Wedding Planning is Underway 💸

Cake tasting has been my favorite part of this whole planning process! Well, that and the amazing shower that our friends threw us.

OH! And finding my dress was really cool too.

Instead of a groom’s cake we’re going to have a groom’s dessert table! How great is that?! People can potluck their own favorite desserts and it will be so fun!

Speaking of desserts. Look at these brad cupcakes from our shower!!! How completely ridiculously adorable are they?? My to favorite things combined: Brad and cupcakes!

More cuteness: these shot glasses! We are 100% going to reuse them for our wedding.

Seriously the shower was too cute.

We’ve finally decided on a berry wedding color so the bridesmaids will be in berry colored dresses.

So pretty!!! And this color is super flattering on everyone!

And the groom’s attire:

I feel like we’ve gotten so much done but there’s so much more to do!

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • hired a day-of wedding planner/coordinator
  • chosen wedding colors: navy, berry, and sage?
  • found all of the attire
  • found a venue
  • decided on a friend who will marry us 🙂
  • hired a photographer and had engagement photos made with him
  • hired a taco truck
  • hired a wedding DJ
  • found a place to rent things from
  • paid for our CAKE (and cake topper!)
  • booked hair and makeup for bride and bridesmaids
  • booked our rehearsal dinner location
  • gathered a billion addresses to send invitations to
  • designed our very own invitations and wedding website

And here’s a few things we still haven’t done.

  • figured out where to stay on our wedding night
  • actually printed and mailed invitations
  • figured out or bought any decorations at all (ughhhhh)
  • built a thing to cover up the pool so we can get married on it 🙂
  • buy guest book
  • get flowers (boquets, corsage, etc)
  • buy wedding bands
  • written vows (i have a start…lol)
  • buy gifts for wedding party
  • obtain alcohol/service?
  • decide what to do for our “unity” thing (paint?)
  • coordinate with food truck and wedding planner to decide on logistics
  • decide how in the world i’m going to get my makeup to look good/hire a makeup artist?
  • decide on a honeymoon location
  • magically grow a money tree to pay for all this nonsense 🙂

If anyone has any advice I am open to ALL the help i can get!