17.5 – The thrusters have arrived!

I’m writing this now that the open is over YAY ITS OVER!

10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters, 95/65 lb.
35 double-unders


Unlike the other workouts, this one was super simple. It was definitely the type of workout that I would lose count in the middle of and be like “wait what round am I even on?” lol! So thankfully the judges with their scorecards were the best at keeping track of all of that. Which was good!

Friday night! 3-2-1 GO!

This one was interesting… I was afraid of pushing too hard because I didn’t want to redline myself into a place where I wouldn’t be able to breathe and keep a decent pace going. Ten rounds is a lot! 90 thrusters, yo. And 350 dubs.

10:14 was my time.

Better than I thought I was going to do! I hate couplets, but I much prefer double unders being paired with thrusters rather than rowing or burpees like in the past.

After round 7 on Friday, my back was really tight and not moving so well. So for my second attempt on Monday night I wore my weight belt:

Ended up being a great choice! I was able to breathe with it on, and my back felt much more… uh… sturdy? The thrusters felt so much better! And my time was 9:43 which is actually quite a bit faster. 30 seconds is a lot of time!

I don’t know what’s going on in this picture. But at least I’m HAPPY!

Now that I think about it, I was either stretching or saying hello to Beefy. 😛

I really want to learn to like crossfit again. It’s so hard not to get burned out with it. Especially after the open making me feel like a crappy athlete.

I still ended up being top 12 in Arkansas, though, which was a nice surprise. I didn’t think I could come back after being so sick during the first few weeks. Part of me wants to redo that first workout and see how much faster I can be. But then I’m like “75 box over burpees voluntarily? Nah.”

It’s so hard to be mentally strong during the open. I feel like I’ve had a big, ugly raincloud over my head for five weeks and it’s finally parted and the sun has come out! Except that the actual sun is nowhere to be seen… April showers.

17.4 is 16.4

Last year, this was my favorite open workout of all time:


So when it was announced this year, I felt pretty confident that I could smash it again. It was programmed on Tuesday and I did it then, but after that my neck and upper back were feeling really wonky and tight from all the hand stand pushups. So on Friday night I made my first attempt. I got the best split I’ve ever had: 7:39!

I felt super confident and I started cranking away at the HSPU.

Then I started to feel really bad and wasn’t sure what was going on. When the time ran out and  the workout was over and the adrenaline was gone the reality of my score started to set in: I got the worst score I ever had at this workout. The best split. The worst score. I was devastated.

Then I realized how much pain my neck and upper back were in. I couldn’t turn my head and every movement I made with my neck brought sharp, searing pains. My devastation turned into intense worry.

I spent the whole weekend trying to massage everything out and get it all opened up. I put super itchy magneisum oil on, took a weird anti-inflammatory given to me by Bud (lol!), paif for a 30 minute massage, schedule an appointment with Dr. John for right before the workout Monday night, and pretty much tried to keep moving as much as possible without straining anything.

It was so bad that I couldn’t work out at all the whole weekend. I did some light yard work and that was it.

I cried a lot on Sunday out of frustration. I was upset with myself for getting a bad score, for being sick for most of the open, for having another excuse, and for caring so much about something so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I was aware that it was stupid, but I couldn’t seem to take the reigns and control myself about it.

This year every single week of the open has been worse than the last for me mentally.

So on Monday, my goal was to get back to the deads.

And i almost did. I ended up with the worst split I’ve ever gotten. 8:04. I just didn’t have the gumption to stick to my plan with the deadlifts and then the row just felt really weak.

I felt a lot more determined during the HSPU’s though. And wasn’t in much pain. But I got some no-reps and really struggled at the end. I was on 54 with a few seconds left.

I flipped up and failed. Came down. Flipped up. Failed again. 54. No deadlifts. I failed this workout and failed my goal. Again.

I’m so glad there’s only one week left. This is my worst open ever and I just want it to be over so I figure out something else to do that doesn’t make me feel like a horrible athlete.

17.3 The Heavy One

Are you ready? Put your thinking cap on!

Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
6 squat snatches, 95/65 lb.
Then, 3 rounds of:
7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
5 squat snatches, 135/95 lb.
*Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
4 squat snatches, 185/135 lb.
*Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
3 squat snatches, 225/155 lb.
*Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 squat snatches, 245/175 lb.
Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
1 squat snatch 265/185 lb.

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.


My immediate thought was “can I even make it past the first 8 minutes?! This is confusing as hell!”

Then my second thought was:

Bwahahaha. I love squat snatches, but I don’t prefer to mix them with chest-to-bar pull ups. So…. oh well. Yeah.

So I was able to do this one twice. My first attempt was Friday and I was sooooo nervous! I ended up going unbroken on the chest-to-bars and was completely gassed. It made it to where I had a pretty difficult time through the 95lb snatches.

Who knows which bar this even is.

Anywho. I made it into the 135’s and they were feeling terrible. I felt like my legs were to jellylike to stand the reps up. I even failed one.

I got cut off by time at the 16:00 mark in the middle of my last set of pullups for that round so my score was 100 reps.

When I redid it last night (Monday), I decided to take the advice of The Outlaw Way and try single chest-to-bar pull ups. “Disciplined singles” where you keep your feet in one place and breathe in between the reps. I make a HUGE conscious effort to breathe.

My first split was quite a bit slower, but my second split was actually faster through the 95’s so A+ to me for MUCH better pacing strategy!

A ton of athletes were going all at the same time because it was the last heat that could get it done and scores submitted before 7:00.  So I ended up having to set my snatch up quite a ways from the rig. That was disappointing.

I was pretty happy when I realised I was getting more reps than my first attempt, but I was really nervous when I approached my last 4 snatches at 135 and only had less than a minute before I would get time capped at 12 minutes.

 OMG YALL. My split time was 11:59!!!!

So once I bought those extra 4 minutes I decided to stand there and catch my breath for a while. And then I went and kinda slowly did my 9 pull ups. And then I put on my weight belt and drank water and got chalk and had a some tea and crumpets and went on a few walks.

LOL but seriously. Then I went to snatch 155. And I caught it. And sat there trying to balance it and my stupid right knee hit the ground. I thought of the standards video and how it said if any body part touches the ground, then the rep is a no-rep… so I sadly dropped it. And went and had another tea party.

Then I pulled it again…. AND GOT IT!

I look really confident, don’t I? And that knee sleeve technique is an interesting one. And I don’t even know if I actually made this lift, because I did another pull that looked like this too, and then I couldn’t stabilize it. I was TUCKERED. But I did give that 155 bar three whole-hearted attempts. I have some things I need to work on.

So I guess this week kinda lifted my spirits a bit more. I finally got rid of my fever (at least by the time I completed this attempt), so I finally got a fair shot at an open wod. Our team moved up to 27th place in the region, and since last year we moved up about 8 spots after they took of the individual scores and the disqualified athletes’ scores, we could potentially have a shot. You never know!

I’m glad I finally was able to contribute, though. And here’s to hoping I can do it again a couple more times.

And I’m SUPER hoping for a repeat of 16.4!!!

And then after this open I’m going to do something else besides crossfit for the next few months because I am burnt out.

Three down, two to go!


Here it is!

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 toes-to-bars
8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 bar muscle-ups
8 power cleans
Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

I attempted on Friday night. I found it to be surprisingly cardio-tastic. I ripped my hands all to hell doing the bar muscle ups somewhere towards the end of my second round of them.

I don’t have any photos of this wod. Especially since I was only able to make one attempt. But this was taken the day after I attempted.

I got 128 reps, which means I finished the bar muscle ups and didn’t make it back to the dumbbells. Which is a little better than I did in last week’s WOD, but still nothing to be proud of. I am super sad. I invest too much emotionally into the open. I want to just give up. Or change my priorities and take “going to regionals on a team” off of my list of goals.

My hands healed up enough by Monday night that I considered making another attempt, but I ended up having a fever of 101.5. WHY DO I KEEP GETTING SICK?!?! Still have the fever today… I only have one sick day left so I’m toughing it out at work.

I felt SO good a few weeks before the open began. PR’ing my clean at 235lbs. Doing sets of 4 unbroken muscle ups. I felt so strong, but now I feel so weak. Not sure how to deal with this deflated feeling. I think even if a “big person” workout comes out in the open, now my head isn’t right so I  won’t be able to do my best at it. Crossfit is supposed to be a fun hobby to help me stay fit, but this open is just making me feel bad.

It might be time to try a new fitness venture. Mountain biking? Rock climbing? Maybe start running again? Yoga? Before I started crossfit, I contemplated attempting a triathlon.

17.1 the soul-crusher

At least that’s how I saw it. These workouts are meant to be  challenging and to weed out the weakest and put the fittest at the top. But this was gross. It was like 14.5/16.5 all over again in its own way. Pure cardio. Lacking in skill and in strength.

So on Sunday on the week that the first Open workout was being released, I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with something. My throat was sketchy feeling and my nose was starting to run. This wasn’t cool because I had just gotten over a sinus infection last month. I attempted to go to work the next morning, but I mentioned I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Since a few of my other coworkers were out with the flu, they kicked me outta there. I went to a walk-in clinic and got swabbed for flu [beware… this means they stick a mascara wand WAY up your nose and wiggle it around to collect stuff and then go to a lab and test it]!

I went to the pharmacy and picked up sudafed and nasal spray and went to bed. My fever shot up to 102. Then the next day it went up to 103.  I was feeling awful and couldn’t get out of bed at all for three days.

On Thursday I started to feel a little more human. My fever had gone back to being low-grade and I was able to run a few errands but still not ready to work out. I went to the Crossfit Open announcement at the gym. I thought the workout sounded pretty doable.

Workout 17.1
For time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Women use 35-lb. dumbbell and 20-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

I was kinda wrong about that.

On Friday I was actually feeling pretty close to normal and my fever was finally gone. So I went to work that day and then decided to attempt the open workout that night. Which was a mistake.


After about two sets of burpees I was starting to feel like I was being crushed. I couldn’t catch my breath and I couldn’t fight through the reps. I kept stopping and shaking my head. I felt extremely defeated and I could barely make myself move.

I literally had bed head still from suffering from the flu.

I focused on finishing the workout and somehow managed to eek out my last burpee at 17:49 on the clock.

Then I really started to panic. I felt searing pain through my whole body. My head was pounding, my lungs were caving in and filling up with fluid, my whole body was shaking. I couldn’t catch my breath. My stomach was extremely nauseous and I was trying not to puke. I honestly wondered if I was dying. The waistband of my pants was making me feel even worse. I was having to hold it out away from my body to keep from feeling worse.

This lasted for half an hour, I was there on the floor unable to do anything other than roll over a few times. I’ve never felt so horrible after any workout in my entire life. I think I even dosed off a couple of times because I felt so insanely exhausted and sick.

I knew I had to redo it before submission closed, but could I get better and have it completed by 7pm on Monday?

I spent the whole weekend trying not to think about it. On Monday I literally felt like I had a weight on my chest crushing down as I drove to the gym, still coughing up tons of incessant phlegm that began after my first attempt on Friday. I could barely eat that day. It was horrible.

I got to the gym a little late, but had time to make my attempt. I wanted to quit so bad. I was so afraid the whole time about how I would feel once it was over. Would my lungs finish collapsing in? Am I well enough to be doing this again? Would I drown in my own phlegm? Would someone have to carry me out? Am I going to destroy my back?


The tightness of my back was kicking in pretty hard, but honestly it was one of the least of my concerns. I strapped on my weight belt for the 40’s and 50’s and even left it on for the final 15 burpee box overs because I couldn’t get the damn thing off.


I completed my final rep, ripped off my weight belt, and crawled onto the floor. I assessed myself and realized I could still breathe. That my head wasn’t screaming and I wasn’t anywhere close to puking. I went to my scorecard to see: 16:32. SO much better!!!! Still not good, but a pretty big improvement considering.

The leaderboard is still going all over the place, so who knows where our team is going to fall. It’s unlikely that we will have a shot at regionals based on the results of this week that are showing up so far, but  you never know. If the give us something heavy, things could be a lot different. Or a skill.

Married Life

OMG. I don’t know where to start. Getting married is the best thing I’ve ever done! The day itself was the absolute best, but also I feel like extremely in love and loved and happy from now on! Getting married is basically promising to be my boyfriend forever and ever even if I act like a moron/jerk/weirdo. But he already knew that going into it. Joke’s on him 🙂


Let’s rewind. First I had a bachelorette party where I got lots of underwear, food, and played a really fun game where I had to guess Brad’s answers to awesome questions like “When did you know she was ‘the one’?” And “What are you favorite qualities.” etc. Oh, and giant Jenga later on that night.

I feel like I’m fast forwarding through everything, but it was over two months ago so everything is still a bit of a blur. Let’s see… the rehearsal dinner was fun! I didn’t get any photos, but oh well. It was a stressful day actually to be honest. There was a lot of work being done trying to prepare our venue for the big day. And I had booked a lot of things like eyelash extensions, nails, and whatnot.

The day of the wedding was amazing! I had to climb a ladder in my dress in order to sneak into the venue without being seen. I was so excited! Completely unable to experience any emotion other than just being completely elated.

For our first dance, Brad surprised me with live music from his coworker Stephen and my bridesmaid Taylor and her husband Jordan. LIVE MUSIC! I cried about it later, but at the time I was like “:D” and that’s all I could really do.

Here’s our cake because that’s super important.

The night went by SO FAST. Everyone who knows me should know that I am a lover of food. But on that night I had no time to eat! I literally had one but of wedding cake and one dessert off the groom’s table and that was that. At least we got to eat tacos from our taco truck between the ceremony and reception.

I booked a wonderful Air B & B for our wedding night.

We even got to see her peacock named Romeo.


Book it here!

The next morning we were off to Austin, TX to eat lots of food and do honeymoon things.

We stated on South Congress and an amazing hotel called Hotel San Jose. It was right next to this fantastic coffee shop. It may have been late October, but in Austin it was friggin HOT!



So everyone there drinks iced coffee. Which was awesome.

Here are some pics from our trip:








This is Franklin’s BBQ. We waited three hours on a Wednesday morning to get it 😛





(This one was my most liked food photo of all time. It’s from a food truck in Waco called Pokey O’s. We stopped there on our way home to visit a friend at do a little workout at his box.)

I wanna talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas too! But maybe I should save those for another post. lol *sigh*

I’ll list all of the places we went in Austin. Chronological order! We’ll see how well I can do:

  • home slice pizza
  • hotel san jose
  • jo’s coffee
  • milk + honey spa
  • lululemon
  • 24 Diner (chicken and waffles)
  • Whole Foods
  • Walking all over 2nd street
  • Google Fiber (jsut to see what it was!)
  • Hey Cupcake!
  • Walking around South Congress – Uncommon Objects and TOM’s shoes. Bought my first pair!
  • Polvos (yum yum mexican food with strong margaritas!)

Day 2

  • Free breakfast at Hotel San Jose
  • Cossfit Central – We did some sort of horrible qualifier WOD for something. 2 rounds of rowing, KB swings, and burpees.
  • More wandering around South Congress. I bought a dress at Maya Star bc it was SO HOT!
  • Cheese board at Hotel San Jose & Book Signing for Marfa Modern
  • Fixe Austin (OMG! A must-do!)

Day 3

  • Franklin BBQ (3 hour wait, but it was really awesome!)
  • Graffiti Park
  • UT Austin Campus (to attempt to walk-off some of the meat sweats)
  • Ice Scrapers
  • San Jose Hotel Pool
  • Poke Poke (we walked there but it was a sketchy trek)
  • Apanas Coffee & Beer (a tasty flight of beer and a super awkward stand-up comedian)

Day 4

  • Torchy’s Tacos (melted my face. See photo above)
  • Crossfit Jakarrru in Waco
  • Pokey O’s in Waco
  • Dallas to the Lamplighter school to check out Brad’s work project 🙂

And then that’s pretty much the end of the honeymoon. We missed out on doughnuts, legit comedians, the continental club (we tried but it was sold out!), more BBQ places, and many other things. So obviously we will have to go back for an anniversary or something!


I just don’t really prioritize blogging anymore. Oh well.

If I ever did a 10,000 calorie challenge, I would do it in Austin.




Wedding week!!!


SO SO SO much has happened since I posted last, but I’m going to give a quick update!

We are less than a week away!!!! I can’t even believe it! I’m so excited!! I found my human and we’re going to throw a huge party and eat cake and be as gushy as possible ❤


Look how cute my coworkers are:

And then they also gave me registry items! How insanely adorable and thoughtful is that?!

I rounded up some fun tidbits from my camera roll to express my excitement and give anyone reading this an idea of how exceptionally magical this weekend is going to be.

Here’s our cake topper:

This is my groom! How impossibly cute is he??? (I mean this photo is a bit old, but he is just as handsome!)

Me on the right with my sissy in our bunny ears. I imagine this was how we celebrated easter.

Groom shoes!

This is trickdilly tacos: our guests will be feeding their faces with the insanely delightful brisket tacos. And a few other options as well but the brisket ones…. dude…

Bridesmaid shoe on top of a bridesmaid scarf 🙂 They will probably be able to do without the scarves but I can just call it a really cozy part of their bridesmaids gift for being the best ladies I know in the whole universe.

And then here’ s a photo of my computer screen when I was working on the header for our photobooth. Ha!

I don’t have any idea how brides keep it together. I think I will be a total spazz (with tears of joy)  probably this entire week.


Lawd help me.

Wedding Planning is Underway đŸ’¸

Cake tasting has been my favorite part of this whole planning process! Well, that and the amazing shower that our friends threw us.

OH! And finding my dress was really cool too.

Instead of a groom’s cake we’re going to have a groom’s dessert table! How great is that?! People can potluck their own favorite desserts and it will be so fun!

Speaking of desserts. Look at these brad cupcakes from our shower!!! How completely ridiculously adorable are they?? My to favorite things combined: Brad and cupcakes!

More cuteness: these shot glasses! We are 100% going to reuse them for our wedding.

Seriously the shower was too cute.

We’ve finally decided on a berry wedding color so the bridesmaids will be in berry colored dresses.

So pretty!!! And this color is super flattering on everyone!

And the groom’s attire:

I feel like we’ve gotten so much done but there’s so much more to do!

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • hired a day-of wedding planner/coordinator
  • chosen wedding colors: navy, berry, and sage?
  • found all of the attire
  • found a venue
  • decided on a friend who will marry us 🙂
  • hired a photographer and had engagement photos made with him
  • hired a taco truck
  • hired a wedding DJ
  • found a place to rent things from
  • paid for our CAKE (and cake topper!)
  • booked hair and makeup for bride and bridesmaids
  • booked our rehearsal dinner location
  • gathered a billion addresses to send invitations to
  • designed our very own invitations and wedding website

And here’s a few things we still haven’t done.

  • figured out where to stay on our wedding night
  • actually printed and mailed invitations
  • figured out or bought any decorations at all (ughhhhh)
  • built a thing to cover up the pool so we can get married on it 🙂
  • buy guest book
  • get flowers (boquets, corsage, etc)
  • buy wedding bands
  • written vows (i have a start…lol)
  • buy gifts for wedding party
  • obtain alcohol/service?
  • decide what to do for our “unity” thing (paint?)
  • coordinate with food truck and wedding planner to decide on logistics
  • decide how in the world i’m going to get my makeup to look good/hire a makeup artist?
  • decide on a honeymoon location
  • magically grow a money tree to pay for all this nonsense 🙂

If anyone has any advice I am open to ALL the help i can get!

First Weightlifting Meet–what went right and what went oh-so-wrong

OMG I survived my first meet!!! Sortof.

So I posted before that I was on a mission to cut weight to the 75 KG class, which totally happened! But it was weird because we weighed in on a digital scale that was sitting on a carpet surface. Who knew? I had to make sure I made weight on my scale at home, because no scale I have ever gotten on is as rude as that one.

I was using water loading as my strategy, which I described in my last entry. Which I stated was pretty stupid, and I’ll stand by that. It was pretty stupid. This is what it was like:

Monday and Tuesday were actually a breeze. I felt super hydrated and the most awesome side effect was that my contacts didn’t feel glued to my eyes like the usually do. They actually popped right out at night as I took them out before bed (usually I kinda have to “peel” them out–gross I know).

Wednesday I got to drink 1 gallon. Compared to the first two days, I actually felt like I was rationing water a little. Overall I still felt pretty good.

Thursday was rough: only a half gallon. I was very very carefully rationing water and feeling pretty thirsty. Also I was freaking out because not only had I not lost any weight yet, I had actually GAINED a pound!

Friday was the worst day ever.  We were drinking nothing at all (Brad was doing this with me, with less weight to lose). I ended up sipping about 10 oz. throughout the day because no water at all felt insane. Plus it was really hot outside and I was having to do stuff once I got off work like air up my tires, run to the grocery store for asparagus (a nature diuretic) and pull weeds in the yard.

I finally started to lose some weight by that evening, but I still needed 4 more pounds to come off to make weigh in. I was freaking out again. I once lost 5 lbs overnight doing RP when I completed a “Cut 2 rest day”. It was because it was so low carb (carbs hold water) that things kinda whooshed out.  Therefore I carefully kept my carb consumption at around 60 grams. I normally eat closer to 200 grams of carbs in a day.

As a last resort, I drew myself a hot epsom salt bath and had Brad babysit me while I laid in there trying to sweat out another pound or two. I jumped on the scale before bed and I was still three pounds above my goal weight. My mouth was burning from dehydration, so I sucked on an ice cube and then laid in bed worrying for about 2 hours before I finally fell asleep. This was pure torture.

The next morning I woke up at  6:00. I got on the scale and saw that I was exactly what I needed to be at to make weight! HOLY CRAP! I was so relieved. We arrived at the meet at 7:20 and I finally weighed in at 8. The scale at the meet was a digital bathroom scale set on carpet so I weighed three pounds less than what I weighed on my scale at home!!!

I immediately took my tablespoon of glycerin (to help push water back into the body’s muscle tissue) and started  downing pedialyte, water, banana, fuel for fire, and almond butter.

And now for the lifting…


I used Brad and Tam’s advice/help on choosing my openers. I always hate to snatch under pressure, so I pushed back a lot to keep my opening snatch numbers lower than recommended. I started with 69 kilos (152 lbs).

As I stood behind the platform, a wave of anxiety swept over me as I looked out on a whole room full of people staring right at me. Definitely not used to that at all! But I wrapped my hands around the bar and snatched it. And it went right up.

For my next attempt I went for 73 kilos. BAM same thing. It almost seemed too easy.

I went to Brad for advice on my final attempt and he urged me to go for 77 kilos (169.4 lbs) and equal my PR that I haven’t hit since last September–nearly 9 months ago. I thought “why not”! I already had a great lift under my belt, so it wouldn’t matter what happened next.

Aaaaand BAM. It didn’t look super good, but I nailed it! I was on such a high after that! It was super cool to match a PR in my very first weightlifting meet. But as  you can see, there are no fans and no moving air in this box and mid-June temps and humidity were starting to take their toll now that it was  around 11:00 AM.

On to the Clean and Jerk.

My opener was 92kg or 202.8 lbs. It felt ambitious, but I knew that was something I have been able to hit consistently at crossfit for a long time. If I could get past the heat I would make it happen!

Warming up for weightlifting is a lot different that a regular crossfit warm up. You have to like slowly increase your percentages and only lift once every 3 minutes to make sure you don’t tire yourself out before hitting the platform. There’s a lot of patience and math involved–two things that I don’t consider to be my strength. Luckily I had Brad guiding me through every minute of warming up. I lifted 185 in the warm up area (outside) and it felt pretty awful. And then it was my turn…

The clean came up, but it felt pretty dang heavy. Then when I went for the jerk, I didn’t commit at all and it got away. I felt so hot and tired. But I had two more chances, so I collected myself and tried to get my head right.

lifting photos are always real flattering of my neck.

On my next lift, I managed to clean it a little easier and then I focused hard and tried my best to keep the jerk going straight up.

I GOT IT! Stabilized it, stood it up, and saw three red flags from the judges.


Ok I felt like I definitely pressed it out. One more attempt for me. I have to hit this lift or else I lose all my hard work in the snatch, am ineligible to podium (there was only one other lady in my weight class!)

Annnnnnd shit.

That kinda sucked. So my takeaway: don’t open with stuff that you *might* hit. Open with stuff that you absolutely have no issues lifting whatsoever. like 80-85% of your max, not 95% (which is what I was doing). I should have opened 20 lbs less than this.

Sadly the same thing happened to Brad. We were 2 of only 3 people who bombed out of the meet (there was only other lady who had issues with the snatch)! Lol! Dang it.

And upon further reflection, I realized that even an 85% clean and jerk (185lbs) would have actually been enough for me to have the highest Sinclair coefficient and win not only my weight class, but win the entire meet. Yes it was a small meet, but still. Winning your first meet is a pretty huge accomplishment.

That kinda leaves a poo-poo taste in my mouth about weightlifting. I am currently running quickly back into the open arms of crossfit and their tolerance of jerk pressouts. But I might consider giving weightlifting another go in the future if a local meet ever comes up again.

Hydrated like crazy!

I still haven’t officially decided if I am doing this lifting meet or not. But I am going to pretend like I am for sure doing it. I just have to lose 5lbs before Saturday morning :-/

I’ve decided that if I can’t make weight, I just won’t lift. I forgot to register last week, so I’m already stuck paying the late registration fee.

So I’m trying to cut weight with water. Which is actually pretty stupid since it’s my first meet, but I also didn’t bother to buy a singlet or register with USAW. So I’m definitely picking and choosing my battles…

Here’s how I plan to do the water cut:

Monday, Day 1 (Today)- Drink as much as possible. Aiming for 2 gallons.

Tuesday, Day 2 – Drink as much as possible again, still shooting for 2 gallons.

Wednesday Day 3 – Drink 1 gallon. This will be very doable, I think.

Thursday – Half a gallon. YAY this is much closer to my normal drinking routine (except I know it’s still probably not enough… but whatevs.)

Friday – as little water as possible. This will be weird, but I think I will be okay.

This little gem is helping me SOOOO much so far today! Plus it contains sodium and potassium which I will be needing more of today since I am going to be hydrated well beyond normal levels.

It’s 2:15PM and I am roughly at 1 gallon. My skin looks awesome, and my head hurts a little (I probably need more sodium or something) and my pee is clear. I’ve also noticed a slight* decrease in the ravaging amount of hunger I usually experience this time of day.

(*Don’t get too excited, I’m still hungry as heck.)

There are a lot of muscle ups and hand stand pushups on the docket for tonight, so this will be interesting. Hopefully I haven’t gained too much weight today. I’ve peed a lot…

trafficI’m actually kinda nervous about my commute tonight. I might have to find a pit stop on my way home.

Me and my shenanigans. This should be a cool experience though. Have a wonderful week!!!