounds to me like you ought to get them removed if the swelling is getting worse again. I’m sorry! That must be extremely frustrating!

  3. Celly March 31, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    I went to an optometrist and she said to take Benadryl and also appt some allergy drops she prescribed or over the counter. The swelling has gone down but now my eyelids are super dry and flaky 😦 most of the lashes feel off and it’s only been a week probably from all the rubbing and washing my eyelids with baby shampoo… sigh. My lashes are so tiny now and thin. You’re right I might go find a good mascara but one with vitamins to make my lashes healthy again! Thanks for the reply’s ! This is what we get for trying to beatify ourselves ! Lol

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