Lancer voxbox

Lucky me! I got to try this really fancy-pants skincare brand for free because I qualified for a voxbox through influenster! 
I found it on for $135.

I have been using it for about two weeks. And maybe it’s the lighting and maybe its magic, but things are looking a little less inflamed and smoother to me, no?

oh also I got my eyebrows microbladed between those photos so I have that going to for me as well! lol, a post for another time! I still have my touch-up appointment so I haven’t had a complete experience of that just yet.

I can’t speak to exactly if this is a super effect anti-aging regimen. I’m sure it is, but all my wrinkles are exclusively on my forehead and they aren’t going away and they’ve never NOT been there.

But what I *CAN* say is that I am loving the polish! I’ve always cleansed and moisturized, but I very rarely exfoliate. Mostly because I am lazy, but also because I had no idea that it could be so effective in creating smooth even skin! I thin my oiliness/dryness areas are more even and that my textured areas are more smooth. And my breakouts aren’t as broken out. So those are all major wins! I wish i could afford to keep buying these products, but $135 for skincare is quite steep for me.

Here I am with a little makeup:


Since I can’t afford to keep using this stuff, most likely what I’ll do is begin the quest to find another polish productto add to my routine. I’ve recently joined “the skincare connection” on facebook and learned quite a bit in the short time I’ve been a member.

  • St Ives Apricot Scrub is of the devil and will create micro-tears in your skin that can lead to a host of skin issues. As will any other abrasive scrubs including sugar and salt.
  • coconut oil is useless, skin does not actually absorb coconut oil. (I HAD NO IDEA!)
  • At-home derma rolling is super dangerous.

That’s it. For now!

And here is this silly bunny that was in our yard last night:

His name is George. He’s terrified but also curious. Curious George.


Pinky toe and my eyelash extensions allergy 

It seems like I have a knack for incurring unusual ailments.

I have two that I really want to get off my chest! The first one is my allergy to the glue of my eyelash extensions. When this happened to me, I searched all over the web and couldn’t find much information on it, so I really wanted to share my experience and hopefully help someone else if they also fall victim to this rare and unusual unfortunate ailment.

My lash technician uses a great brand called Bella Lash. The lashes are “natural” looking with a nice taper and silky texture, and according to people who have used other brands, Bella Lash is a favorite.

So I got these lashes for my wedding. I was doing my own makeup, so I really wanted to have good lashes to start with so that I didn’t have to work a giant miracle all on my own (I knew NOTHING about makeup before perusing youtube tutorials prior to my wedding day).

So here is what my lash exentions normally looked like:


They are super comfortable, i hardly noticed them until i went to wash my face and had to tread carefully around them.

After getting fills every 3 weeks or so for about 5 months, I started to notice some itching occurring about 24-48 hours after a fill. Strangely, it wasn’t immediate and I had little to no sensitivity at all during or immediately following eyelash application.

Finally, after one of my fills I woke up two days later with some pretty intense swelling. Especially on one side that needed more attention during my fill. I started to suspect an allergy. I didn’t realize that I could slowly develop an allergy, but it’s possible!

Bella Lash glue does not have anything crazy in it like formaldehyde or latex. I asked the company and they sent me this information about their glue:

MSDS Platinum+ Adhesive

I decided to take benadryl before my next fill and if I still had a reaction then I would remove the lashes.

Got the fill on saturday afternoon and sure enough I woke up on Monday morning looking like this:

Here’s a link to the time I freaked out and had an athletic-induced shellfish allergy a few years ago. My eyes were extremely puffed up then too and it lasted for like 2 and a half days.

The swelling lasted a full 24 hours and then some. It decreased a lot but about 3:00PM, but I was still super embarrassed because I had to go to work like this and explain the situation to my coworkers.

I sent these pictures to my lash lady and she said I definitely had developed an allergy to the glue. The weird part is that it only really flared up during that 30-something hour mark after getting a fill, but since the reaction was worse every time and benadryl didn’t seem to help, I made the decision to have them removed when I was due for another fill.

Getting them removed was much worse than getting a  fill. The removal product burned a lot and a lot of pulling had to be done, but in the end I left with my tiny baby natural lashes.

I’m getting used to them, but at first I felt like my eyes were super bare and ugly. And I’ve noticed a lot of friends and coworkers have started getting eyelash extensions and I am extremely envious. I will miss them a lot.  I’m currently shopping for an eyelash growth serum and thinking about getting a lash lift which is a lash perm that makes your lashes curl upwards and seem more prominent. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the lash lift.

Hope this was helpful for anyone who was looking to diagnose their reaction to eyelash extensions!

Now I will move on to tell how  I broke my pinky toe.

We went to the Buffalo river to float. It was GORGEOUS. I love floating beautiful rivers like that one. I was stupid and wore flip-flops even though we got out and hiked up to hemmed-in-hollow. It was about a mile or so each way from the river to the falls, but we did it twice because Brad forgot his ROGUE hat! 😛

Hemmed In Hollow

My feet survived that just fine, but about 10 minutes or so after being back in the canoe we got snagged in some rapids and our canoe flipped!

I slammed into the rocks hard and the river ripped away my paddle, shoes, and all the contents of the boat started to float away. Instinctively, I grabbed my shirt because I knew that would be the hardest thing to ever find again. Then grabbed the waterlogged canoe and started dragging it along with our cooler towards the bank.

The water was quite cold, but I was so scraped up that I appreciated it to help numb the pain.

I have bruises and scrapes on my legs and it happened over two weeks ago. My toe was screaming in pain once I hobbled to shore. Luckily our friends downstream were able to get my shoes and my paddle.

The trip was extremely fun until that happened. It totally ruined the rest of the day for me, padding around with my toe searing in pain. We even flipped one more time for no reason. We were pulling up to a bank to stop for a minute and turned over. I have no idea why we tipped again, but I was very unhappy about it.

my broken pinky toe on the day that it happened (it turned all kinds of colors over the next few days)

I haven’t been able to wear any type of shoe (other than my uggs which are like giant house slipper and very roomy. I have had these uggs since 2004 (ew), so they are super roomy. I have tried to continue to try to do crossfit workouts as much as possible because I hate for this to set me back. But i’ve had to do everything carefully and barefooted, and it was about a week before I could really get a good “second pull” when it came to barbell movements. I have been putting my shoes on very very loosely to row. I rowed barefoot a few times the first week but it was pretty painful. The loose shoe hurts less. It all hurts. I’ve been trying to have a good attitude but it is quite frustrating. I can’t do box jumps, bar over burpees, running, double unders, muscle ups, or anything else with jumping (I have done super slow careful regular burpees, but that’s it) . I have done the assault bike barefooted a few times, but it’s quite unpleasant–those pedals are not comfy. I plan to try it with loose shoes or sandals in the near future and see if that works better for me.

If you’re going to break a toe, break the pinky toe. Fun facts:

  • buddy taping (taping to the toe next to it) is a possible treatment for a severe break. This was super painful for me when I tried it, so I am just going commando.
  • the pinky toe is the most common toe to break.
  • a broken toe is the 5th most common bone to break (behind clavicle, arm, wrist, and ankle)
  • a pinky toe fracture is the most ideal because it won’t limit your ability to walk (although I do have a limp… but i don’t need crutches or anything like that)
  • you don’t have to go to a doctor because there is not much they can do for a pinky toe break (i opted to not go. this is america and even with insurance our healthcare is outrageous.)

I’m hoping I can start working out in shoes again by this time next week, but we will see. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to be able to return to normal life after a broken toe. I really just came here to vent about it. It’s frustrating!!! I know there are much worse injuries out there, and I am super lucky that I can still go to the gym at all.

And on a light-hearted note, I feel super “primal” when I’m doing 200+lb back squats and 155lb snatches barefooted. So, so, so paleo. lol!

Don’t break your toe! Have a wonderful week 🙂





Play All Day

OMG NO WAY!? I am actually blogging two days in a row??? Nutso.

I think it’s mostly because I was annoyed at myself for completely forgetting to talk about visiting Crossfit Strong while I was in Dallas or talking about my fantabulous trip to lulu.

I went alone because all of my college friends are too sane to do the super demanding workouts that crossfit tends to bestow upon its members. I like to word things funny right now. So here is the box:20130709-115621.jpg

We actually worked out way back in that corner back there. On really dirty mats.

This was the WOD:

10 minute EMoM

1 power snatch and 10 butterfly situps.

I ended up snatching 95 for 5 rounds and then 105 for the last 5 rounds. I could have gone heavier but I was focusing on form. The instructors actually gave me some really good tips! I was starting with my knees too far forward and I wasn’t pushing them out on the way up with was making me lose a lot of power.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 20lb DB push press

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 burpees

Which I finished in 5:51

I don’t really get a lot tips during EMoM’s at 540… I know I’ve been crossfitting for over a year but I don’t really know anything. I get coached a little bit every once in a while, but I would love help every day. Maybe they think it offends me if they are constantly correcting me. I guess I don’t seem like I want help?? I don’t know what the deal is. I consider myself to be quite coachable if someone would just tell me what to do. I would definitely consider hiring a private coach if that’s what I needed to do. Dang it, bar muscle ups. Slash, ring dips.

I am curious to try the nano speeds.


They had them for sale at the box, but I figure I will just eventually either hear a bad review and decide against it or finally cave and order them online. Or take my $25 gift card to rush running and finally spend that shizz.

Time to talk lulu!

I went to the North Park Mall store and immediately snatch up the Cool Racerback in “soot light” and “spry blue”. Then I got all distracted by the new play all day shorts. I grabbed four different colors and had a hard time picking one.




I ended up going with these:


I LOVE them! And I want at least two more pairs because They’re so darn comfy. They’re basically speed shorts that are acceptable to wear around without looking like you just came from crossfit. AMAZEballs.

Speaking of amazeballs, I have one more purchase to gloat about.

So the other day, before she headed to dallas for her L-1, Jess send me a link to Cracked Nut Butter. It’s not exactly paleo, but it it just has some whey and some stevia. Otherwise we’re cool.20130709-115720.jpg

I grabbed the chocolate chip cookie dough. Curiosity got the best of me during my 5.5 hour drive home so i stuck my finger in the jar. Eugh. It tasted kinda like one of those crappy protein bars that I used to eat when I was a vegetarian. The guy at the store told me to turn it upside down to bring the chocolate chips to the top and then stick in the the fridge, which I did. I tried it again once it was cold it tasted MUCH better. But not $17 better. Yes I paid $17 EACH for two of those stupid things. LOL– lesson learned.20130709-115725.jpg

HEY guess what I am doing this weekend??! Going to Kansas City for the Garage Games to compete on Sunday as a two-person team with my amazing boyfriend. Also getting the chance to hit up lulu again and to sight see around Kansas City 🙂 Lucky me!!!

Little Black Bag!!!


We had a paleo party on Friday! It was kinda for Nathan’s birthday, but it was so awesome, I feel like we should have it pretty much every couple of weeks. It was basically a meat fest. Our tummies were all happy. Those are the important things in life.20130701-094901.jpg

Brad and I brought PaleOMG goodies. We made her bacon meatballs with mango honey mustard dipping sauce. And her sweet potato brownies that I somehow forgot to take a picture of… Again. Probably because they don’t ever last long enough for a picture to be taken.

The next day I was in a really good mood. We went to crossfit and then lazed around at the pool with some fellow crossfitters. I was annoyed at the workout for being a non-team workout (generally on Saturdays we do a team workout which is always super fun). But I ended up PRing my jerk! 190! I got it and went “Oh my gosh! YAY.”

But yeah, we ended up going to the pool after that instead of the lake which is kindof silly…


Good times. Very good times.

Time to talk about Little Black Bag!

So it’s this website where you go on there and you can choose and item to purchase and open a “bag”.  Items include TONS of accessories like shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and even home decor. You can choose to get the single item for a set price or you can choose to “bundle” and for $10 more, you get some bonus items. Then you have 7 days to trade with other members and get items you actually want. It’s extremely addicting, so be warned. Once you like what you have you can either ship your bag or you can wait until it automatically closes when the 7 days are up. You can also pay to keep items in a warehouse to trade at a later time… which confuses me. I prefer just trading then and there. And I highly recommend doing a bundle because it’s fun! I got my bag in the mail yesterday and this is what was in it:


I opened with this purse. I have REALLY been wanting a minty green colored purse. This one is the perfect size for me and I love all the extra pockets inside. Amazing. I couldn’t find a purse like this in a store for that price. I only paid $49.

Here are all four items that I ended up with after trading:


I love this purse even more after having it in person!!! SO pretty!


I traded for this phone case because i just got the iPhone 5 and only have on case. So now I have a backup. It’s kindof cheap and crappy but whatever. I actually found it online and it retails for about $6. It was listed on LBB at $25 value. HA. Silly. There are lots of things on there that are worth more or less than it says they are. While I was trading some Betsey Johnson bags were uploaded and they sold out in about 20 seconds. I actually tried pretty hard to trade for one, but no luck. It’s ok, though. I love my new bag.

This perfume was free for anyone who opened a bag during a certain time period. I originally got plain vanilla but I traded for this. I don’t really like super sugary smelling perfumes and blackberry sounded very fresh.

The last item I got was this seahorse in a jar necklace:

Here it is, I wore it today:20130701-094929.jpg

There are little bits of cork floating around in it too. Lol, ohwell.

I am wearing the Lavanilla perfume right now. It was a teeny tiny sample, but I like it pretty well. I think I’d like to smell the other flavors–I bet the vanilla grapefruit smells really awesome.

Here is my link if you want to try Little Black Bag— It’s really fun, I promise! And if you stalk it, you can find a pretty good deal 🙂

Confession: I purchased and ate this entire thing of oreos…. and it was worth it.



I have a confession. I might not have talked about this a ton on my blog because it doesn’t come up a ton… but I am a shameless crazy online coupon hunter. I have a couple deals I feel like sharing 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.08.27 PM

First and foremost– If you don’t already have an account with ebates then get one! I can’t share my referral link, but when it asks you for a referral put my email down 🙂

What is Ebates?

It’s a company that offers you cashback (paid quarterly) for purchases you make online. As long as you click through their site to get to a partner then they will track your spending and credit you a predetermined percentage of cash back, which they pay out every 3 months or so. I’ve used them for purchases I’ve made on Reebok, Sephora, Amazon, and Victoria’s Secret. You can go ahead and add stuff to a shopping cart beforehand. The hardest part is remembering to go click through ebates before you check out 😉

This is my favorite bargain hunting site:


She posts things constantly–a lot of it is stuff I am not interested in, like stuff for babies, kids, husbands, and junk food. But I’ve gotten tons of samples of lotion, shampoo, perfume, makeup, jewelry, and all kinds of stuff! The best thing I’ve gotten from there happened recently. She posted a link for a $25 off coupon to Piperlime. I ordered a pair of reef flip flops and paid $1.09. Then it gave me another code so I ordered another pair for $2.18. Then they disabled all the coupons. I figured they would cancel my order, but I got shipping notifications on Friday, so hello new reefs!!! I posted my coupon link to twitter… here it is:  (but it redirects you to the main site).

And last of all (one of the things I am super excited about for this post!):

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.21.06 PM

E Thredup is a new site that is going live soon, and they are having a special deal for friend referrals. For every friend you refer, you will get a $5 credit! Just for having them register their email address! How awesomesauce is that??? I don’t know a lot about the site, but there are GAP, J Crew, and Levis, Ann Taylor, and Ralph Lauren logos on their launch page. Might be worth a couple seconds to share, no?

& Have a lovely Monday.

Whole30 Day 23


Kooda is le tired.

WOW I have a lot to talk about right now! The whole30 is going AMAZING. My skin is more and more fantastic every day. I have got to figure out which part of this new eating style is responsible for this. If it means I never get to eat dairy ever again then fine. My skin is making me so happy. I didn’t even realize I had so many problems with it until now that they’re not there anymore.

I feel like I should discuss all of my favorite parts of the whole30. I’m in a really good mood because I took a hot bath last night (with a LUSH Tangerine bath melt) and scored a 97% on my sleep quality. Good sleep, good skin, energy, I am feeling like a unicorn today. Fact.

Whole30 Foods that I totally love:

  • Bacon, bacon, and bacon. Sexy people eat bacon.
  • Eggs–poached, scrambled, fried, baked. With cracked pepper and sea salt. Simply amazing. I love eggs.
  • Green beans (they’re semi-paleo) but they’re so darn good! Cook them in bacon grease. You’re welcome.
  • Sweet potato–baked and topped with ghee in and cinnamon.
  • Steak– Skillet cooked (is there a word for that?) with butt rub. I like steak? What??? I know. I didn’t think it was possible either.
  • Spinach — sautee it, eat it fresh, mix it with other veggies. Mix it with eggs. Make spinach egg muffins. Freakin spinach.
  • Brussels sprouts–In a skillet with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Spaghetti squash— is the sh*t.
  • Almond butter. It’s a major staple in m diet. Get the grind-it-yourself in the bulk aisle kind. Goes well with everything.
  • Avocados–OMG no whole30 can be done without a weekly batch of homemade guacamole. Put cilantro in it!
  • Berries! And coconut cream. NOM.
  • Plantains–I pretty much feel like I’m eating funnel cake when I slice them up and fry them in coconut oil. Add a pinch of salt.
  • Homemade pesto–top everything with it. Veggies. meats.  sweet potatoes?
  • Squash–Acorn and butternut squashes are ridiculous. Eat them with eggs and chicken and pesto.

That’s a non-exhaustive list, but it’s pretty much all the yummy stuff that is floating around in my head right now. I’m craving that and not junky stuff like cookies and ice cream. I’m on Whole30 autopilot and life is gooooood.

Here’s the homemade pesto:


The recipe is from Well Fed. I posted about it a little while back. Go make it! It’s easy and you probably have all the stuff already.

A few examples of things that I did with the pesto:


(There was a whole potato a ton of green beans on there, but I ate them all)


I actually don’t know what to call this. I made it up… Chicken spaghetti squash bacon pesto. Sure, why not?

Also from Well Fed–Creamy Spice Market Kale:


This stuff didn’t even make it to a plate. Yes, I literally hovered over the skillet and consumed it right out of the pan with a fork until it was gone. I can’t wait to make it again!!! SO freaking good!20130124-150545.jpg

I also feel like gushing about beauty products right now too because it’s my blog and I feel like it.

I got a deluxe sample with purchase deal from Sephora, and one of the things I got was this hand cream:


It’s amazeballs. It smells kinda like baby oil, but it works wonders. My hands actually look kinda healthy for a change!

You’re gonna think i’m a weirdo for this next one.


I don’t care. It might be because I used a sample of this during the Whole30 that my reaction is a bit skewed. Basically you dab oil on your face (WHAT?! OIL??? on my FACE?!) Yes. Then go to sleep and you’ll wake up looking like Cinderella. I don’t know why, it just happens. Trust me on this. It’s a whopping $78 on, but I nabbed a “deluxe sample” off of ebay for about $17. It just takes a few drops. Do it! You’ll thank me, I swear. My skin is so clear and so soft and so awesome.

Last but not least:


Yes. They’re Real.

This stuff is amazing! It has the sturdy brush/wand, and it actually makes your lashes look BIG, and it lasts all freaking day!!!! ALL day.

It’s in the Sephora birthday gift this year, so if you don’t feel like dishing out $23 to try it, wait till your birthday and then go snag a deluxe sample for free. You’ll love it, I promise. GOSH I’m such a girl right now.

[P.S. I almost got a bar muscle up last night. I got halfway there and everyone gasped… but all that really happened was I crashed my right boob on the bar super hard… Maybe next time. Keep crackin.]

Cyber Mondayyyy!

ZOMG! I haven’t blogged in a whole week! Woopsiedoodle. I know everyone is dying to know what’s been going on. Nothing terribly exciting. Actually–stop whatever you’re doing right now and go join Ebates!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Well heck. my referral link isn’t working. Go to, sign up, and put “” as your referral. The word referral looks weird.
You can earn cash back for shopping online at stores you already shop at! No catch, no tricks, just something I only recently found out about. Half of you are going “DUH. Get with the program, Lisa!” And today since it’s cyber monday you can earn DOUBLE cash back at over 500 stores. I may or may not have gone shopping at Victoria’s secret… you get the “ebate” in addition to whatever other coupons you can find. I got a free scarf, a free pink dog and free shipping (hypothetically speaking).

Too bad lululemon doesn’t participate in ebates 😦   darn it, lulu.

Let’s talk food.

I made PaleOMG spaghetti meatball bites again. They’re just so comfort-food-tastic.




And I made the breakfast blueberry potatoes. I used japanese sweet potatoes. They tasted good, but those potatoes are really try. I don’t think I’ll use them for this recipe again…


HOLYCOW! I also made plantain chips!!!


I melted some coconut oil, coated them, lined them on parchment paper, and baked at 400 for 8 minutes and then flipped them and baked another 8 minutes on the other side.

They were really good right out of the oven, but the next day they tasted like stale weirdos. I’m going to work on perfecting this recipe. I see a lot of crunchy comfort food potential there…



Australia got some new lulu product that the states didn’t get our hands on. They got items that were supposed to be exclusively for the Seawheeze half marathon in Vancouver. I obviously missed out, but a lovely Australian facebook angel offered to send me some!  They are ABSOLUTELY my new very most favorite shorts in the world. I put them on whenever I am sad…. lol jk. But they’re ridiculously cute.

Guess what else is ridiculously cute?!


Alright, cyber monday. We need to work together to keep me from spending the rest of the money that is supposed to last me through the week. Lulu did a surprise upload today, and I want like 6 different things… ugh wanting things. Christmas is officially less than a month away.

All I really want for christmas is to be able to to squats without my hip yelling at me!

And a boyfriend. el oh el. Or at lease someone to remind me why I don’t want one.


First and foremost!Holy cow, it’s Halloween!

Instead of celebrating Halloween with a typical halloween party, on Saturday night I went to Chris’s going away party. He is being deployed to Afghanistan. He’s totally one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, so I hate that he will be gone for a whole year. His going away party was actually pretty epic. We eventually went to Dickson street and paraded around with the folks in costume (I just wore vampire fangs with my normal clothes). He drank all kinds of shots, and did lots of pushups and told all the random girls about their costumes. “You’re a slutty nurse, you’re a slutty referee, you’r a slutty cave girl, you’re a slutty slut!” Good times all around.

The next day I had breakfast at Village Inn for the first time. One last hurrah before I actually make an attempt to lose a few lbs. Yes, I’m back to that square. They had this hanging on the wall:


Taylor and I have this thing going where we each gave each other $100. Every monday for the next 5 weeks we will weigh in. If we lose weight, then we get $20 back–so we have the opportunity to earn the whole amount back. Unfortunately my starting weight was 2.5lbs lower than it was supposed to be. First official weigh in is next Monday. Then it ends on Nov. 26. I’m going to have to work extra hard…But i’m excited. I’ve been needing a little push. I have this theory that I’ll suddenly become amazing at pull-ups if I can lose about 15 lbs.

So I’m not off to the best start…


Yeah, lots of starchy carbs.


Recipe here. I love acorn squash. And eggs.

I’m doing pretty good with portion control, though. Here’s my strategy: eat reasonable portions. Eat paleo. Eat pro/cho/fat at every meal and snack because I’m way too lazy to count for zone. We will see where I am on Monday… I imagine by week 4 I might end up actually doing zone.

Confession: I signed up for a “box”… but this was a long time ago when I actually had money. Meet: PopSugar Must Have  Box Oct. 2012!

20121030-142306.jpgThat is what my next pedicure is gonna look like. 🙂 It’s so froofy.



These socks are for Barre classes… or wearing around the house. I hate wearing socks by themselves, so I’m waiting to try these if I ever go to a Barre class. I think there is one that’s not far from my house… we’ll see…


I’ve only used these one time, but it made my hair feel super duper soft.



Dylan’s candy bar gummy bears. They’re all gone. I scarfed them down. (It wasn’t really a very big bag… plus I had to eat them before I started my 5 weeks of weight loss).


This candle smells really fantastic. I think you throw the petals away…

Here’s the big ticket item:

It’s a “grown up” book from the author of Harry Potter. I’m pretty pumped! I miss reading.

Use the coupon code REFER5 to get $5 off box! Do it now!!!

Here comes the part where I talk about crossfit. 

I’m going to share the good news before the bad news. The good news is–I did my first games style hand stand pushup!!! I did two of them, actually. A “games style” HSPU, is when you put your hands on a plate and your head on an ab mat. This actually makes your hands higher than your head when you are in the bottom position. Which means you need more torque to get locked out. I seriously made about 18 failed attempts before I finally got it! No one saw me… so I had my own lonesome victory dance. Then I felt like I needed company, so I ran around the box and told people what I’d done. I kind of feel like people were surprised that I’m just now getting one of those. Yeah, I can run and I can lift, but gymnastics things like this are NOT my for-tay. So celebrate with me!!!


And now it’s time for the bad news… I pretty much have to try out again for HOA. They are making me do movements that I have been avoiding tomorrow so I can prove that I’m ready for HOA. I’ll be running and squatting and doing all the things that hurt. So if I’m not gimpy now, I probably will be by Friday. I realllllllllly hope my knee doesn’t get all inflamed tomorrow. I really want to do HOA. I don’t want to let my team down, though. It’s out of my control at this point. I’ve reserved my hotel and paid my entry fee. I had to forfeit the float trip because of my freak accident/anaphylaxis, now I might have to give up HOA too. I freaking miss all the fun stuff! It’s seriously frustrating.


I have been obsessed with finding free stuff online lately. I got some earrings from I had a free shipping code and your first purchase is free, so why the heck not???

(ZOMG, I painted my nails… it’s like a comet. It happens like once every 3 years.)

You don’t know what color you re going to get…

Apparently these retail for $49, but you can get them for $19….20121025-144726.jpg

I’m glad mine were free because I kinda feel like I picked them out with the tickets I won playing ski ball at playworld… just sayin’.

 What other free stuff do I have heading my way??

Well I got a 1 oz. container of Living Proof hair primer.

I wore it by itself and I liked it. It retails for $20 per 5 oz. tube. My “sample” was 1 oz. Whatevs. I like it. Maybe even enough to buy it…

I also am waiting on lipgloss and dark spot correcting primer from SmashBox.

And some ball point pens from uniball.

And I got a sample of Downy Unstoppables… what? Days are just better when you get stuff in the mail. It’s science.

I wish this wasn’t blurry:



Seems like a pretty legit napping spot.

My knee kindof sucks. I actually went to the pool at the Jones Center to kick underwater per the advice of a nice lady on facebook. I don’t know if it helped, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Then last night I went to CF and I was able to row, which was AMAZING! The most cardio I’ve done in a long time. I was also able to deadlift! I’m still not cleared to squat, so I am trying to wait that out. I did “flytraps” and my abs hurt today. I made a list of all the things I am still able to do despite my hip and my knee: (no squats, no high-impact)

  • pullups
  • pushups
  • hand stand pushups
  • bar muscle ups
  • KB swings
  • deadlift
  • toes to bar/rings
  • row
  • bench press
  • GHD sit ups, flytraps, floor abs, etc.
  • Ring dips
  • rope climbs? maybe?

That’s a pretty decent list and it should keep me busy till HOA.

Despite the depression of having an injured knee, I’ve been in the kitchen (I generally don’t cook much when I am sad). I made up a recipe for fried plantain slices. You slice it, pan fry it in coconut oil, and then sprinkle a little salt and drizzle a little honey. It basically tastes like a funnel cake at that point.

Comfort food, anyone?


I also made Breakfast Blueberry Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from PaleOMG.


I was short on time, so I microwaved the potatoes. Worked out WAY better. I usually end up eating undercooked potatoes because I am too hungry to wait, lol. My mom actually suggested I use the microwave while I was on the phone complaining to her about how long it was going to take me to make the dinner I had planned. Why didn’t I think of that before?! Duh.


I also made cilantro nuggets, but I forgot to take a picture. Yes, I make the “staples” a lot. I can’t help it.

I’m not sure what to call this…


We’ll call it pumpkin explosion. I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this yet. I got it off of twitter. Angie Pye tweeted it to Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. If it’s good enough for them, pass it to meee!

  • 1/2 can pumpkin
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg

Oh, and here is a super spiffy video from GORUCK:

I’m easy to spot in my care-bear colored rain jacket.

Yeah I’m doing jumping jacks on my crappy knee while Chris does them with my pack… one of many reasons I was able to hobble to the finish.

David’s Tea

WARNING: There is a huge rant about religion at the bottom of this post. Please avoid it if that is a sensitive topic–it’s not exactly something in the general “scope” of this blog.

Well, now it’s Lisa’s tea…20120925-095016.jpg

I’ve been hearing all about how wonderful this tea is from the girls in lululemon’s “this just in” Facebook group. You have to order it from Canada.

So I did. Here’s “birthday cake”:


OMG there are sprinkles in there!

I used my new “perfect tea mug” to steep the tea AND drink it with only one dish to wash. Genius! I’m totally new to loose leaf tea. In fact, I’m kinda new to all tea… but I like to try new things, and this sounded like a winner.


The cup is really cool. After you steep it with the lid on, you can use the lid to set the doohickey in. Is that the technical term? Doohickey. I think it is.20120925-095046.jpg

I freaking love branches and trees.

Speaking of which, I finally went mountain biking!!!


Zach and I went to a place right by my apartment. Yeah that’s how lazy I am–I don’t even need to haul my bike anywhere to be able to use it, yet I still haven’t ridden it this year. Which is extra dumb considering I will be racing on it in a few short weeks.

We found a magic door frame in the woods.



I did this photoshop job in like 2 minutes flat:

And since this is my blog, I feel like I should share something that is going on in my head. I’ve been extremely confused about my spirituality lately. (Eeesh, this is going to be a long story, but here goes!) All through high school and college, I considered myself a very devout Christian. I worked at a christian camp for two summers that I had attended every summer since I was 14–I was completely sold on everything. As soon as I had a driver’s license, I took myself to church every Sunday. One time I even woke myself up because I was singing praise in my sleep. However, I never really felt “at home” or “comfortable” in a church. Even during that highly influenced spiritual time in my life. I “grew spiritually” with books, bible study groups, and “gospel” music–which I totally still listen to… I mean, it’s good stuff.

I gave up on finding a church that I liked–I never felt comfortable anywhere that I tried to go. They always either asked for money, or asked for more money. I wasn’t getting what I needed from it. Fast forward to now… I haven’t touched my Bible in a while. My faith has totally dried up and blown away. I can’t help but be logical–the whole idea of religion makes me irritated. What makes Christianity “the way”? Has it been around the longest? No. Is there concrete evidence of anything in the bible? No. What’s the Bible anyway–some old book that was written by man. It was written by man. It was written by MAN. Why should I live my life by a book written by another person? Confused.

What did that christian camp have to say to me? Well they gathered us open-minded youngsters together and told us to “be homophobic”. What? So no you’re telling me I should accept everyone except gay people. Oh, I have to try and “change” them?! Not buying into that. I didn’t then, and I’m not now.

What else? “Be pro-life”. Yeah, I want to deny people of having a choice. Let’s give the government control of all those decisions instead of letting be a case-by-case kind of thing. Great idea. We should also burn books.

The angles that were used to sell that “embryos are murdered, they have brainwaves when they’re only 30 seconds old” is eerily similar to the angles used to sell me the whole idea of Christianity. Believe what I believe and you’ll be saved from eternal damnation in Hell. Scare me into agreeing with you. Thanks for the threat, but I’m going to go over there and hide from you now.

Christianity feels a lot like Santa Claus does to me. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s still passed down through the generations.  Speaking of Santa, I went on a couple dates with this guy (Christian) who had a bachelor’s degree in world religion. He told me all kinds of things about where the whole idea of Christmas came from. Let’s just say it had very little to do with a baby prophet.

I could probably write a WHOLE lot more about my feelings on this topic, but this is probably plenty for now. Feel free to take on the challenge of giving me a change of heart!!! I’d rather be in that super happy place that Christianity creates than this confusing dark place, but my brain won’t let me go back. I don’t consider myself an atheist, but I can hardly consider myself a christian either at this point.

Shew! It’s finally off my chest… I am giving myself a homework assignment: find someone to go with me to a church just to see if I can awaken any spiritualness that might still be lingering in me somewhere. No way am I setting foot in there alone.