Thunder on the Hill 2015

Spoiler Alert!!! We won!


Ok, yeah, maybe there were only 4 RX women teams… but still. Winning is winning 😉

I was trying to wait and post this once I got more pics from the event. I could have sworn there was a photographer there, but no pics yet so I’ll just post it with the ones I already have.

So the first WOD:

With a running clock

WOD 1: Est 3RMHang Clean, 5min

-1min for teams to set up their bar for WOD2-

WOD2: AMRAP4min: 50DU/100SU, 10 PS (135/95) (95/65)


What they forgot to mention:

  • Everything is done with a men’s barbell.
  • Once you add a plate to the bar you cannot remove the plate. Even if you’re taking if off in order to add weight.

Taylor rocked those cleans, though! Men’s bar and all.

Then we were done. There was some time left, and I asked out judge if we could begin stripping the barbell but he said no. Then i saw other people stripping theirs… I started to argue with him, but then I decided it wasn’t worth it. Then it was my turn to do the AMRAP. Then we start changing the weights. This is the fastest minute ever. All of the sudden someone calls out: TEN SECONDS!

I scramble over to my jump rope and grab the handles.

It’s all twisted.


I hear the whirring of double unders all around me, but I’m still trying to get the knot of of my rope. I end up pulling the knot even tighter! So I frantically decide I need to give up and pass the rope to Taylor for a try. We’re both pretty panicked at this point so she struggles with the knot as well.

By this time everyone else as moved on to the snatches.

I frantically yell out “Why is this happening!?!”  and then we finally somehow get the rope straightened out together.

I quickly start jumping and glance up at the clock. :46 seconds in to a 4:00 workout. Not the best start…I’ve got a LOT of adrenaline and have some serious time to make up.

I move to the snatches. The men’s bar is awkward but I stick to sets of five and knock them out pretty quickly. Back to the rope. 50 dubs with one quick break. Back to the snatches. Two sets of 5 again, barely eeking out that last few reps.

Taylor is yelling some pretty encouraging stuff at me at this point and I can tell that a lot of people around me are still struggling with the snatches, so I am pretty sure I might have actually passed some of them!  I notice the clock is winding down pretty fast. I pick up the rope and do 50 fast unbroken dubs and finish right as time expires.

Somehow I beat everyone else! I was shocked.

Two wods down, two wods to go!

WOD 3:”The Hill-remix”


For Time:

75 C2BPull Ups/Pull Ups (2:1 ring rows)

50 DL(135/95) (105/75)

800m Run(20/14), (No weight)

50Burpees over Bar

25 PC(135/95) (105/75)

25HSPU/Push Ups with feet on plate

10 OHS(135/95) / FS (105/75)

-timecap: 18min


This WOD was the worst thing ever. The pull-up rig was kinda unusual. I stuck to a regular kip and Taylor did quick butterflies. We started out with pretty big sets of ten. Then 7. Then 5’s. It took us a while to get all 75, and we were the second team off of the rig.

I don’t even really remember the deadlifts. They were really easy and super forgettable. Then out the door for the run!

Carrying a freaking wall ball.

For some reason, I quickly went in to panic mode and passed the ball to Taylor. We started up the Hill (i think it needs to be a proper noun in this circumstance). She passed it back after about 400 meters or so and seemed to be dying even more than I was at the first carry.

By then I could tell that my heart rate was starting to level off a bit so I decided I could probably hang onto the wall ball a lot longer. I kept the team in front of us in the sights and tried to pace my way up the Hill. A volunteer was stationed at the steepest part of the hill cheering me on. I was walking so I decided to explain myself to him “gotta save something for those burpees!” lol I really doubt he was judging me though.

I passed the ball back to Taylor as we rounded the final corner to head back into the box. Then I took it back so she could climb into the door. Burpees were the last thing I felt like doing, and I knew we needed to be able to try and pace them so I went for sets of 6. Even though we discussed 3, I definitely wanted longer rest periods. I went to a very dark place during those burpees. This was or sure the very worst part of the whole comp for me.

We were still holding steady in second place.

Then we did 25 of the hardest light power cleans ever.

Then 10, 10, and 5 HSPU.

Then 5 & 5 OHS.

Ended up finishing about 20 seconds behind the first place team–I was pretty impressed that we closed the gap that much!

So we went to lunch and celebrated with donuts!


One WOD left!

WOD 4:

AMRAP 6min:

15 KBS(70/53) (53/35)

30Wallballs (20/14) (10/9’)/ (20/14) (9’/8’)

-Athlete1 will perform the AMRAP while Athlete 2 rows for calories. Athletes may switchas needed. Every calorie rowed, will add to the final AMRAP score.


So I rowed first. I managed 50 calories in 3 minutes and then we switched places.

Which was the worst. This wall ball kettlebell business was a lot suckier than it looked. The kettlebell was tough but doable, but the wall balls did NOT wanna happen. I had to break twice in a set of 30 and it was only a 9 foot target.

BUT that’s all we really needed in order to keep first. If we had come in last then that would has resulted in a tie for first.


The tiebreaker WOD was 60 seconds of front rack lunges and rope climbs. Thank goodness we didn’t have to do that!

We got some pretty decent prizes! A necklace from fashletics (my fave!) An appointment with NWA Acupuncture, a $25 gift card to Zaxby’s, some coconut water from Whole Foods (coming March 2016!), and like $15 to Rush Running. Because running is so much fun… yeah, I’m thinking energy gels or a water bottle.

So THAT was Thunder on the Hill 🙂

OH! And one of the vendors at the event was Complete Nutrition who brought  their “InBody Body Composition Analyzer”. I bravely got myself scanned and was shocked to find out my body fat is only 19.6%! I was sure that I was at least 25. Who knows how accurate that thing is, but they claimed that it was within 2 points of a DEXA scanner. I plan to follow RP as hard as I can for a few months and then head back in there and have another scan done to see if I’m losing fat.

Yay technology!


14.5 & The 2014 Hogeye Relay

14.5 was one and done. I most certainly did not enjoy doing that one at all. The thrusters were fine, but doing that many burpees really sucks. No matter how you split them up. 82 of each: 65lb thruster and bar over burpees. 21-18-15-12-9-6-31939562_694396457284249_1062523564_n


I did it on Friday night so that I could try and “rest up” some on Satruday before the hog eye relay on Sunday. I had 5 and a half mile relay race waiting on me 🙂


Is it weird that burpees rug burned my thighs?

Oh! And here’s the most flattering photo ever:

10171884_694396823950879_1469435013_nThe sorest part of my body was definitely my triceps after that mess.

I ended up ranking 204th in the region. Last year I was like 160th, so it’s a pretty significant drop, unfortunately. That what the open is all about, though, right? Finding out what your weaknesses are and then attacking them! It’s time for me to learn a ring muscle up. But according to my scores, I need to get a lot better a chest-to-bar pull ups, and bar over burpees? Maybe I just need better endurance so I can sprint for longer. I hope we never do 14.5 ever again. I wonder if Dave Castro actually does all of these workouts?

Speaking of endurance…. I actually surpassed my goal for the hog eye relay!

Pre Race Photo:7012_683226731774_1822146162_n

I miraculously managed to average an 8:13 pace. My goal was 9:30–my usually back gets so tight when I run that it feels like i’m giving a piggyback ride to some trolls. But Drs. John Hutchinson and Eric Teece at NWA Spine and Joint worked on me this week and I’m pretty sure that’s how my back came to magically be fixed.


My knee didn’t hurt either. Or my hamstring. Or my ankle. It was pretty crazy, I could actually run as fast as I wanted do without any type of pain! It was incredible. Pretty sure I ran faster this year than last… and I didn’t train at ALL this year. It was too painful.

Our teams got first and second which was pretty freaking awesome! We registered as the Pink ladies and the Blue Betties. My idea. I’m such a nerd.


The weather was PERECT! You couldn’t ask for better race weather. It was cool and sunny and not too windy.

Fitness is so different to me now than it was 2 years ago. I may not be as good at distance running as I once was, but that’s okay. I’m not a “runner”. I’m an athlete. I’m not an expert at anything, but I’m “okay” at everything.


I think the point is to figure out what you enjoy and then do that. Whether its running for hours or squat cleaning barbells is up to you 😉

Doing a team crossfit competition in Little Rock this weekend! Then hopefully I will be training hard and competing less for a few months.

Patriot Day WOD

My whole life feels super chaotic right now. My apartment is a huge mess, my computer is all cluttered, even my hair is in a tizzy today. It’s Monday…

Here are the best paleo cupcakes in the universe:20130909-092136.jpg

JessMess came up Friday night and we got up Saturday and did the Sheep Dog Patriot Day WOD because Brad was volunteering to judge for it.

10 burpees each

buddy carry 50yds

100 KB swings 55/35

buddy carry 50yds

80 DB thrusters (35.15)

buddy carry 50 yds

60 box jumps

buddy carrry 50 yds

10 burpees

We somehow ended up getting second place overall with a time of 10:47.


This is a pretty typical photo:20130909-092216.jpg

At least we both blinked at the same exact ridiculous time.

After all of that we watched a car get ripped apart by the jaws of life. I’m not sure if that is a proper noun. By The Jaws of Life? Anyways it was definitely one of those things where you sit there and watch with your mouth open… then when it’s all over and there is bent metal and broken glass all over the place there is an awkward pause before people start clapping because you’re not sure how the hell else to react to that. Awkward clapping seemed appropriate.

Then we went to Feltner Brothers Burgers:20130909-092157.jpg

I love food. Brad had the brilliant idea of making a berry topping for the paleo pancakes we made on Sunday morning.20130909-092229.jpg

They were realllly good. Like last-meal good. I could have eaten the entire batch myself.20130909-092239.jpg

That night we made the Ginger Citrus Salmon again.20130909-092244.jpg

The planet Earth is a very special place… This is how I know:20130909-092258.jpgI’ve been pinteresting lately… I wish I had time and money so I could wear awesome outfits all the time and make delicious meals constantly.

Oh, and my twitter was hacked last night. I didn’t find any miracle weight-loss pills… sorry for the false alarm.

Kansas City Garage Games Summer Crush

Am I the only person who has to constantly talk myself out of buying things like crazy? I mean, really! If I had endless money I would have bought new bedding, two dresses, wrist wraps, a purse, a pair of flats, two necklaces, running shoes, lifting shoes and a rug already today. I have my bank account open in one browser tab so that I am able to constantly flip over to it and actually SEE how completely broke I am. I’ve spent over $200 already today but it was my electric bill and my credit card which I only use to buy gas. Yippity skippity. Finances are boring. Let’s talk about Kansas City!!!

First and foremost I have to brag about the delicious vendor that they had: Evolve Personal Paleo Chef.

For $10 you get a giant rack of ribs, two sides (I picked broccoli salad and potato salad) and a package of fruit and nuts or “paleo balls”. You need to go to their website–I am super inspired to try and replicate some of their recipes on my own. Particularly the potato salad.



This is the potato salad. I’m guessing the lighter pieces are japanese sweet potatoes. Not sure.20130716-094648.jpg

For breakfast they had eggs and local-farm nitrate free bacon:20130716-094655.jpg

And a side of fruit.20130716-094701.jpg

Since it was competition day, Brad and I shared plates for both breakfast and lunch. It’s dumb to stuff yourself before you compete. But it’s dumber to eat nothing, so we did good! Anywho–I’ve had my fair share of food from paleo vendors and this was hands down the absolute best. No contest. Whoever catered the Ozark Mountain Shredfest back in December was awful…

The day of all the team competition stuff was Sunday. Brad and I make a pretty kickass team.



Our strategy was a bit flawed: I did all 30 of the jerks and he did all 30 of the KB swings. Then we were both starting to suck at the plank. Then I did 20 Front Suats, he did ten and 20 toes to bar. I did ten toes to bar and 20 lunges. Then for some reason they made it 60 lunges instead of 30… which made it impossible to finish. We got through 47 luges and then we hit the 10 minute time cap. Which is a shame–we would have sailed through sumo high pulls like it was nothing.

The next workout was the worst (pain-t0-fun-ratio) in my opinion:


So one teammate had to as many clean and jerks as possible while the other one ran 200 meters and you keep switching till ten minutes are up. Holy balls. It was stupid hard. I would have thought I would kill that one because I am a runner and a lifter, but it ate my lunch!

LOL, hair1003310_10151574738443191_1565503572_nThat’s me, hating life.


For lunch we split this epic Evolve meal:


Pork with veggie sauce. More potato salad.


And a delicious tomato salad that I intend to attempt to replicate.


I ❤ paleo balls.


The last workout is the one I was most afraid of. Chest-to-bar pull-ups are my absolute nemesis!


Brad is awesome at them, but his grip was gone from all the kettlebells, toes to bars, and clean and jerks from the first two WODs.

He started the deadlifts and did ten. Then I did 22 and then he did the last ten.


So I had to start on pull-ups and I managed to eek out about 5. It was silly. I literally do them one at a time. 995709_10151574974623191_330742477_n


We managed to split up the last two rounds fairly well. I did a lot more pull-ups than I thought I was going to be able to do, so I was pretty proud of myself.

The last part was 200 double unders.


I actually decided that shutting my eyes was my best strategy to focus. there was so much going on, that it just seemed like the best way to calm down and breathe and knock them out. I did like 55 in a row right away, but my forearms were so tight from all the grip-intensive movements that it was nearly impossible to hang onto the dang rope.


But we just kept switching back and forth until we knocked them out. It was awesome!

I think we even won our heat in that event!

That night when we got home I didn’t waste any time falling asleep.

Last night’s quick dinner:


rotisserie chicken with veggies and cucumber salad.

We ate it while we watched True Blood. This season is pretty decent, but I am sick of vampire politics. I stopped reading the Charlaine Harris books after book 5, so I am kind of curious to know if anything like that happens in the books at all. What am I talking about?? I need to find productive things to do…

I need to write about the BBQ we ate on Saturday night, but I’ll have to save it for tomorrow because I’m too lazy right now. Ha!

Baconnaise & Wheel Bugs

I guess I go through cycles where I blog a lot and cycles where I barely eek out any posts at all. Bummer, this is one of the times I am slowwwww…

Let’s talk food. Brad and I found some quality frozen black angus burgers at walmart, so we skilleted them up and put them on sweet potato pancake buns, and topped them with spinach, beer mustard and baconnaise. I highly recommend eating all your paleo-style burgers on top of pancakes.


Next we have a homemade paleo-style pesto from Well Fed  (akaThe Clothes Make the Girl). Along with her Best Damn Chicken you’ll ever eat on top of spaghetti squash. And Brad invited some zucchini to that party. My boyfriend is a genius… don’t be jealous 🙂20130617-100430.jpg

For lunch the next day I made PaleOMG’s rutabaga egg nests with some applegate farms frozen sausage because I had a coupon! Holy cow, it was in the frozen section at walmart! That’s the ONLY Applegate Farms product I could find there—so go get it! They are super delicious and convenient.20130617-100438.jpg

Eggs, bacon, and applegate farms sausage. With sweet potato hash browns all did up in my cast iron skillet. I don’t recommend using cast iron for that project in the future. Even though I seasoned it according to nom nom paleo’s guide, certain things still tend to stick to it unless you put a little elbow grease behind you efforts. I wouldn’t try pancakes in it either, honestly.


Gosh I love breakfast food.

On Friday night I had a little mini dinner party at my house with Brad and Zach. We roasted a chicken, made spice market kale, sautéed mushrooms and some broccolini. It was tasty! Lots of flavor up in there. Used some of the leftover spice mix from the “Best Damn Chicken” recipe on the roasted chicken.20130617-100517.jpgHere is my guilty pleasure of the week:20130617-100505.jpg

I first tried these coconut water wonders at Regionals. They were handing them out for free at the Vita Coco Coconut Water booth. I was dying of thirst and exhaustion, so the hydration plus caffeine was exactly what I needed. They have lots of sugar, though. So be careful if you accidentally become addicted to these! I warned you. Really, I did.

Have you ever heard of a “wheel bug“???


I saw one outside of my apartment and freaked out because I didn’t know what the heck it was. Facebook solved the mystery, though. They can leave a painful bite but are considered beneficial insects because they eat pests (soft bodied bugs like caterpillars and Japanese beetles). They are super creepy looking, though. Hey, I am going to go running this week! For the first time in a VERY long time…

And because this picture is awesomesauce:


Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day weekend was stellar. Does anyone use that word anymore? I do. Anywho–it started with the SDIA WOD on Sautrday morning…

My calf wasn’t very happy with me. I forgot the name of the muscle, but I had strained the muscle that goes up the inside of my calf… Something longus.


Here’s what I was doing when I strained it:


Aside from the mile I ran in this WOD, I haven’t run in two weeks. It sucks. I’ve had to sub all of the running at crossfit for rowing. Which for me is much slower.

Here’s a (somewhat comical) video that Jess took of me scaling the finish line wall and then limping to the finish on my screaming leg! Lol

Enough complaining. I went to the lake three days in a row!!! Jessica and her new boyfriend (whose name is also Brad) came with us after the WOD on Saturday. My Brad learned how to wakeboard AND wakeskate in one weekend. He is badass, and got up on about the third try.



My calf was bothering me so I wasn’t exactly able to put in a lot of time, but I had a blast.

Does everyone look that cute while preparing to wakeskate???


The water was a chilly 60-ish degrees. Enough to get good reactions from everyone 🙂

It was different being on a boat where everyone wants a turn to ride. Super cool, though because people all pitch in for gas and snacks and whatnot.



Jessica and Brad made me some birthday s’mores. With candy in them… I am still trying to get rid of that candy.

I am typing this whole entry on my phone. It’s hard! But I am off work because I am about to head to Chicago (via car–10 hour drive) for North Central Crossfit Regionals!

So I will leave you with some food pictures.

Including one of all the sushi we ate after wakeboarding on Monday 😉





I’ll be blogging about Chicago soooooon!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

Warrior Dash & a Birthday :)

What a ridiculously fun weekend!!!20130520-091322.jpg

A group of us did Warrior Dash in Inola, OK. I have only done 1 other obstacle race and it was freezing cold and super duper cow poopy. If you are a serious runner/racer for time, then these types of races just aren’t really for you.

So we donned out SheepDog shirts, kilts and skirts, and hit the mud 🙂20130520-091341.jpg

The obstacles were pretty easy compared to the horror stories I’ve heard from friends who have done the Tough Mudder. We crawled through mud, walked across boards, and carefully crawled across slick planks. (Okay lots of people walked but I pretty much scooted down on my butt). The most intense part was where we jumped over fire toward the end 🙂 hopefully I will find photos of that and post them.

After the race, we rinsed off in a muddy pond and then drank and danced in the sun for hours. I have a tan line sunburn across my forehead and the best farmer’s tan in the universe.

Here are some eats form the weekend:

I had leftover blueberry stuffed sweet potatoes and we used them to make “epic breakfast”.20130520-091404.jpg

I’m really not that great at making poached eggs, but it worked.20130520-091421.jpg

For a pre-race dinner we made spaghetti squash with a super delicious avocado pesto sauce from the nom nom paleo iPad app. I can’t find the recipe anywhere online, so if you don’t have the app you should go get it 🙂20130520-091412.jpg

It was super simple. We just threw together some skillet chicken, spaghetti squash, and topped it with pesto sauce. I’m pretty could eat that every day for a week without getting sick of it.

For Brad’s Birthday we decided to go to wheelin’ world in Eurka Springs. So we made a pit stop for cobbled at War Eagle Mill on the way there. We picked up some no-sugar-added goodies. I got Raspberry jam and he got strawberry and a jar of apple butter. Holy deliciousness, I can’t wait to try them.

This is what we did for lunch:


That one showcases my gorgeous sunburn lines. And my extremely photogenic no-makeup face…20130520-091441.jpg


Yeah. Apple cobbler and blackberry cobbler. My brain started begging me to stop when I was about half way through eating those… Good for that!

And of course you can’t visit Eureka without a trip to see Jesus over the Ozarks. Of the Ozarks? Milk carton Jesus…


I pretty much thought this was something that someone decided to build real quick last year just to be ostentatious and raise awareness about the Passion Play. Nope. It was built in 1966. A finger was repaired in 2007 and cost over 16,000 to fix. This giant Jesus statue is actually taken seriously?! I don’t mean to offend anyone, but what the heck is the purpose of the Jesus mascot? Even when I was a big time Bible thumper, the WASP Jesus always kind of bothered me. A historically accurate depiction of Jesus probably looked a lot like Osama Bin Laden…

So now that that rant is over. Brad’s birthday was great! I made these oreo cheesecake cupcakes.


I halved the recipe and it still made like 15 of them… So yeah… between that and cobbler and catfish hole, I’m pretty sure this whole30 is completely obliterated. I was going to start over today but then I realized I have not been grocery shopping and it will just have to “make do”.


I gave him a leopard legion t-shirt and 70-lb kettlebell. That monster was nearly impossible for me to lug my the stairs to my apartment, but I made it happen. 🙂 I set it in my bed which looked hilarious. My mattress was all hardcore sunken in. Redonkulousness.



Happy Monday!!!

Hillbilly Mud Run 5k

Go figure. Arkansas has a thing called a Hillbilly Mud Run.

Anyhoo–I went to Ft. Smith on Friday night to stay with Jessica and do this silly run so that I wouldn’t just sit at my apartment and cry hysterically all weekend. Breakups blow. Even when it’s my idea.

The mud run had a really long “rain delay” when we got there. Which was really annoying. We’re supposed to slosh through a pond, slide down a mud slide, and crawl under wires in the mud. Why the heck does rain matter??? Maybe they thought we’d end up looking too clean…


Loriane was there too! It was a nice little reunion from this shindig 🙂

This was my first obstacle race. I pretty much didn’t know anyone on my team, but I had a good time helping them over obstacles and running with them through the muck. It was stinky though. It was at a farm with horse and cow poo all over the place. So I’m pretty sure all the mud was laced with doo-doo. Don’t wipe your mouth on your doo-doo covered t-shirt. It’s pointless. I found that out. And I think I know what poo tastes like now.


The guy in the orange was on some show that TLC was there filming. A bunch of our teammates signed release forms so they could kinda be “extras” on the show (they didn’t ask me because I was “too muddy”).  It was some reality show called The Cheer Perfection. Which looked ridiculous. I don’t have TV, so I have never heard of this show, but it was this guy and two ladies rolling around in the mud being dramatic and going “I farted!!!”

Way to make Arkansas look brilliant. Thanks…

Hogeye Relay!

I am sooo backed up! (Ew, not literally. You’re gross.) I keep meaning to write blog entries and then not doing it because I get all sidetracked with other things.

Somehow I got to be in charge of dinner the other day. I really wanted to make these salmon and avocado deviled eggs from my new PaleOMG cookbook. (YES! I got her cookbook and highly recommend it!) Perfect for cooking while watching movies on your computer. That way you dont have to pause it to look at the recipe 🙂 I know, I know.  You’re welcome.


And since I had no idea what else to fix, I decided to throw some paleo panckaes together.


It was a strange combo, but I have no complaints.

The next day we had this ridiculously cheesy pizza hut pizza for dinner:

This is going to sound completely insane and make no sense at all, but so far every time I’ve eaten a big greasy pizza for dinner I wake up the next day feeling super lean and toned. It makes absolutely no sense at all… but I swear it happens. And I’m up for experimenting and doing it again… for science.

My usual rutabaga egg nests:


I’m just gonna keep eating them ’til I get tired of it. Still hasn’t happened yet.

I went to bliss cupcake cafe after lunch with mom and got this banana pudding cupcake:


I have been super full of cheats, but that’s becuase I was planning on starting to eat Zone today…. I’m really not ready but I am going to attempt it anyways.


Kate, Sharon, Mindi and I ran the Hogeye Relay this weekend!



And we WON it! Yay team Golden Girls!!!



Special thanks to Corrie, who rode in our shuttle to cheer us all on. She was supposed to do the half, but couldn’t because of IT Band sydrome. I seriously hate that! Everyone who runs seems to have that happen to them and it stinks!!!


 It was really fun. It always is–I have done that relay four times now. Always lots of epic tales to go along with each experience. One year I arrived there too late to meet the first leg relay teammate after scraping my head the night before. I got back to my dorm to find the fourth leg still asleep in bed! lol. One year we experienced a torrential downpour at the finish line. This year one of my teammates blacked out right before her relay exchange. Crazy things happening, man.

Afterwards Brad and I went to crossfit and did this crazy WOD:

2 squat cleans 185/125

10 T2B (toes to bar)

10 HSPU (hand stand push-up)

2 Squat Cleans

9 T2B


2 Squat Cleans

8…. all the way to 1 T2B and 1 HSPU


I got to enjoy a fantastic post-race and post-WOD meal with Brad:


I wish I could eat 5 lbs of his sweet potato hashbrowns.

He created this sautéed berry magic and dumped it onto sliced kiwis:


Alright. It’s way too close to lunchtime for me to be gawking at all these food pictures. Happy Monday!!!

Heart of America Crossfit Throwdown 2012

HOA4 is complete!!!

Team Red Bull fought hard and had a blast doing it!

Here is my recap of the whole weekend! It’s all from my perspective, but it’s MY blog so that’s what I do.

Get ready! Are you ready???



(with a slight stomach ache after an onion-rich meal from the paleo wagon)

WOD 1: HOA4 AMRAP Relay (all 6 athletes).

Each male and female of your team will – one at a time – perform as many rounds & reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

5 Overhead Squats, 115lb/75lb…Scaled loads 95/65lb
10 KB Swings, 70lb/55lb…Sca

led loads 55/35lb
15 Double Unders

The WOD is 15 minutes total. One male and one female will be working simultaneously through each 5 minute segment. Every 5 minutes, the next athlete in line will pick up where the previous athlete left off (e.g. if you perform 4 full rounds plus 4 OHS into round 5, the next team member will begin on rep 5 of OHS for round 5). Your Team Score = Total Rounds Completed

The kettlebells were horrible. On my third round, I got no-repped three times in a row because I kept losing control of the freaking thing at the top of the movement. But my torn hip fared well through the overhead squats. I was relieved about that, for sure.

Day 2

HOA4 WOD 2: “3, 2, 1…TOTAL!”

The 6 members of team will be split into 3 pairs TBD by your team. Each pair must include 1 male and 1 female. Each team of 2 will be assigned one of the following lifts to perform and will each have 4 minutes to establish their best lifts:

1. 4 minutes: 3RM Shoulder (front racked) to Overhead Anyway
2. 4 minutes: 2RM Tap & Go Clean
3. 4 minutes: 1RM Snatch

Your entire team will be allowed to help you organize bars, plates, and clamps during each 4 minute segment. You will be given NO RACKS to perform these movements – your teammates must either serve as human racks or you must clean the weight into position by yourself in order to execute the 3RM Shoulder to OH. Both athletes will have their own judges. Both athletes will be allowed to attempt lifts simultaneously. Score = combined total of each athletes best lift/s.

Kara got a three-rep-max jerk of 145, which was great! Then I did the cleans. I got 155 right off the bat. Then I tried for 160 and failed. Then I tried for 160 and got it, then I had two minutes left. So I failed at  two reps (got one, though!) of 165 (my current 1-rep max) and then we loaded the bar up for Amanda who can snatch like a boss.

Great form, right??? lol

WOD3 may have been the hardest 2-and-a-half minutes of my life.

WOD 3 has a 15 Minute time-limit and involves all six team members. Must be performed with male starting, then female, male, female, etc.

For time:

– 90m Prowler Sled Push, (RX Men= 4- 45s & 2- 10s/RX Women = 2- 45s & 2- 10s) (Scaled Men= 2- 45s, 2- 35s / Scaled Women= 2- 45s)

– 12 Burpees

– 15 Thrusters, 105/70lb (Scaled= 85/55lb)

Team Score= total time


For the record. I love pushing prowlers. I’m naturally pretty good at it because I’m super beastly. (I can’t help it…. genetics?) But only if I don’t have to immediately follow it up with some other type of cardio intense exercise…

Whoever invented burpees was just trying to be mean to their personal training clients or something.

These were the 15 absolute most excruciating thrusters I’ve ever thrusted!!! I did ten and then almost died, so I set it down for a sec and then did the last 5. It hurt SO bad, but I felt so good.



HOA WOD 4: HOA Chipper

10 Minute time limit. 4 Team members (2 Male, 2 Female). 2 Men perform WOD for time simultaneous to the 2 women who also perform WOD for time. The male and female athletes who do not participate in this WOD must perform WOD 5:

20 Sandbag Squat Cleans (90/70lb)…Scaled: 70/45lb Sandbag
40 CTB Pull Ups…Scaled: Pull Ups
60 Medball Bearhugger Squat Jumps (25lb/20lb Medball)…Sca

led: 20/14lb Medball
60 DB Push Press (40/25lb)…Scaled: 35/20lb DB
40 KB SDHP (100,70lb)…Scaled: 70/55lb
20 Burpee Box Overs (24/20”)…Scaled: 20/16”

Score= women’s WOD time + men’s WOD time

WOD 5: Rope Climb/ Muscle Ups/ Power Snatch

2 Team Members – 1 Male/1Female; Perform for time (partition the reps however you wish):

3 Rope Ascents, 18ft
30 Bar Muscle Ups
3 Rope Ascents, 18ft
30 Snatches, 145/95lb
3 Rope Ascents, 18ft

Scaled WOD 5:

2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Ring Rows
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Ring Dips
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Snatches, 115/75lb
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft

Kara and I can’t do bar muscle ups, so we nomiated Amanda for that role. We took on the 10-minute chipper. Neither of us could string the C2B pull-ups together, so we knocked them out one a time at a pretty decent pace. Our guys finished the whole thing, but we actually came up 5 burpees short. Which only cost our combined total 5 seconds… which we actually probably benefitted from. Not the most sensible scoring system on that WOD–perhaps slightly unfair to the teams whose males and females both finished. I just looked at it, that rule hurt 3 RX teams, but the scaled teams scores were all over the place. I guess maybe the combined total is as fair as they could make it… perhaps they should have added two seconds for every missing rep.

The 70lb kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls were pretty painful.

DAY 3 might have been the funnest WOD I’ve ever done in the history of crossfit.

Paleo Wagon for breakfast:



HOA WOD 6: Final Event

For time (20 minute time limit). You must team must advance through each segment of this WOD TOGETHER – you will not be allowed to begin on any given modality until all 6 of your athletes have traversed the wall and have both feet on the ground:

1. At “3, 2, 1 GO!” your entire team must go up and over the 1st Wall (7ft) with 2 sandbags, 90/70lb (scaled=70/45lb) & 2 Slam Balls, 50/35lb (scaled=40/25lb)

2. Once all athletes and equipment have made it over the 1st wall, with 1 male and 1 female working simultaneously, all 6 athletes each one at a time perform:

30 Sandbag Back Squats, 90/70lb (scaled= 70/45lb)

Then, one at a time (1 male and 1 female will be working simultaneously), everyone performs:

20 Ball Slams, 50/35lb (scaled= 40/25lb)

3. Entire team up and back over 1st Wall WITH equipment.

4. Drop all equipment off at starting line then proceed to move your entire team up and over 1st and 2nd Walls.

5. Once all athletes and have successfully made it over the 2nd wall, with 1 male and 1 female working simultaneously at any given time, all 6 athletes each must perform:

10 Clean & Jerks, 165/105lb (Scaled= 145/85lb)

6. Entire team up and back over BOTH walls to start line then, as a team, accumulate 50 HSPU using 1 abmat and with hands on 35lb plates (Scaled=40 reps HSPU using 2 Abmats and hands on 35lb plates).

7. Finish by going back over 1st wall, 2nd wall, and ultimately finish atop the Brick retaining Wall.

8. Your time stops once you successfully get your ALL of your entire 6 member team atop the final brick retaining wall.

Up and over the wall with all the crap.

I got no-repped a lot on the squats. I’m not sure why, I think maybe my quads were too tight for me to get deep enough.

I have a pretty sweet bruise on my thigh. This post has enough thigh, though, so I will spare you any photos.

The clean and jerks were pretty easy to me. I probably had the longest resting break since I went 3rd every time.

I couldn’t participate in the handstand pushups (which will hopefully change next year) because I don’t have them yet… obviously. I’ve only done two ever, but I’m so slow at them that it made way more sense for the rest of my team to knock them out for me since they’re all badasses. Especially Zach. He was so tall, he got no-repped for his feet not being on the wall. His response was, “I’m too tall for my feet to be able to touch the wall!  ..SIR!”  bwahahaa…

After that, back over the two walls, up the retaining wall…

Aaand FINITO!!!

Team Red Bull finished 22nd out of 40 RX teams at HOA4 🙂

Here’s (almost) the whole crew from my box:

Next year they are limiting the number of teams per box to 4 teams (two RX and two scaled)… which is a shame because we brought 5 RX teams and two scaled. I hope I can compete RX next year. HOA–until we meet again at hOA5!