Lancer voxbox

Lucky me! I got to try this really fancy-pants skincare brand for free because I qualified for a voxbox through influenster! 
I found it on for $135.

I have been using it for about two weeks. And maybe it’s the lighting and maybe its magic, but things are looking a little less inflamed and smoother to me, no?

oh also I got my eyebrows microbladed between those photos so I have that going to for me as well! lol, a post for another time! I still have my touch-up appointment so I haven’t had a complete experience of that just yet.

I can’t speak to exactly if this is a super effect anti-aging regimen. I’m sure it is, but all my wrinkles are exclusively on my forehead and they aren’t going away and they’ve never NOT been there.

But what I *CAN* say is that I am loving the polish! I’ve always cleansed and moisturized, but I very rarely exfoliate. Mostly because I am lazy, but also because I had no idea that it could be so effective in creating smooth even skin! I thin my oiliness/dryness areas are more even and that my textured areas are more smooth. And my breakouts aren’t as broken out. So those are all major wins! I wish i could afford to keep buying these products, but $135 for skincare is quite steep for me.

Here I am with a little makeup:


Since I can’t afford to keep using this stuff, most likely what I’ll do is begin the quest to find another polish productto add to my routine. I’ve recently joined “the skincare connection” on facebook and learned quite a bit in the short time I’ve been a member.

  • St Ives Apricot Scrub is of the devil and will create micro-tears in your skin that can lead to a host of skin issues. As will any other abrasive scrubs including sugar and salt.
  • coconut oil is useless, skin does not actually absorb coconut oil. (I HAD NO IDEA!)
  • At-home derma rolling is super dangerous.

That’s it. For now!

And here is this silly bunny that was in our yard last night:

His name is George. He’s terrified but also curious. Curious George.


17.1 the soul-crusher

At least that’s how I saw it. These workouts are meant to be  challenging and to weed out the weakest and put the fittest at the top. But this was gross. It was like 14.5/16.5 all over again in its own way. Pure cardio. Lacking in skill and in strength.

So on Sunday on the week that the first Open workout was being released, I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with something. My throat was sketchy feeling and my nose was starting to run. This wasn’t cool because I had just gotten over a sinus infection last month. I attempted to go to work the next morning, but I mentioned I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Since a few of my other coworkers were out with the flu, they kicked me outta there. I went to a walk-in clinic and got swabbed for flu [beware… this means they stick a mascara wand WAY up your nose and wiggle it around to collect stuff and then go to a lab and test it]!

I went to the pharmacy and picked up sudafed and nasal spray and went to bed. My fever shot up to 102. Then the next day it went up to 103.  I was feeling awful and couldn’t get out of bed at all for three days.

On Thursday I started to feel a little more human. My fever had gone back to being low-grade and I was able to run a few errands but still not ready to work out. I went to the Crossfit Open announcement at the gym. I thought the workout sounded pretty doable.

Workout 17.1
For time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Women use 35-lb. dumbbell and 20-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

I was kinda wrong about that.

On Friday I was actually feeling pretty close to normal and my fever was finally gone. So I went to work that day and then decided to attempt the open workout that night. Which was a mistake.


After about two sets of burpees I was starting to feel like I was being crushed. I couldn’t catch my breath and I couldn’t fight through the reps. I kept stopping and shaking my head. I felt extremely defeated and I could barely make myself move.

I literally had bed head still from suffering from the flu.

I focused on finishing the workout and somehow managed to eek out my last burpee at 17:49 on the clock.

Then I really started to panic. I felt searing pain through my whole body. My head was pounding, my lungs were caving in and filling up with fluid, my whole body was shaking. I couldn’t catch my breath. My stomach was extremely nauseous and I was trying not to puke. I honestly wondered if I was dying. The waistband of my pants was making me feel even worse. I was having to hold it out away from my body to keep from feeling worse.

This lasted for half an hour, I was there on the floor unable to do anything other than roll over a few times. I’ve never felt so horrible after any workout in my entire life. I think I even dosed off a couple of times because I felt so insanely exhausted and sick.

I knew I had to redo it before submission closed, but could I get better and have it completed by 7pm on Monday?

I spent the whole weekend trying not to think about it. On Monday I literally felt like I had a weight on my chest crushing down as I drove to the gym, still coughing up tons of incessant phlegm that began after my first attempt on Friday. I could barely eat that day. It was horrible.

I got to the gym a little late, but had time to make my attempt. I wanted to quit so bad. I was so afraid the whole time about how I would feel once it was over. Would my lungs finish collapsing in? Am I well enough to be doing this again? Would I drown in my own phlegm? Would someone have to carry me out? Am I going to destroy my back?


The tightness of my back was kicking in pretty hard, but honestly it was one of the least of my concerns. I strapped on my weight belt for the 40’s and 50’s and even left it on for the final 15 burpee box overs because I couldn’t get the damn thing off.


I completed my final rep, ripped off my weight belt, and crawled onto the floor. I assessed myself and realized I could still breathe. That my head wasn’t screaming and I wasn’t anywhere close to puking. I went to my scorecard to see: 16:32. SO much better!!!! Still not good, but a pretty big improvement considering.

The leaderboard is still going all over the place, so who knows where our team is going to fall. It’s unlikely that we will have a shot at regionals based on the results of this week that are showing up so far, but  you never know. If the give us something heavy, things could be a lot different. Or a skill.

Married Life

OMG. I don’t know where to start. Getting married is the best thing I’ve ever done! The day itself was the absolute best, but also I feel like extremely in love and loved and happy from now on! Getting married is basically promising to be my boyfriend forever and ever even if I act like a moron/jerk/weirdo. But he already knew that going into it. Joke’s on him 🙂


Let’s rewind. First I had a bachelorette party where I got lots of underwear, food, and played a really fun game where I had to guess Brad’s answers to awesome questions like “When did you know she was ‘the one’?” And “What are you favorite qualities.” etc. Oh, and giant Jenga later on that night.

I feel like I’m fast forwarding through everything, but it was over two months ago so everything is still a bit of a blur. Let’s see… the rehearsal dinner was fun! I didn’t get any photos, but oh well. It was a stressful day actually to be honest. There was a lot of work being done trying to prepare our venue for the big day. And I had booked a lot of things like eyelash extensions, nails, and whatnot.

The day of the wedding was amazing! I had to climb a ladder in my dress in order to sneak into the venue without being seen. I was so excited! Completely unable to experience any emotion other than just being completely elated.

For our first dance, Brad surprised me with live music from his coworker Stephen and my bridesmaid Taylor and her husband Jordan. LIVE MUSIC! I cried about it later, but at the time I was like “:D” and that’s all I could really do.

Here’s our cake because that’s super important.

The night went by SO FAST. Everyone who knows me should know that I am a lover of food. But on that night I had no time to eat! I literally had one but of wedding cake and one dessert off the groom’s table and that was that. At least we got to eat tacos from our taco truck between the ceremony and reception.

I booked a wonderful Air B & B for our wedding night.

We even got to see her peacock named Romeo.


Book it here!

The next morning we were off to Austin, TX to eat lots of food and do honeymoon things.

We stated on South Congress and an amazing hotel called Hotel San Jose. It was right next to this fantastic coffee shop. It may have been late October, but in Austin it was friggin HOT!



So everyone there drinks iced coffee. Which was awesome.

Here are some pics from our trip:








This is Franklin’s BBQ. We waited three hours on a Wednesday morning to get it 😛





(This one was my most liked food photo of all time. It’s from a food truck in Waco called Pokey O’s. We stopped there on our way home to visit a friend at do a little workout at his box.)

I wanna talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas too! But maybe I should save those for another post. lol *sigh*

I’ll list all of the places we went in Austin. Chronological order! We’ll see how well I can do:

  • home slice pizza
  • hotel san jose
  • jo’s coffee
  • milk + honey spa
  • lululemon
  • 24 Diner (chicken and waffles)
  • Whole Foods
  • Walking all over 2nd street
  • Google Fiber (jsut to see what it was!)
  • Hey Cupcake!
  • Walking around South Congress – Uncommon Objects and TOM’s shoes. Bought my first pair!
  • Polvos (yum yum mexican food with strong margaritas!)

Day 2

  • Free breakfast at Hotel San Jose
  • Cossfit Central – We did some sort of horrible qualifier WOD for something. 2 rounds of rowing, KB swings, and burpees.
  • More wandering around South Congress. I bought a dress at Maya Star bc it was SO HOT!
  • Cheese board at Hotel San Jose & Book Signing for Marfa Modern
  • Fixe Austin (OMG! A must-do!)

Day 3

  • Franklin BBQ (3 hour wait, but it was really awesome!)
  • Graffiti Park
  • UT Austin Campus (to attempt to walk-off some of the meat sweats)
  • Ice Scrapers
  • San Jose Hotel Pool
  • Poke Poke (we walked there but it was a sketchy trek)
  • Apanas Coffee & Beer (a tasty flight of beer and a super awkward stand-up comedian)

Day 4

  • Torchy’s Tacos (melted my face. See photo above)
  • Crossfit Jakarrru in Waco
  • Pokey O’s in Waco
  • Dallas to the Lamplighter school to check out Brad’s work project 🙂

And then that’s pretty much the end of the honeymoon. We missed out on doughnuts, legit comedians, the continental club (we tried but it was sold out!), more BBQ places, and many other things. So obviously we will have to go back for an anniversary or something!


I just don’t really prioritize blogging anymore. Oh well.

If I ever did a 10,000 calorie challenge, I would do it in Austin.




Wedding week!!!


SO SO SO much has happened since I posted last, but I’m going to give a quick update!

We are less than a week away!!!! I can’t even believe it! I’m so excited!! I found my human and we’re going to throw a huge party and eat cake and be as gushy as possible ❤


Look how cute my coworkers are:

And then they also gave me registry items! How insanely adorable and thoughtful is that?!

I rounded up some fun tidbits from my camera roll to express my excitement and give anyone reading this an idea of how exceptionally magical this weekend is going to be.

Here’s our cake topper:

This is my groom! How impossibly cute is he??? (I mean this photo is a bit old, but he is just as handsome!)

Me on the right with my sissy in our bunny ears. I imagine this was how we celebrated easter.

Groom shoes!

This is trickdilly tacos: our guests will be feeding their faces with the insanely delightful brisket tacos. And a few other options as well but the brisket ones…. dude…

Bridesmaid shoe on top of a bridesmaid scarf 🙂 They will probably be able to do without the scarves but I can just call it a really cozy part of their bridesmaids gift for being the best ladies I know in the whole universe.

And then here’ s a photo of my computer screen when I was working on the header for our photobooth. Ha!

I don’t have any idea how brides keep it together. I think I will be a total spazz (with tears of joy)  probably this entire week.


Lawd help me.

Help Dunia!

I just love this girl so much and it breaks my heart that she might have to go back to Honduras before she has the chance to finish her dgree.

I’m so far ahead of myself! Let me begin again. So there is this wonderful girl at crossfit named Dunia. She popped up at our box about 3 years ago and this tiny little lady was FAST and determined! From the day she set foot in the gym, she could outrun guys twice her height–a little firecracker!


Anyways, she is a currently a Junior at the University of Arkansas brought here from Honduras by an organization. I don’t know anything about the organization at all other than the fact that they are having financial issues with their sponsorships. So poor Dunia has been unable to pay her tuition (that sh*t ain’t cheap!). She doesn’t even buy books and still makes A’s like it’s no big deal. She is definitely a smart cookie!

There are a lot of details about her situation that I don’t know, but what I have seen is that she has had to make a lot of sacrifices for things completely outside of her control. The world is being unfair to her and she could really use the help from anyone who can.


You can read more about her story and give donations here.

She needs to reach her goal by the end of May, so every penny helps!

Thanks yall 🙂 Have a great week!!!


16.5 The Worst Open Experience Ever…

To say that I hated the open this week would be an understatement.

14.5 is probably my least favorite workout of all time. I’m good at thrusters and pretty good at cardio. But I can’t think of any movement that I truly hate more than bar over burpees. But 16.5 IS….. 14.5. And here the stupid burpees are. AGAIN.

I improved by nearly a minute from 2 years ago, but this workout dropped me like crazy. I plummeted from 115th place in the region to 156th.

No photos from this one, so here are a few that were taken when I did this one two years ago:

I wasn’t able to help our team out this week and we ended up falling from 18th to 24th, putting us way out of the opportunity window to go to regionals as a team (they only take the top 15 from each region, even if the teams in your region make up the majority of the wordwide team leaderboard.

I’m such a negative nancy. I think I am just bummed because I just don’t really understand how I can dominate workouts like last week and then this week I give 110% again and it’s not even close to being enough. I just don’t get it.

Also I don’t remember hurting this bad last time. Nearly a week later and my arms still feel like someone tried to rip them off, then ran over them and injected them with poison. I thought I was going to have to do it twice to try to improve my score, but then god I didn’t. Other girls in my gym were at least a minute better than my score of 12:47, so it was pointless for me to try again.

Maybe next year we can stop doing burpees and start lifting heavy weights. Enough about that.

Let’s talk about my new favorite rest day dinner:

It’s basically the thing that we’ve been doing with shrimp and pasta, only instead of noodles we used zoodles! And also added a wedge of laughing cow cheese because why the hell not?

The bad thing about this dinner is pretty much the same thing that’s bad about all of the other dinners/meals while doing RP: they are over in like 5 bites.

I went on a post-open candy/pizza binge last weekend so I look and feel pretty terrible this week. Which is awesome because we are taking progress photos next week… the open is such a weird time to try to make progress with fat loss because workouts are all stupid.

Instead of working on skills and strength, during the open I’m too scared to rip my hands or overtrain my back or forearms so I’m trying to be all careful during my workouts. Doing little to no strength training and taking way too many extra rest days to ensure my best performance in each open wod and open re-do. So ridiculous. Glad it’s over!

Time to remember how crossfit was fun and why I do it in the first place.

The 6:30 class is so adorable!!! #swolemates #row

A post shared by Lisa (@lisa_stancil_payne) on


I’m 99.9% sure the main reason is to get to be around some really cool people.

16.1 and RP update

RP is going well! No one likes diets/being hungry but I’m starting to turn into a pro! I’m the slowest loser ever because I still haven’t gotten the hang of weekends. It’s taken me 6 months to lose about 7 lbs. Not too impressive, but at least I am losing? I’ve been really trying hard since January so most of them have come off since then. I have been a little worried about the open and wanting to be “fighting weight” for all the gymnastical crap this year.

So far 16.1 is the only one that’s been released. It didn’t go super great. I mean… I *thought* that I did pretty well, but my ranking in the region for that workout was lower than any workout I did last year. So it’s a little hard to swallow that. But whatever. At least pull ups and burpees are out of the way.

I actually did it twice. The first time I got 208 reps, which I busted my butt for. I thought “there’s just no way I could ever beat this!” My vision was blurry, my mouth was dry, the skin was coming off of my hands.

I re-did it again yesterday and scored 8 reps better for 216 (which moved me up 98 spots!) but still wasn’t  good enough to help contribute  a score for my box’s team. We’re not ranked too high after that one, so going to regionals on a team myself is pretty much off the table at this point.

It’s early on–things may change, you never know. I’m just trying to stay positive and hope for something more in my wheelhouse.

Love this evening crew:

In other news, I bought my wedding dress!!!!  

And have fallen into deep, deep like with some macro-friendly RP-friendly recipes. Like this one I made for chicken salad:

It’s got light mayo and a container of age greek yogurt. Low fat chicken salad should still be creamy, dang it!!! I went searching for recipes for low fat chicken salad and they all looked like wet chicken and not creamy, so I took some inspiration from them and created my own. It’s also got some red grapes, apples, and pulverized celery (thanks to my handy dandy vitamix blender)!

Yesterday I cracked open a double-yoked egg! 

I just read that the odds of a double yolk are 1:30…. so that’s not that impressive I guess.

Man it’s just like my open score! I think it’s so awesome until I do a little research 😦

Christmas 2015

Because I’ll never get tired of telling this story 🙂

I had such an amazing Christmas break. I’m calling it a break because I used a bunch of vacation days. Between that and the Holidays I was off work for a good chunk of time. I got everything I could have ever asked for for Christmas and then some. I feel so spoiled and loved and blessed.

IMG_3706 IMG_3711 IMG_3707

I made a lot of poor nutrition choices, but it was worth it. No regrets.

On Christmas Eve some of my family came in town and we went to dinner at Ella’s for their Holiday Buffet. Then afterwards we drove out to this crazy house that had billions of lights and inflatable silliness and drank hot chocolate and walked around.


It was so cheesy but still fun!

For Christmas Brad spoiled me with way too many gifts. Including shoes that I had been eyeing, the Renaissance Woman e-book (he had it printed and bound and it looks incredible!). And a wallet (he picked out the cutest kate spade wallet!!!) and barbell collars, lulu gift card, etc. etc. etc. And the last gift I opened from him was a one-night getaway to Big Cedar! Just the two of us!!! How cute is that?! We never go anywhere unless its to do crossfit competitions or visit people so going somewhere just the two of us was SUPER thoughtful. I teared up. Anyone would!

The next day Brad noticed that a house has just been listed for sale in a neighborhood that we were both in love with that is near our crossfit box. We got a realtor friend to show it to us and it was INCREDIBLE! So we made an offer. And it was accepted!!! So now we are just waiting for financing! ❤ OMG we’re buying a house!


So on Tuesday we headed to Branson. We had some time to kill so we decided to go to the Branson Landing. They were pumping water out from under it because it had recently flooded pretty bad, but the stores were all fine. I took advantage of the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale.

Then we went and checked in to our cottage.


And ordered wine and champagne to celebrate our new house! Weeeeeee!

And how cute is this cottage?

IMG_3747Ordering romantic beverages via room service.

We had dinner reservations at Devil’s Pool at 6:00, so we got dressed up and had some time to kill so we decided to walk around and look at the christmas lights.

IMG_3754 IMG_3750

Then when we were finally nice and cold and hungry we settled in to some hot chili.


OMG and it blew my mind. Best chili ever, I need the recipe!

He ordered the brisket and I got crawfish gumbo.


And you can see my delicious winter cinnamon something or other sangria in the photo of the chili. That drink was perfect!

After dinner, we ordered a chocolate mousse cake to go to take back to the room and enjoy with our champagne. Our cottage was literally right next to the restaurant so it was super convenient! We realized we had no utensils so he sent me back to get some while he started the fire.


When I came back he had turned off the lights and pulled the bench up to the fire and poured the champagne. We sat down and he started telling me how much fun he has with me and how in love with me he is and how happy he is and I just wanted to butt in and say “Me TOOOO!” but I didn’t want to interrupt. (I’d like to add that sweet speeches things like that aren’t outside of the norm for him so I definintely wasn’t ready for what was coming.)

Then he said “hold on” and took my drink and set it down. And then he got on one knee and said “Lisa, will you marry me?”

And he totally had a ring but it only barely caught a glimpse of it before I was jumping on top of him and squeaking and asking if he was serious. We both cried a little and then he immediately came clean to me about all the little fibs he had to tell me to keep everything a secret. The ring shopping, lunch with my dad the day before, etc.


I’m over the moon.

I get to keep him!!! Forever!!!!

We spent a pretty good chunk of time calling people. We probably waited 2 hours before we finally got to dive into that mousse cake 😉

We didn’t take any pictures of ourselves (other than my hand) until the next day. lol, whoops.

The next morning we enjoyed had an epic breakfast buffet at Devil’s pool (*endless bacon*), went to the new american history museum that is at Top of the Rock, and then drove back home to meet with the Mortgage guy to talk about financing.


OMG we’re buying a house! And getting married! And adulting SO hard!


OMG its so pretty. I can’t even. He designed it himself! I can’t wait to marry him! I’m overwhelmed and so insanely happy.

RP one week in!

One week progress front shot!


My front is way more photogenic than my back. I won’t consider posting that for a long time. If and only if I see extremely drastic changes! lol The changes shown above are definitely just me holding some water weight and me without it. The one on the left was taken at night and the one on the right was in the morning just days apart. I have this common phenomenon called “morning abs” that disappear every day by 11:00 regardless of what I do or eat. But I’m pretending that I think all of the change between the two photos is the amazingness of doing this RP template.     #motivated

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use the templates. I am so used to following flexible dieting that the templates are really throwing me off. I wish they gave me EXACT numbers to shoot for instead of oz. and and handfuls and whatnot.

As a female, I know I should aim for at least .8 grams per 1 lb. of bodyweight, but this template I purchased has me eating 122 grams of protein (plus whatever protein accidentally adds up from other things I consume that are mainly fats/carbs). I weigh a lot, so 122 doesn’t really seem like enough to me.

Then on “moderate” days the fats and carbs are outta control! Like 90 fat and 225 carbs! What in the heck? I feel like I am completely relearning how to eat.

On rest days I feel like I am starving half to death. I haven’t tried to eat anything less than 1700 calories since college! Boo on that.

Here is a rest day dinner that definitely had more than 3 oz. of protein. Yum.

This is a typical pre-workout meal for me. I’m totally confused about what 7 grams of healthy fat is, so I just skip it. I should probably buy almonds or something.

This is another rest day dinner:  

Not gonna lie. 4 meatballs and a tiny cup of broccoli for dinner on a day that I had gotten up at 5:00AM to run 5 miles made me extremely angry and sad. Not sure I am cut out for this yet…

Bought these for a post-workout carb option! Yay Fig Newmans! lol

This is my typical noon meal during the weekdays right now. I know i’m probably doing too many veggies, but if that’s my biggest crime then I am pretty sure I’m doing ok.

I like to split the fats between “real” dressing, feta cheese, and avocados.

And here is one of Brad’s bedtime meals because I like how he does his carbs 🙂

Yes! Brad is doing it with me! Only he is a lot better at not complaining. I am having a hard time  being disciplined enough to weigh everything and track it all correctly. He inspires me ❤

HOA 2015

The Heart of America Team Affiliate Competition has happened once again!

And this time–for the first time ever–I got to compete with Taylor! I am an honorary competitive member of Crossfit Refine. Which would be against the rules for this affiliate competition, except that since there was no way we would be vying for a podium spot it really didn’t matter 🙂

Without further ado, here are the events!

Friday night first.

Event 1 and 2

All 6 athletes — Women perform Event 2 while men perform Event 2, then 2 minutes to switch (18 minute clock):

Event 1

8 minutes to establish max load snatch. Barbell load may only increase.

Event 2

8 minutes for perform (3-athlete relay) for time:

30 toes to bar

30 front squats

I hate snatching under the pressure of competition and under a clock. It’s such a complex movement! When I had to do it least year at HOA (which I failed to properly document), I had to resort to power snatching because I kept getting nervous and losing my balance.

This is the face of me hitting a 160# snatch.

Very pleased with that! I even almost had 165–but I couldn’t quite stabilize it. My PR is 170, which I only recently got. So I’m more than ok with 160 in this comp!

The other workout went okay. We didn’t finish, but I somehow did the front squats unbroken and managed not to take an eternity on the toes to bars. I felt good about it. I even ninja’d through there fast enough to avoid getting any pics taken 🙂 Which is good, because I’m 100% my front-squat faces are more than slightly unflattering.

The first half of the next day was divided into three separate guy/girl team workouts. Only none of them let you split the reps however you wanted. Which was frustrating.

Event 3

8:00 time cap (each competitor does all of the reps below)

10 Deadlifts 315#/205# | Partner static deadlift hold

20 Chest to bar pull ups | partner static hang from rig

30 Thrusters 95#/65# | Partner Static front rack barbell

40 unbroken double unders’


Done by Mary Lou and her BF Tim. (I may have accidentally arrived to the convention center while this workout was happening and only been able to watch the last few minutes, but it’s all good….)

Event 4 

7:00 clock – 2 athletes – 1 Male and 1 Female

*3 minutes each to row 400/300m for time,

with any remaining time perform…

Event 5

4 Box Jump Overs

2 Ring Muscle Ups

*Female has 3 minutes to perform 300 m row and AMRAP. One minute reset. Then Male has 3 minutes to perform 400m row and AMRAP.


I somehow got chosen for this one because it contained the row that was heavily weighted. And we discussed that my muscle up skills were probably not that much worse than either of my fellow lady teammates so it was worth it since I am like a foot taller! lol

The scoreboard was insane for that row–1 second separated 6 and 7-way ties.

We all wore matching white booty shorts this day–a first for me. I felt super naked.

Event 6

2 Athletes– 1 make 1 female

6 minutes to Establish a Max Load for the following complex:

1 clean+ 1 hang clean + 1 jerk


This is the one I would have probably done if I hadn’t opted for the double whammy wod. Taylor did it, which was good! She is a stud.

The rest of Saturday:


Event 7-8

15 minute time cap – All 6 athletes–3 males and  3 females work simultaneously performing the following for time:

Event 7 (all three females)

Couplet A: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 65#, 12 Overhead Squats 65#

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #125, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 135#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Event 8 (all three males)

Couplet A: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 205#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #185, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 95#, 12 Overhead Squats 95#


No one seemed super excited about the 125# shoulder to overhead, but I was like “That’s my jam!!! I think.” So I volunteered.

Taylor did the snatches and squats first and sailed through them like a boss. I was grateful because I really hate super high-rep light weight stuff like that and she practically went unbroken through the whole thing.

She then rolled the bar to me. I had to re-dress it with the appropriate weight and begin my couplet.

First 12 reps went unbroken. Piece of cake! This is gonna be easier than I thought!


Um. Except then I started the 9 and after 5 reps I had to drop. Like… I had to drop.


It wasn’t my shiniest moment. Then I finished it off, chipped away at the burpees, and after a bit of encouragement from my judge (I thanked her later), I managed to get the last 6 done without setting it down. I did, however, take quite a pause between the last 3 reps.

It was a very individualized workout. We were 2 reps shy of finishing, but it was good. We were all looking forward to day 3 hoping it would be a lot more team-oriented.

It was a bit disappointing, not gonna lie.

Sunday Day 3

Event 9

All 6 athletes 3 females perform together, followed by the 3 males (25 minutes time cap)


all 3 athletes: 200m sandbag burden run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#

All 3 athletes: 80 wallballs 30#/20# to 10′

Athlete 1: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 60 GHD Situps

Athlete 2: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 40 Aternating DB snach 90#/60#

Athlete 3: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 20 FatBar squat cleans 180#/120#

Buy out:

All 3 athletes: 200m Sandbag Burden Run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#


So 3-2-1 We load up sandbags and take off. 70# is a bit heavier than I imagined. I try to sprint but all that happens is a jog. I don’t want to think to myself how this is going to feel when I complete the buy-out later. I when I come back to our lane, I accidentally pass it. The judge makes me turn around and go back to the rig and enter through the correct lane instead. I yell “are you kidding me?!” at them. Which is rude, but that was rude of them too. I lad to lug my 70# bad an extra 50 feet thanks to that.

Wall Balls are my b*tch. Even the heavy ones.
Once I was semi-recovered from that stupid sandbag run they actually felt pretty good.

This was a difficult workout to really plan out. The brunt of the hard work for me was all at the end so I was dying to death! Mary Lou had trouble with the dumbbell snatches and fat bar cleans so other than a rep here and there, Taylor and I split all these reps. And for some reason I did my overhead lunge in between those two movements–lol! At least that part was pretty easy and really really short.

I immeditely did a squat clean and “MAYDAY!” was going off in my head like an alarm. So I did one more and went “someone else!!!” My team communication skills are pretty sharp.

All in all it was a good weekend. But the workouts just weren’t as cool as they used to be. Especially Sunday–Sunday is supposed to be super super awesome and it was just painful. That Fatbar was textured with razor blades for some reason and so afterwards my thighs looked like the owner of a rabid cat.

Sunday events from HOA 2012 and 2013 were much better.

Would I do it again? Well, probably. The main reason would be to get to have fun competing with friends. Plus I got to leave Fayetteville during Bikes Blues and BBQ, which was nice. Motorcycle Rallies aren’t really my thing.

Have a fantabulous rest of your week!

Oh, and don’t eat hummus at restaurants. Have a fantabulous week!