16.1 Final Recap

After I posted my blog yesterday, a ton of lovely photos were added to Facebook of the workout. I felt like this blog would be incomplete without sharing my pain faces 🙂

First warming up with one of my favorite workout buddies. He’s also my spirit animal.12768259_1059592420764649_1714201380578627767_o

I’m not entirely sure how i get so chalk-covered every time I work out… but whatever.12805671_1059592870764604_8539466590412800081_n




Soooo many freaking burpees! 😦


Wanna see something weird??? This is the exact outfit I wore for 15.1 last year! I didn’t realize it until I saw it on my time-hop this morning. *twilight zone music* Even down to the same knee sleeves!

As much lulu/workout gear as I own, its totally weird that I accidentally did that!

While I’m here, I think I’ll share my predictions for 16.2!

8 min AMRAP:

double unders and thrusters. 30 DU /15 thrusters with the weight increasing every round! 65/95/105/115/125/135/155

It sounds kinda gross but way more fun than the crap we did in 16.1… I hope I am close!!! I don’t want any muscle ups or toes to bar yet because my hands are still hamburger.

Ok have a great week!!!



2014 Crossfit Goals

I made lasagna 🙂 Don’t worry—it was gluten free and made with a block of grassfed cheese. SOOOO good, gosh I totally get why people eat stuff like this. This picture makes me kinda not sure which way to tilt my head.20140108-155244.jpg

I’m okay with throwing this into the mix every once in a while as a “lesser evil” cheat. 20140108-155256.jpg

I’m just torn as to how I feel about spending time and effort in the kitchen making anything that isn’t paleo… It’s a whole heck of a lot healthier than restaurant lasagna would be, though. So at least it’s got that going for itself.

For New Year’s Eve I made these bacon guacamole sammies.


They did a goo job disappearing. Bacon has a tendency to do that. Now that I am working from home it’s pretty much almost completely impossible for me to keep it in the apartment. Between last two packs we bought I’m pretty sure Brad got about two pieces. Oops.

Speaking of Brad–he made his delicious meatballs and tomato soup recipe again. I didn’t get any pics other that this one, though…20140108-155322.jpg

I always help by making about 42 million mini meatballs. Good thing I’m not a vegetarian anymore because rolling raw beef and spices around in your hands can be pretty intense.

And I also made PaleOMG chocolate chip pumpkin muffins again. And this time I got MORE pictures! YAY.



They’re officially gone though. My next project is either going to be her butternut squash poppyseed muffins OR the protein chocolate chip cookie  dough balls. They’re actually kind of zone-ish. If you eat a few extra carbs with em.

Here’s my go-to lunch again:


I don’t know how many blocks it is. I guess I could try and figure it out.

Excuse my messy room but here are two new goodies I got!

From the Reebok website:



I love it. LOVE. And I got a lululemon Chai time pullover that I have been trying to hunt down for months!!!20140108-155422.jpgThis post is all over the place.

So far I’ve gotten my third PR using my new barbell!!! Although two of the PRs were on the same movement. I’ll tell you what it was and then share my 2014 crossfit-related goals.

Squat snatch: 145 🙂 Front Squat: 210. Front Squat: 215. And I have *just* missed jerking 195. And I have squat cleaned 195 four times. Haven’t been able to stand the dang thing up yet though 😦

***2014 GOALS***

  • ring muscle up!!!! (the biggest goal, BIG BIG BIG)
  • string bar muscle ups together and do them consistently (i have a lot of “off days”)
  • learn to walk on my hands (I better hit this one soon! it’s in the couples comp next month. so far it’s not looking too promising–haha!)
  • Do ring dips RX in a workout.
  • strict handstand pushups.
  • Clean & Jerk 200#
  • triple unders???
  • 200# Overhead Squat
  • 160# snatch
  • 25+ unbroken pull-ups (butterfly?)
  • get better at Chest-to-Bar pull-ups

I think that’s enough goals. Obviously I want to bench more, shoulder press more, lunge more, run faster and all that jazz too. But this list is all the stuff I plan to spend lots of extra time working on. I usually stay after class for an hour every day trying to master a skill. With the open coming up, I really need the muscle up… ugh.

Merry Christmas!

I can’t stop with this candle. I just can’t. It’s amazeballs and it’s probably going on sale today because it’s all Christmas-y scented.20131226-100655.jpg

Salmon is my very most favorite fish ever to eat. Only if it’s raw, though. Cooked salmon is okay too but raw is ridiculous.


hOKAY so… I got myself these stripey lulu crops. I didn’t think I’d like them and all they had was a size 6 and I usually wear an 8. And sometimes even a 10 if it’s something that tends to run small… but these babies came in the mail and I completely didn’t expect to like them at all, but…20131226-100727.jpg

I paired them with pink and they magically became amazing!!!20131226-100737.jpg

They almost hurt my eyes.

OMG Can you believe Christmas is over??? I can’t!  I had “Friendsmas” last night with Zach and I made my paleo cupcakes again. because why not. I also remembered the chocolate chips topping this time and even added some extra non-paleo colored sugar to the top.20131226-100751.jpg

For Christmas Eve, I prepared some broccoli. It actually got quite a few compliments.20131226-100803.jpg

My grandfather got everyone t-shirts:20131226-100839.jpg

My sister’s:20131226-100846.jpg

And my mom’s said something like “Don’t mess with me or I’ll sic my daughter on you” lol! I guess now everyone can advertise that I’m a studmuffin.

I am SO excited, I got new lifters for Christmas!!!! Yes, I made sure mom bought these on Cyber Monday when they were 25% off.


These babies were sold out in a few hours. I lucked out! I actually like them better in this color than I do the pink ones. Which is funny because I was totally obsessed with the pink when it first came out, but then I kept seeing this bright cherry red in person and I freaking LOVE it.

Also, of course, snagged some lulu gift cards 🙂 my favey!


Here’s a small sampling of some of the naughty things I ingested yesterday:20131226-100912.jpg

Egg nogg–the kind with rum 😉20131226-100925.jpg

My stomach hates me for that.

not pictures: reeses christmas trees, iced sugar cookies, more paleo cupcakes, brown sugar, butter, spinach dip, cheesy potatoes, red wine, chocolate cherries, shortbread cookies, fluffy rolls, naughty bbq sauce, gummy candy.

That’s not even all of it, that’s just the worst of the worst that I can recall at this moment-haha!

On a side note—a gluten free cupcake on christmas eve caused me to get a front squat PR of 210#.


Peanut ate whoopcream. Can you tell?20131226-100935.jpg

Zach skittish kitty decided to just let it all hang out last night.20131226-100945.jpg

When I sent that to Brad he responded with this website. Go look at it!!!  You are welcome.

Brad is visiting his dad in North Carolina right now for an entire week. Which is good–I am glad he gets to see if family… but I’m ready for him to come back!!!

Buffalo Chicken Pasta!

I have a lot of delicious food to write about. And lululemon. And even a crossfit competition! We’ll start from the beginning. I made some delicious buffalo chicken zoodle pasta. I pretty much used this recipe from PaleOMG, only I swapped the spaghetti squash for zucchini noodles. I ❤ my spiralizer and I’m pretty sure I’ve used it at least once a week for the past 2 months. Ha!

First, I decided to get a little fancy and  make my own chicken for this dish. I googled and found an article that fit the bill. Next month is “skinny january” so I’ll probably use this method a lot. First you use a meat tenderizer to hammer it out:

20131217-091026.jpg(I for some reason ended up buying ‘the three bears’ as my chicken breasts.)


Then you heat up a skillet and a tad of oil/butter. While that’s heating, you can dredge or rub your chicken. I used salt and pepper and a little bit of some Mrs. Dash variety. Then you toss in in the pan and brown it on both sides, then turn it to low and cover and have it sit for ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove it from the burner and let it sit another 10 minutes. I used a meat thermometer for the first time: 165 degrees–perfect! Then I let them cool for a few minutes before I cubed them up and stored them. PERFECT for the buffalo chicken pasta!!!20131217-091114.jpg

I also cut up the veggies that the recipe called for and pre-made the paleo mayo. Which, by the way, was the easiest method I’ve ever tried! OMG you must use an immersion blender any time you think you’re making paleo mayo. I’ve done it 2 or 3 times before and my arm almost fell off from whisking. Yeah, my superwoman crossfit arm almost fell off. The immersion blender took about 20-30 seconds of just standing there…20131217-091120.jpg

I also cut the zoodles and threw everything in the fridge. It was genius! That way when we got home from crossfit, I was easily able to throw everything into the skillet with some hot sauce and call it done.

It was a winner—so quick if you make everything ahead of time!


I also made my favoritest palyo dessert of all time. These cupcakes. And as I am typing this, I am noticing that I totally forgot to add extra chocolate chips on top. Boo, that would have been ridiculously cute. I gave them to Taylor for letting Brad and I stay at her house. Which is the cutest house ever. I wanna go to Conway all the time now… once it gets warm again we need to grill out on her amazing porch. Just sayin’.20131217-091157.jpg


We ended up coming in 10th at that competition.

Here are a few pics from that:


row signing

Afterwards we ate at Big Orange. Being STARVING and eating the worlds most delicious burger at the same time is an overload of endorphins. Whether or not you follow it up with a shake.


Then we went to the new lulu and I got this shirt 🙂20131217-091236.jpg

Speaking of lulu, I also got these new speed shorts and am COMPLETELY in love with them. They’re called brisk bloom. I heart them.20131217-091253.jpg

And the even included a nude liner. Which is genius, IMO.20131217-091304.jpg

I also picked up this Weekend Warrior Duffel bag in Deep Zinfadel when I went to the new lulu store in Tulsa. I am completely ridiculous buying lulu left and right… woops. Ohwell.20131217-091314.jpg

I also got my first pair of Sorel boots! The snow is all melted now, but I’m ready for round 2! Bring it!!!20131217-091323.jpg

Bath and Bodyworks hand their 3-wick candles on sale for $8/each a couple days ago. Normally they are $20, so I went crazy and got 4 of them. Here’s chocolate cookie going right now:



yum yum yum! I love winter

…except for freezing my buns when I go running 🙂

One more thing–my bar muscle up came back!!! I haven’t been able to do one without the help of a band since like September or something. I’m not even sure. but I sat there last night and did them over and over until I got 15 reps in. Baby steps 🙂 I also PR’ed my overhead squat at 175 on Sunday. YAY! I like “bulking” season….lol (the plan is to eat sugar and carbs now and then be and obsessive macronutrient creep it in January).


WOD Wars was this weekend! OMG is it was so freaking fun!!! The weather didn’t exactly cooperate–we went from being warm and sunny all week to a freakishly cold and rainy day all say Saturday. It was weird, but it somehow worked anyways. Ironically, my team “FourFitters” had to forfeit because we lost one of our members to work travel. So we judged instead.

On Friday night, my lucky butt got to go to the airport with Nathan and Brad to pick up Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (featured athlete for the event for YTFS) from the airport. If you haven’t heard of her–she is one of the most well-known crossfit games athletes. She is known for her ridiculous Fran time (not even sure what it is, probably about 4 seconds…lol jk) and for being both badass and gorgeous at the same time. Not an easy feat.


My first impression was “OMG she is tiny!!!” which is how I felt when seeing Stacie Tovar and Elisabeth Akinwale. I’m about the same size as Akinwale… i’m not small by any means, but I’m about average. 5’8”….In my head I thought all of these women had to be kinda big to move weight like that! So Camille comes down the escalator and the first thing we go is grab her some iced coffee. She is wearing black leggings with short boots and a reebok games pullover and is packing light lugging only a red backpack with a rolling reebok duffel. Brad asked me if we should carry her luggage and I went “Nah, she’s a crossfitter.” lol

The first thing she wants to do is train–she gets excited when she hears that we are immediately heading to the box. On the way there, her personality really starts to come out–she drops a few F-bombs while telling stories of her past experiences at events. She is completely silly and laid back and totally everything I hoped she would be! Brad and I have to run to the Judge’s meeting (which we missed about the first 10 minutes of) while Camille gets ready to do her daily workout.

I just realized I’m being WAY too detailed… Sorry. I also can’t decide which tense to use. Oh, grammar….

I watch her do snatches in the background while we finish up the judges meeting, then Alex and Brad and I change and join her for back squats.

1380702_10153360586290235_2070011054_n 1380467_10153360586325235_570174296_n

And she totally helps coach us while we work with her!!! How cool??? We ended up doing 5 sets of 2 reps at 80% or something. Alex and I did 245 while Camille did 255 and Brad did like… 325 or something insane like that. Which was funny because we’re totally twice her size.  Jeez, I really was crooked that day for some reason.

Then we did a met-con from one of Camille’s coaches:

6 min Row for meters

rest 4 minutes

6 min AMRAP

6 power cleans @ 95

9 burpee bar overs

12 ring dips


I actually outrowed her by a few meters–hurray for me being tall and excited about working out with a crossfit celebrity! The metcon was a different story. I am awful at ring dips and was pretty much doing them 2-3 at a time with a skinny purple band. Alex was a bit slow on them too, but RX’ed them. Brad was badassing his way though the workout but his rings kept coming loose and one was hanging about 4 inches lower than the other! lol, he used them anyways because they wouldn’t stay when he tried to fix it.

Once we were done, Camille gave Alex and I some ring dip help. We were both kipping them the wrong way–she showed us the most efficient kip to use, so I will be spending some time working on them this week. YAY! It wasn’t something I hadn’t already been told before, it was just something that never really clicked until now…

Post-WOD smiles 😉


That night we got to eat with her! Nathan, Brad, Jay, Alex and I went to Blue Monkey–which I had never been to before. Camille asked us what a loaded potato was. Interesting that she didn’t know! Then she ordered soda water with lemon and lime and carne asada. I was really happy/relieved to see that she wasn’t super obsessive about her diet.

The next day was SUPER crazy! We had to change the order of the WODs because we were trying to avoid the rain–which didn’t really happen. there was a running wod (which unfortunately for me, was the only one I was judging) and it definitely occurred in the rain. I had my trusty pink raincoat, though.


I didn’t do much for judging except run a stopwatch and write times on my hand and try and keep track of a clock…. the workout that I judged was tricky because athletes bought themselves time for a clean and jerk max by getting double-unders in the first part of the workout.

Anywho. JUNK Brands brought in Jenn Jones, who I didn’t get to meet unfortunately, so my box had her and Camille do a few workouts for the crowd. The first was our Box signature workout “The 540” which we had Froning do at an event held here last year. Only they added 5 muscle-ups in between each of the movements.

The 540

50 OH lunges (45/25)

40 pull-ups

30 thrusters (95/65)

20 burpees

10 cleans (135, 95)



All grayscle photos courtesy of Kim Singer Photography.

Here’s a video of it:

Also they had a “grace-off” at 135lbs. (30 reps of Clean and Jerk)

After the event was over a few of us stuck around to watch Camille train again. She was doing her gymnastic WOD which was this:

5 x gymnastic complex with 25lb weight vest.

3 bar muscle ups, 5 strict pullups, 5 kipping pull ups.

5x chinese planks front and back with 35 and 25lb dumbbells for 1:40 seconds.

5x shoulder taps in a handstand with 25lb weight vest.

She chatted and signed posters in between her sets. She also showed us how to work your lower back to help prevent injuries:1382987_10153360589300235_1390714194_n

After that, she and Brad and Nathan and I went to dinner at Mojitos. After some table side guacamole, enchiladas, and queso we went and got dessert. YES, we went to Coldstone Creamery after that and had ice cream!!! Camille got the chocolate peanut butter cup one. She turned her nose up at my Birthday Cake Remix, saying that the only she sweets she liked we peanut butter, chocolate, and some canadian word for cobbler. I forgot what she called it.

We got to ask her lots of questions about what she thought of the games this years. And of other athletes, lol! Here’s  a basic summation of all the things I learned from Camille over the weekend.

  • Her three favorite things (in order) are 1. train 2. eat and 3.sleep.
  • She loves her husband Dave Lipson and thinks he is quite underestimated as an athlete (I totally agree).
  • Lots of people think she is full of herself, but she’s just honest.
  • REALLY honest. She’ll tell you if you are fat. She doesn’t sugarcoat things.
  • She works really hard as a Chemical Engineering student, and doesn’t get a lot of credit for it.
  • She genuinely wants to help the world and is very passionate about that, which is why her clothing line donates clothes to kids in need and why she studies Chemical Enineering.
  • Camille prefers the way Americans cheer for and support talented athletes vs Canadians.
  • Mobility and repetition are the keys to becoming a great crossfit athlete.
  • She is curently working with Via Prive for her Fall clothing line–coming SOON!
  • She thought Dave Lipson was a douchebag when she first met him 🙂
  • Camille is MADLY IN LOVE with Crossfit and training for it. She probably snuggles with a kettlebell at night if Dave isn’t around.

Here’s the autograph I got:


What a cool weekend! I’ll have to post about food later 😉

Paleo Protein Pancakes

This post is going to be ALL over the place! But it’s my blog and I don’t care. So let’s chat…

First of all, I just want to say that the season finale of True Blood made me want to throw food at my TV.  I thought the second-to-last episode of Season 6 was pretty weird with the funeral taking up so much time… I feel like the really over emphasized Terry’s death. Other people on the show have died and no one else got a gigantic funeral that took up half an episode. Whatever.

So, I got some AWESOME new shorts!!!!



They are from the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon store, and I was lucky enough to have a Facebook angel grab them for me.

There’s even a party on the inside:




I don’t know why lulu can’t make all of their clothes that exciting with such attention to detail. I might have to go participate in this race next year…

Made some paleo panakes a-la zone diet!!! I haven’t figured out the totals or anything yet, but I think they are kinda zone-ish.

I adapted this recipe and used less almond flour and added a scoop of my paleo protein powder that I blogged about last week.



I feel like this could be an every-weekend kind of tradition. Just sayin’.

I made some more homemade cleaner. I blogged about it a VERY long time ago.



Here is the recipe:

  • add some water to an empty spray bottle
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10-15 drops off eucalyptus oil
  • 10-15 drops of lavedar oil
  • a drizzle of pure castille soap
  • fill bottle rest of the way up with water, & shake! Voila!

It is anti-bacterial, cuts grime, even worked pretty good on glass. Plus it is super safe! I think you could probably drink it without getting sick dying. Not sure if ingesting soap purposefully is wise.

We went to the lake on Saturday!!! Jess Mess and Brad (I have a brad, too…. this could get confusing) came up for the day to play. Here are some of the gems from that photo album 🙂



Jessica’s Brad learning how to wake skate.


My Brad learning how to jump!!20130820-113732.jpg

Me getting “no-repped” at doing a grab.





Jess got some SWEET air, I just sucked at getting pictures of it. It’s all timing, dude!

HOA tryouts are this weekend. I think they will be okay. But I am extremely nervous about the skill ladder. I have pretty much talked myself into attempting bar muscle ups instead of ring dips for one of the skills. One bar muscle up is worth ten ring dips, and since I don’t even know if I’ve done ten ring dips in my whole life, I’d rather attempt MU and fail at them than get like 4 ring dips. I think… I’m not even sure if this is possible, but I feel like I could potentially not make a team at all. Competition should be fun, not stressful. Right???


Play All Day

OMG NO WAY!? I am actually blogging two days in a row??? Nutso.

I think it’s mostly because I was annoyed at myself for completely forgetting to talk about visiting Crossfit Strong while I was in Dallas or talking about my fantabulous trip to lulu.

I went alone because all of my college friends are too sane to do the super demanding workouts that crossfit tends to bestow upon its members. I like to word things funny right now. So here is the box:20130709-115621.jpg

We actually worked out way back in that corner back there. On really dirty mats.

This was the WOD:

10 minute EMoM

1 power snatch and 10 butterfly situps.

I ended up snatching 95 for 5 rounds and then 105 for the last 5 rounds. I could have gone heavier but I was focusing on form. The instructors actually gave me some really good tips! I was starting with my knees too far forward and I wasn’t pushing them out on the way up with was making me lose a lot of power.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 20lb DB push press

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 burpees

Which I finished in 5:51

I don’t really get a lot tips during EMoM’s at 540… I know I’ve been crossfitting for over a year but I don’t really know anything. I get coached a little bit every once in a while, but I would love help every day. Maybe they think it offends me if they are constantly correcting me. I guess I don’t seem like I want help?? I don’t know what the deal is. I consider myself to be quite coachable if someone would just tell me what to do. I would definitely consider hiring a private coach if that’s what I needed to do. Dang it, bar muscle ups. Slash, ring dips.

I am curious to try the nano speeds.


They had them for sale at the box, but I figure I will just eventually either hear a bad review and decide against it or finally cave and order them online. Or take my $25 gift card to rush running and finally spend that shizz.

Time to talk lulu!

I went to the North Park Mall store and immediately snatch up the Cool Racerback in “soot light” and “spry blue”. Then I got all distracted by the new play all day shorts. I grabbed four different colors and had a hard time picking one.




I ended up going with these:


I LOVE them! And I want at least two more pairs because They’re so darn comfy. They’re basically speed shorts that are acceptable to wear around without looking like you just came from crossfit. AMAZEballs.

Speaking of amazeballs, I have one more purchase to gloat about.

So the other day, before she headed to dallas for her L-1, Jess send me a link to Cracked Nut Butter. It’s not exactly paleo, but it it just has some whey and some stevia. Otherwise we’re cool.20130709-115720.jpg

I grabbed the chocolate chip cookie dough. Curiosity got the best of me during my 5.5 hour drive home so i stuck my finger in the jar. Eugh. It tasted kinda like one of those crappy protein bars that I used to eat when I was a vegetarian. The guy at the store told me to turn it upside down to bring the chocolate chips to the top and then stick in the the fridge, which I did. I tried it again once it was cold it tasted MUCH better. But not $17 better. Yes I paid $17 EACH for two of those stupid things. LOL– lesson learned.20130709-115725.jpg

HEY guess what I am doing this weekend??! Going to Kansas City for the Garage Games to compete on Sunday as a two-person team with my amazing boyfriend. Also getting the chance to hit up lulu again and to sight see around Kansas City 🙂 Lucky me!!!

North Central Regionals

I’m Torrible  (new word that got invented in Chicago). I’ve been avoiding posting a new blog entry because of how much crap I need to post. a LOT. A WHOLE LOT!!!

I spent the weekend in Chicago at the North Central Crossfit Games Regional Competition. The top three men, women, and teams all get invited to participate in the Crossfit Games in California. I was the female alternate for the regional team from crossfit 540, but luckily they didn’t need me. I honestly wasn’t very prepared. So I carpooled for the 10-hour drive with Taylor and Jessica and Taylor’s friend Tracy from Conway–a coach form there was competing and Tracy is his massage therapist. She spent most of the time working while we were there.

931291_10151496548833191_1759417935_nThe events  took place in some sort of convention center at Navy Pier.20130606-085841.jpg

First and foremost: I got to meet Elizabeth Akinwale! That was pretty epic. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. I’m sure she got that kind of reaction all weekend 🙂 What an amazing person and athlete. Check out her blog!20130606-090014.jpg

Here’s a super blurry picture of her:


I need to complain about something, though. I went to Regionals being really excited to see the top female athletes including Deborah Cordner Carson and Stacie Tovar. I think they’re all great people and phenomenal but something happened that bothered me a lot. Tovar, known for her snooki poof and booty shorts, was a little bit sketchy on a lot of the movements. I took a video of her muscle ups that she doesn’t appear to be locking out:

She also bounces deadlifts and doesn’t open up box jumps. I was disappointed, because I saw a lot of no-repping on “close calls” for other people, but I felt like since she has been a games athlete before that it was ok to bend the rules to make sure she got her spot again. She probably would have made it to the games without any leeway from the judges. It’s just annoying to me that politics play a role in the standards, that’s all. End of rant.


We wrapped up Friday and went to lululemon on Halstead–the biggest lulu store in the US:


Then–of course–we went and ate pizza and ice cream.



I got pistachio gelato! MMMMM!


The next day, we headed to Atlas Crossfit with some of the people from Conway and got to work out there. We ended up walking 2.5 miles from there to the convention center so we could watch more of the Games.


❤ nanos.969756_10151498362298191_102998878_n

Jessica and I worked the LifeasRX tent from 1-6.


We got paid $75 cash and $50 in store credit, which was really nice–it helped me feel less ridiculous about spending so much money on the trip. Though I was quite frugal. I came away with lots of lifeasRX swag, and I decided to take the plunge and buy the Lurong supplement. I am hoping that it just helps me get the ache out of my left knee faster. And if not, well… then I’ll complain about it and know to stop falling for gimmicky supplements.


After playing in the rain, getting lost, and walking halways around the city, we ended up having dinner at the best place ever. The deceptively delicious Taco Burrito King. I got a super duper king tastic burrito (im sure it wasn’t called that, but whatever).


with guacamole.20130606-090206.jpg

Bailey Kelly was the only athlete from our gym who competed as an individual this year:

20130606-090600.jpgShe and her husband Jerry are probably my very most favorite coaches ever. They genuinely want to help everyone around them become better athletes. Plus they are both hilarious. And they’re firefighters! How cool is that??? Bailey was the oldest individual competitor. She just barely missed making the games as a master–barely missing being in the top 20 in the 40-45 age division.


After it was all over, we headed to Whole Foods!!! Because there isn’t one back home.20130606-090351.jpg

All I bought were things things and some coconut water.20130606-090359.jpg

Speaking of healthy foods, i didn’t JUST eat pizza the entire time. Paleo Fit Meals had a table set up and I got a couple things from there:20130606-090430.jpg


They even sold paleo cookies:


Se went through St. Louis. The Arch is really fun to take pictures of…


Gosh spending 20 hours in a car is pretty intense. This entry is way too stinking long. I’m gonna just end it here 😉

Bacon Sammies!



You’re welcome.

Nom nom paleo bacon & guacamole sandwiches. The best opener I could possibly use for this blog entry.20130516-102151.jpg

So yeah. Brad and I went to Justin and Alison’s place for dinner last night and we brought those naughty sammiches as an appetizer… Only it ended up being more of a dessert, haha! Originally we were planning to cook for them because we felt bad for Justin with his swollen foot (It’s massive–he got bit by a copperhead snake while he was mowing the yard last weekend) but it worked out better for us not to take over their kitchen. Alison made us fish with stuffed mushrooms and asparagus. It was scrumptious:


Today is day 2 of the quasi-whole30 that I am doing with Taylor. I definitely am not being as hardcore this time as I was during my first whole30. It’s more like a “partial paleo” than a whole 30. I’m not letting it interfere with social events. Brad’s birthday is this weekend and I completely plan on eating terrible things.

Guess what else is this weekend?! Warrior Dash. A mud run with warm weather and TONS of awesome friends?! I’m so freaking excited!!!

He made me those ridiculously delicious short ribs again:


WIth an enormous veggie stir fry that probably should have lasted longer than it did. He’s good at those. I need to make those more often so that I can use it as side dishes all week. Veggies become 100 times more delicious when they   cuddle with each other in the same skillet for a while. Makes sense. The next day I picked up some rotisserie chicken at walmart. I pretended it was whole 30 but I’m pretty sure I read that it was carrageenan. And probably nitrates and sugar and everything else that isn’t allowed for whole 30. There is nothing convenient about a whole 3o unless maybe you area high roller in a big city or something.


Let’s talk lulu!

First if you want a chuckle you can watch this video of me wearing my new lulu outfit and attempting a ring muscle up:

I am wearing new speed shorts with a new cool racerback.

Woah, I just accidentally crated a “gallery”. I updated wordpress yesterday and now it does new little tricks that I didn’t know it could do! Sweeet! Anyways yes, those are the three things I recently purchased with all the money I’ve been making from selling on eBay. The tank is actually made in Canada! Which is rare. Good quality stuff, like the old lulu I met back in 2010.

It’s time to brag about my latest crossfit achievements.

First of all, I better check my ego because I thought I hit a 20lb PR on cleans while I was doing super heavy front lunges with Danielle, but it turned out I was just bad at counting. Really bad at counting. Danielle and I each had about 3 false celebrations. Woops….What really happened was that I cleaned 180 and did one lunge with it. Not 200#.

Fun questions my crossfit readers can answer:

  • Have you ever gotten duped at crossfit because of a miscalculation adding weights?
  • Have you ever done a workout with the wrong weight on the bar?
  • Do you prefer to lift weight before you count it to see what it was? I know someone who only lifts with the plate numbers facing inward so that they are hidden 😉
  • Do you have any other strange lifting rituals or habits?

Things I did do:

Front squat PR at 205.

Bench press PR at 145. (we’re not gonna discuss the details, but this is well under my body weight! lol)

Getting better at strict pull-ups–I hung out and did ten of them after the WOD on Tuesday.

Getting better at ring dips–I did two in a row! lol clearly body weight is my weakest skill, but it’s bittersweet because I can lift big weights. Just gotta keep working!

Happy Thursday!!!


This morning I ran my Wednesday 5-miler with the girls (I am planning on being more consistent with it so that I can stay conditioned for running while avoiding the summer heat). Kate was talking about May Day–which is apparently a northern thing. I hadn’t heard much about it before.


Apparently you put a basket of flowers on someone’s doorstep and then ding-dong ditch. I kindof love that. You can read more about it here.

It sure is nice to have friends in my life who care 🙂 Life is kind of hard right now, but I feel like I have lots of lovely ladies in my life who are ready to talk. Taylor even brought me chocolate on Sunday. Ladies at crossfit are awesome, and all my running buddy ladies. They make the stink a lot less stinky. I should leave them all baskets of flowers today. Ha! I wish I had the resources to do that.

I had made a whole pan of berry bars, but I ended up eating them all by myself. Ooops. :-/


I made the PaleOMG 5 ingredient acorn squash bake recipe again.


It turned out photogenic for once! Half of the time most of the egg goozes out. So I decided not to fill the skins quite as full as usual and leave a little more room for the egg to chill. It always takes longer to cook than she says it does. It can take up to 20 minutes for the egg whites to get firm. I don’t mind runny yolks much, but runny whites gross me out. Eggs are awesome. They’re like the closest thing to paleo cheese… is that weird?

You know what I haven’t blogged about in AGES? lululemon!!! I guess because I haven’t gotten anything from there that i loved in a really long time. The sizes on the speed shorts are inconsistent and since I don’t live near a store, I just kinda deal with it.

Well, I got the beach blanket blue speed shorts recently and I am in LOVE! They actually ran a little bit big which is ideal for me because my butt keeps growing and most of my other speed shorts feel painted on. But going up a whole size doesn’t look right…



And here they are on me:20130501-085722.jpg

Jeez, they look tighter than they feel on me… Whatever.

I also got this “Very Green” power y tank top. I have tried on power y tops in the past and always opted not to purchase them, but I really loved this color so I bit the bullet.20130501-085731.jpg

I really don’t like the shelf bra, but the straps are so thin that if I wore a regular sports bra underneath it, that would look ridiculous. It’s not going to be for running. Or jump rope. Or box jumps. Or anything, really. Maybe it will be ok for weight lifting and yoga. And casual summer wear.

But it squishes my back fat:20130501-085739.jpgAnnyoing. But I’m pretty sure that no matter how perfect I eat, I’m just gonna have fat in certain places. Bleh. I might eventually end up selling this, but not before I wear it a couple of times and see how I like it.

Let’s talk crossfit!

In light of being an alternate for the regional team (wheeeeeeee!!!), I’ve decided to make a point to really push myself hard. Not that I don’t always do that, but sometimes when it really sucks, I let myself get in my head and I end up backing off of the motor probably more than I should.

Last night we did an EMOM for 15 minutes with a heavy clean and jerk. I figured I would do 145 or 155. Nope. Started there and quickly worked my way up to 175 and eventually 180. I probably should have added 5 more lbs and gone for a new PR, but my sternum was screaming. I caught a few of the cleans awkwardly and let them slam into my chest Now it is constantly throbbing and swollen. I hope I didn’t break something 😦 Yuck.

After that we did Helen: 3 rounds for time of 400m run, 21 KB swings (35lb) and 12 pullups. 10:47. I beat my previous time by 5 seconds. If I didn’t suck so much at the pullups I’d be totally fine. And if our pull-up bar wasn’t so dang far away from where the 400m run is…

Also, I forgot to mention–I got another bar muscle up on Friday!!! Yeah, it’s been two months since I was last able to do it. It just hasn’t quite “clicked” yet. And the stars have to be aligned correctly.

OH and my birthday is on Sunday.


(that’s cool, I googled and found a cupcake with my name on it!)

Anywho–I honestly don’t feel like celebrating. I’m kinda bummed out this week. Plus pretty much all of my friends are busy this weekend. Except Zach so I am dragging him to dinner with my parents to celebrate mine and my mom’s birthdays (heres is tomorrow).  Then I can finish reading Divergent, clean my apartment, and maybe it will be warm enough to go lay out by the pool before the weekend is over. This post is getting ridiculously long. And it’s all over the place. Part food, part pity party, part crossfit, and part lulu.

Happy Hump Day!  & Happy May Day!