Food Lately!

I’ve been wanting to create some sort of time capsule of all the awesome food I’ve been eating this summer so I can look back later and be inspired to do awesome things like create balsamic reductions or grill fruit. So here we go:

Grilling some peaches! Paeshes.

And serve them with ice cream. Obviously. Have you hear blue bell brand ice cream is going back into production soon? You didn’t even know it was recalled??? I feel sad for you, you poor mysterious ice-cream deprived blog reader.

Breyers is good to. OH and this lovely grilled dessert was prefaced by this genius bacon-wrapped corn that Brad made.

I need to make sure that boy doesn’t ever leave me for some less-food-appreciative lady.

He also is the one responsible for creating this blueberry balsamic reduction that’s on the tomato avocado salad below:

Or maybe it was a joint effort. I’m the one who found the recipe for the stuffed pepper! So get this: it’s stuffed like a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich! It’s got roast beef, onion, mushrooms and it’s topped with provolone cheese that was melted on top under the broiler. ❤ OMG it’s so good and it’s only like ~375 calories for the whole thing.

Here it is again with green peppers and a side of brussels sprouts cooked in the best way: with bacon fat and ranch powder! 


And here are brussels sprouts again with another macro-friendly recipe. Buffalo chicken meatballs! So easy. Ground chicken + 1 egg + 1/4 c bread crumbs + 1/4 c buffalo sauce + feta cheese.

One more grilled fruit desire to show off:

Mmmm, pineapple.

Here is a typical weekday breakfast:

Plus vitamins: magnesium, D, C, and B. It comes out to:   461 calories – 28 protein, 49 carbs, 16 fat. (There’s some egg whites plus one whole egg)

Have you heard about this new fad thing going on? Everyone seems to be worrying about their adrenal health. So I happened upon this “Adrenal Cocktail“.  I’ve only made it twice, but it’s not bad… I can’t tell if it’s doing anything or not.

It’s funny how these fads pop up that sound like the be-all, end-all solution to all your problems..

“Are you tired in the morning?”

“Do  you crave all the sugar/salty/fatty foods?”

“Do you wish you were kicking more ass at the gym?”

“Do you get sore after you work out?”

“Does your weight fluctuate?”

“Do you forget things sometimes?”

OMG ME, ME, ME! These are all me!–please take my money and fix all my woes in life!!! lol so ridiculous.

Just take your vitamins and get some sleep….?