Christmas 2015

Because I’ll never get tired of telling this story :)

I had such an amazing Christmas break. I’m calling it a break because I used a bunch of vacation days. Between that and the Holidays I was off work for a good chunk of time. I got everything I could have ever asked for for Christmas and then some. I feel so spoiled and loved and blessed.

IMG_3706 IMG_3711 IMG_3707

I made a lot of poor nutrition choices, but it was worth it. No regrets.

On Christmas Eve some of my family came in town and we went to dinner at Ella’s for their Holiday Buffet. Then afterwards we drove out to this crazy house that had billions of lights and inflatable silliness and drank hot chocolate and walked around.


It was so cheesy but still fun!

For Christmas Brad spoiled me with way too many gifts. Including shoes that I had been eyeing, the Renaissance Woman e-book (he had it printed and bound and it looks incredible!). And a wallet (he picked out the cutest kate spade wallet!!!) and barbell collars, lulu gift card, etc. etc. etc. And the last gift I opened from him was a one-night getaway to Big Cedar! Just the two of us!!! How cute is that?! We never go anywhere unless its to do crossfit competitions or visit people so going somewhere just the two of us was SUPER thoughtful. I teared up. Anyone would!

The next day Brad noticed that a house has just been listed for sale in a neighborhood that we were both in love with that is near our crossfit box. We got a realtor friend to show it to us and it was INCREDIBLE! So we made an offer. And it was accepted!!! So now we are just waiting for financing! <3 OMG we’re buying a house!


So on Tuesday we headed to Branson. We had some time to kill so we decided to go to the Branson Landing. They were pumping water out from under it because it had recently flooded pretty bad, but the stores were all fine. I took advantage of the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale.

Then we went and checked in to our cottage.


And ordered wine and champagne to celebrate our new house! Weeeeeee!

And how cute is this cottage?

IMG_3747Ordering romantic beverages via room service.

We had dinner reservations at Devil’s Pool at 6:00, so we got dressed up and had some time to kill so we decided to walk around and look at the christmas lights.

IMG_3754 IMG_3750

Then when we were finally nice and cold and hungry we settled in to some hot chili.


OMG and it blew my mind. Best chili ever, I need the recipe!

He ordered the brisket and I got crawfish gumbo.


And you can see my delicious winter cinnamon something or other sangria in the photo of the chili. That drink was perfect!

After dinner, we ordered a chocolate mousse cake to go to take back to the room and enjoy with our champagne. Our cottage was literally right next to the restaurant so it was super convenient! We realized we had no utensils so he sent me back to get some while he started the fire.


When I came back he had turned off the lights and pulled the bench up to the fire and poured the champagne. We sat down and he started telling me how much fun he has with me and how in love with me he is and how happy he is and I just wanted to butt in and say “Me TOOOO!” but I didn’t want to interrupt. (I’d like to add that sweet speeches things like that aren’t outside of the norm for him so I definintely wasn’t ready for what was coming.)

Then he said “hold on” and took my drink and set it down. And then he got on one knee and said “Lisa, will you marry me?”

And he totally had a ring but it only barely caught a glimpse of it before I was jumping on top of him and squeaking and asking if he was serious. We both cried a little and then he immediately came clean to me about all the little fibs he had to tell me to keep everything a secret. The ring shopping, lunch with my dad the day before, etc.


I’m over the moon.

I get to keep him!!! Forever!!!!

We spent a pretty good chunk of time calling people. We probably waited 2 hours before we finally got to dive into that mousse cake ;)

We didn’t take any pictures of ourselves (other than my hand) until the next day. lol, whoops.

The next morning we enjoyed had an epic breakfast buffet at Devil’s pool (*endless bacon*), went to the new american history museum that is at Top of the Rock, and then drove back home to meet with the Mortgage guy to talk about financing.


OMG we’re buying a house! And getting married! And adulting SO hard!


OMG its so pretty. I can’t even. He designed it himself! I can’t wait to marry him! I’m overwhelmed and so insanely happy.

Renaissance Periodization and the Holidays

I’m bad at being hungry. Like… a whole lot worse at it than most people. If my stomach is growling I am only capable of making this face:


Which means I’m really not a very good dieter/cutter. So this RP cut has got me pretty down. Now don’t get me wrong, so far every weekend has either been Thanksgiving epic cheat weekend, Christmas Party 1, or Christmas Party 2. I guess the bright side is that I work hard all week to lose a lb and then spend all weekend gaining it back and therefore come out even instead of gaining a ton of weight over the holidays. So there’s that.

My lifts are super sucky though. Jerks, snatches, squats. You name it, and I can’t touch my PR. Even if I drink an insane amount of lemonade beforehand. I tried.

I want an Renaissance Periodization diet cookbook so bad! I’ve heard that one is in the works, but we’ll see. Here are some of my favorite meals while sticking to RP (these are non-rest day meals! Because I refuse to post a picture of salmon and green beans and call it a “favorite”.)

taco/rice boats:


(Great use for ground meat!)

Carefully calculated RP chili with fat free cheese:

IMG_3460 2

Shrimp with tomatoes on angel hair pasta! OMG this is my current obsession. I love shrimp so much but have only eaten it sparingly since my crazy allergic reaction incident a few years ago.IMG_3607

Best “diet” meal ever. Totally worth it.

And then last but not least–my last meal, the casein protein banana pudding with almond butter:

IMG_3462 2

Which makes going to bed hungry a whole lot less painful. I’m at a point where I even eat it like this on rest days. To make casein pudding you need hot tap water and a whisk: slowly add the water to the powder while whisking it until it forms a pudding-like consistency. Then add toppings (if you are allowed to have them) and set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

I don’t like RP’s rest day templates–they are WAY too low carb. Like today–I am supposed to be eating 75 grams of carbs today and that’s all. And I’m pretty sure my calorie count is supposed to be around 1400 calories for today– a rest day on Cut 1.

Uh, no. Nope. UH-uh. No thanks. Nah. Naw. Nope. No.

So the reason RP works for a lot of people is probably because the calorie count is so insanely low. I’ve calculated my calories from the templates and all of the cutting days are at or below my calculated BMR calorie needs.

I might go back to “flexible dieting with an emphasis on nutrient timing.” I made that up. But it sounds a lot easier than entering the 11th circle of hell in the form of hunger pangs.

I’m so hungry as I write this even. See how bad I am at it? Off to eat my low carb salad!


Thunder on the Hill 2015

Spoiler Alert!!! We won!


Ok, yeah, maybe there were only 4 RX women teams… but still. Winning is winning ;)

I was trying to wait and post this once I got more pics from the event. I could have sworn there was a photographer there, but no pics yet so I’ll just post it with the ones I already have.

So the first WOD:

With a running clock

WOD 1: Est 3RMHang Clean, 5min

-1min for teams to set up their bar for WOD2-

WOD2: AMRAP4min: 50DU/100SU, 10 PS (135/95) (95/65)


What they forgot to mention:

  • Everything is done with a men’s barbell.
  • Once you add a plate to the bar you cannot remove the plate. Even if you’re taking if off in order to add weight.

Taylor rocked those cleans, though! Men’s bar and all.

Then we were done. There was some time left, and I asked out judge if we could begin stripping the barbell but he said no. Then i saw other people stripping theirs… I started to argue with him, but then I decided it wasn’t worth it. Then it was my turn to do the AMRAP. Then we start changing the weights. This is the fastest minute ever. All of the sudden someone calls out: TEN SECONDS!

I scramble over to my jump rope and grab the handles.

It’s all twisted.


I hear the whirring of double unders all around me, but I’m still trying to get the knot of of my rope. I end up pulling the knot even tighter! So I frantically decide I need to give up and pass the rope to Taylor for a try. We’re both pretty panicked at this point so she struggles with the knot as well.

By this time everyone else as moved on to the snatches.

I frantically yell out “Why is this happening!?!”  and then we finally somehow get the rope straightened out together.

I quickly start jumping and glance up at the clock. :46 seconds in to a 4:00 workout. Not the best start…I’ve got a LOT of adrenaline and have some serious time to make up.

I move to the snatches. The men’s bar is awkward but I stick to sets of five and knock them out pretty quickly. Back to the rope. 50 dubs with one quick break. Back to the snatches. Two sets of 5 again, barely eeking out that last few reps.

Taylor is yelling some pretty encouraging stuff at me at this point and I can tell that a lot of people around me are still struggling with the snatches, so I am pretty sure I might have actually passed some of them!  I notice the clock is winding down pretty fast. I pick up the rope and do 50 fast unbroken dubs and finish right as time expires.

Somehow I beat everyone else! I was shocked.

Two wods down, two wods to go!

WOD 3:”The Hill-remix”


For Time:

75 C2BPull Ups/Pull Ups (2:1 ring rows)

50 DL(135/95) (105/75)

800m Run(20/14), (No weight)

50Burpees over Bar

25 PC(135/95) (105/75)

25HSPU/Push Ups with feet on plate

10 OHS(135/95) / FS (105/75)

-timecap: 18min


This WOD was the worst thing ever. The pull-up rig was kinda unusual. I stuck to a regular kip and Taylor did quick butterflies. We started out with pretty big sets of ten. Then 7. Then 5’s. It took us a while to get all 75, and we were the second team off of the rig.

I don’t even really remember the deadlifts. They were really easy and super forgettable. Then out the door for the run!

Carrying a freaking wall ball.

For some reason, I quickly went in to panic mode and passed the ball to Taylor. We started up the Hill (i think it needs to be a proper noun in this circumstance). She passed it back after about 400 meters or so and seemed to be dying even more than I was at the first carry.

By then I could tell that my heart rate was starting to level off a bit so I decided I could probably hang onto the wall ball a lot longer. I kept the team in front of us in the sights and tried to pace my way up the Hill. A volunteer was stationed at the steepest part of the hill cheering me on. I was walking so I decided to explain myself to him “gotta save something for those burpees!” lol I really doubt he was judging me though.

I passed the ball back to Taylor as we rounded the final corner to head back into the box. Then I took it back so she could climb into the door. Burpees were the last thing I felt like doing, and I knew we needed to be able to try and pace them so I went for sets of 6. Even though we discussed 3, I definitely wanted longer rest periods. I went to a very dark place during those burpees. This was or sure the very worst part of the whole comp for me.

We were still holding steady in second place.

Then we did 25 of the hardest light power cleans ever.

Then 10, 10, and 5 HSPU.

Then 5 & 5 OHS.

Ended up finishing about 20 seconds behind the first place team–I was pretty impressed that we closed the gap that much!

So we went to lunch and celebrated with donuts!


One WOD left!

WOD 4:

AMRAP 6min:

15 KBS(70/53) (53/35)

30Wallballs (20/14) (10/9’)/ (20/14) (9’/8’)

-Athlete1 will perform the AMRAP while Athlete 2 rows for calories. Athletes may switchas needed. Every calorie rowed, will add to the final AMRAP score.


So I rowed first. I managed 50 calories in 3 minutes and then we switched places.

Which was the worst. This wall ball kettlebell business was a lot suckier than it looked. The kettlebell was tough but doable, but the wall balls did NOT wanna happen. I had to break twice in a set of 30 and it was only a 9 foot target.

BUT that’s all we really needed in order to keep first. If we had come in last then that would has resulted in a tie for first.


The tiebreaker WOD was 60 seconds of front rack lunges and rope climbs. Thank goodness we didn’t have to do that!

We got some pretty decent prizes! A necklace from fashletics (my fave!) An appointment with NWA Acupuncture, a $25 gift card to Zaxby’s, some coconut water from Whole Foods (coming March 2016!), and like $15 to Rush Running. Because running is so much fun… yeah, I’m thinking energy gels or a water bottle.

So THAT was Thunder on the Hill :)

OH! And one of the vendors at the event was Complete Nutrition who brought  their “InBody Body Composition Analyzer”. I bravely got myself scanned and was shocked to find out my body fat is only 19.6%! I was sure that I was at least 25. Who knows how accurate that thing is, but they claimed that it was within 2 points of a DEXA scanner. I plan to follow RP as hard as I can for a few months and then head back in there and have another scan done to see if I’m losing fat.

Yay technology!

RP and stuff

I’m so bad at this diet stuff. I will be hungry for a whole week straight and follow all of the principles of the RP templates to a T on Monday-Friday. But then when it’s Saturday some switch flips and goes “YAY! You made it to the weekend! You need a treat!” No tracking, measuring, prepping, planning, weighing, exorbitant amounts of dishes and lots of sleep for you!”

And I can’t just “eat intuitively” because then I just want to have yummy things I don’t normally let myself have which means I end up eating 600 grams of fat in one sitting. Then Monday comes again and I repeat the whole process.

I’ve been hitting levels of hunger I didn’t even know I was capable of. Is it wrong to wish that your hunger mechanism was weak??

I’m guessing that I will probably just keep this same stupid cycle through the rest of the year and then in January when everyone else seems to be acting a little more health-conscious it will be a little easier to make it happen.

My favorite part of this diet is the casein protein meals. Since I work out at night I get lots of carbs in the evenings which means I get to make banana pudding out of my casein. And I top if with almond butter because I also get some fat servings! Woohoo!!! <3 Yum. WINNING!


I made chili and butternut squash soup last week so that I could have a break from sweet potatoes and the plain old chicken that I’ve been eating. And the weather is getting colder so chili is definitely necessary.


IMG_3478 2



Really ugly soup, but really delicious. I didn’t know how to track it to accurately count the carbs so I tacked it as “pureed butternut squash” since that is 99% of the ingredients.

Here is the recipe for it.

And here is the chili that I made:

IMG_3457 2

Covered it with fat free cheese and a dollop of greek yogurt. I tried half-assedly to track all of this accurately.


RP doesn’t give you the exact macros you are looking to hit or the calorie goal or anything like that. So coming from flexible dieting to this has been quite a challenge. Also “letting go” and eating all the carbs is really hard.

Is this what normal people struggle with on a daily basis? Hunger, math and muscle soreness?

Anywho. I get to do a little local 2-person crossfit competition this weekend with Taylor!


I’m excited!

RP one week in!

One week progress front shot!


My front is way more photogenic than my back. I won’t consider posting that for a long time. If and only if I see extremely drastic changes! lol The changes shown above are definitely just me holding some water weight and me without it. The one on the left was taken at night and the one on the right was in the morning just days apart. I have this common phenomenon called “morning abs” that disappear every day by 11:00 regardless of what I do or eat. But I’m pretending that I think all of the change between the two photos is the amazingness of doing this RP template.     #motivated

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use the templates. I am so used to following flexible dieting that the templates are really throwing me off. I wish they gave me EXACT numbers to shoot for instead of oz. and and handfuls and whatnot.

As a female, I know I should aim for at least .8 grams per 1 lb. of bodyweight, but this template I purchased has me eating 122 grams of protein (plus whatever protein accidentally adds up from other things I consume that are mainly fats/carbs). I weigh a lot, so 122 doesn’t really seem like enough to me.

Then on “moderate” days the fats and carbs are outta control! Like 90 fat and 225 carbs! What in the heck? I feel like I am completely relearning how to eat.

On rest days I feel like I am starving half to death. I haven’t tried to eat anything less than 1700 calories since college! Boo on that.

Here is a rest day dinner that definitely had more than 3 oz. of protein. Yum.

This is a typical pre-workout meal for me. I’m totally confused about what 7 grams of healthy fat is, so I just skip it. I should probably buy almonds or something.

This is another rest day dinner:  

Not gonna lie. 4 meatballs and a tiny cup of broccoli for dinner on a day that I had gotten up at 5:00AM to run 5 miles made me extremely angry and sad. Not sure I am cut out for this yet…

Bought these for a post-workout carb option! Yay Fig Newmans! lol

This is my typical noon meal during the weekdays right now. I know i’m probably doing too many veggies, but if that’s my biggest crime then I am pretty sure I’m doing ok.

I like to split the fats between “real” dressing, feta cheese, and avocados.

And here is one of Brad’s bedtime meals because I like how he does his carbs :)

Yes! Brad is doing it with me! Only he is a lot better at not complaining. I am having a hard time  being disciplined enough to weigh everything and track it all correctly. He inspires me <3

Renaissance Periodization

So… I  got the new Nike Retcon color way!!! I <3 them. I ordered them from and they pretty much came overnight. The next day I got a shipping email and then around 5:20PM I got a notification that they had been delivered! I for sure thought that was a mistake, but when I got home I was surprised by a box of shoesssss!

We spent all day Saturday being crossfit judges for Wod War III at our box.  It was fun but exhausting!

So now let’t talk about this new diet. I hate that word. Let’s call it a new eating plan? I’ve been counting macros for almost a year, and it’s a lot of work. I don’t do it on the weekends because I like breaks. So now I’m taking it up a notch and making it even more cumbersome. lol ugh. So Renaissance Periodization (RP) is where you still kinda track macros but you rearrange them in your day according to what time your workout is. Also how hard your workout is matters. And if it’s a rest day you have even a different eating plan.

So since I work out in the evenings during the week, the morning on Saturday, and mid day on sunday, and I run once in the morning during the week either on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, so then literally every single day will be different. But a “moderate” day with no morning workout will probably be my simplest go-to day.

You can read a little more about RP here. And find templates to purchase for yourself here.

Yesterday was day 1! And it was a moderate day with an evening workout.

The morning started off with no carbs.

This was brad’s go-to breakfast during the whole30. I’m not used to going so low carb in the mornings–we usually always have fruit– but gotta save my carbs for workout-time!

The next meal occurs 3-5 hours later. And also has no carbs. Ouch.

Then the next meal comes 1-3 hours before the workout. I was DYING (super famished) at this point  so I actually ate most of the turkey before I took this photo. It was 4 0z.

Then during the workout you get to drink your calories. Which is weird, but it works. Here is my 25 g protein shake and 30 g high glycemic of carbs.

My gut instinct is is to not eat regular sugar, so I am going to try to stick to actual fruit juice for now. Until I get too poor for afford it…

DINNER! OMG, carbs. This is supposed to be eaten 40 minutes after workout.

 I found out later that I can have white rice at this meal since it’s still kinda in the workout window. Which is good, because brown rice pretty much sucks. It’s all hard and chewy and white rice is all fluffy and buttery soft. So unfair.

Then there’s the bedtime meal:

This is my highest calorie meal of the day. Which is a little sad, but ok. It was only 160 grams of carbs and for a moderate day, I think that might actually be a bit low.

I accidentally made the casein pudding a little thin, but it totally tastes like a jello pudding snack pack! You just whisk in some hot water an then set it in the fridge for ~30 minutes.

Little things are kinda crazy though. I have had to weigh everything! The feta in the salad, the dressing, the almond butter, the sweet potato, I even weighed the greens!!! Who am I?!  

Things I didn’t really measure but could have: the banana, the rice (I measured it), the protein powders (although I used the scoop and measured with that and tracked them correctly).

This is SO OCD. I am not liking that part of it, but I am hoping that eventually I will be able to follow RP without spending two hours fidgeting with myfitnesspal trying to figure out how much of what to eat and when to eat it.

But today is day 2…

Here are the things I like about it so far:

  • I get to drink carbs during my workout.
  • Abundance of Carbs at dinner (except on rest days or weekends)
  • I get to have a bedtime snack so I don’t go to bed hungry.

I bought a new pan so I can sauté  veggies without any fat. Whoop! what is my life about?

Oh, and also I took some before photos. I look fine from the front which is cool because I see myself that way all the time. But then I had Brad take a photo of my back and then I looked at it and OMG! I was like kinda accepting my body until I saw that photo. Here’s to hoping that lots of planning ahead, eating meals without carbs and lots of scale use makes my back look less gross.

Maybe if every time I feel like cracking down and eating carbs I can just pull up that photo :(


HOA 2015

The Heart of America Team Affiliate Competition has happened once again!

And this time–for the first time ever–I got to compete with Taylor! I am an honorary competitive member of Crossfit Refine. Which would be against the rules for this affiliate competition, except that since there was no way we would be vying for a podium spot it really didn’t matter :)

Without further ado, here are the events!

Friday night first.

Event 1 and 2

All 6 athletes — Women perform Event 2 while men perform Event 2, then 2 minutes to switch (18 minute clock):

Event 1

8 minutes to establish max load snatch. Barbell load may only increase.

Event 2

8 minutes for perform (3-athlete relay) for time:

30 toes to bar

30 front squats

I hate snatching under the pressure of competition and under a clock. It’s such a complex movement! When I had to do it least year at HOA (which I failed to properly document), I had to resort to power snatching because I kept getting nervous and losing my balance.

This is the face of me hitting a 160# snatch.

Very pleased with that! I even almost had 165–but I couldn’t quite stabilize it. My PR is 170, which I only recently got. So I’m more than ok with 160 in this comp!

The other workout went okay. We didn’t finish, but I somehow did the front squats unbroken and managed not to take an eternity on the toes to bars. I felt good about it. I even ninja’d through there fast enough to avoid getting any pics taken :) Which is good, because I’m 100% my front-squat faces are more than slightly unflattering.

The first half of the next day was divided into three separate guy/girl team workouts. Only none of them let you split the reps however you wanted. Which was frustrating.

Event 3

8:00 time cap (each competitor does all of the reps below)

10 Deadlifts 315#/205# | Partner static deadlift hold

20 Chest to bar pull ups | partner static hang from rig

30 Thrusters 95#/65# | Partner Static front rack barbell

40 unbroken double unders’


Done by Mary Lou and her BF Tim. (I may have accidentally arrived to the convention center while this workout was happening and only been able to watch the last few minutes, but it’s all good….)

Event 4 

7:00 clock – 2 athletes – 1 Male and 1 Female

*3 minutes each to row 400/300m for time,

with any remaining time perform…

Event 5

4 Box Jump Overs

2 Ring Muscle Ups

*Female has 3 minutes to perform 300 m row and AMRAP. One minute reset. Then Male has 3 minutes to perform 400m row and AMRAP.


I somehow got chosen for this one because it contained the row that was heavily weighted. And we discussed that my muscle up skills were probably not that much worse than either of my fellow lady teammates so it was worth it since I am like a foot taller! lol

The scoreboard was insane for that row–1 second separated 6 and 7-way ties.

We all wore matching white booty shorts this day–a first for me. I felt super naked.

Event 6

2 Athletes– 1 make 1 female

6 minutes to Establish a Max Load for the following complex:

1 clean+ 1 hang clean + 1 jerk


This is the one I would have probably done if I hadn’t opted for the double whammy wod. Taylor did it, which was good! She is a stud.

The rest of Saturday:


Event 7-8

15 minute time cap – All 6 athletes–3 males and  3 females work simultaneously performing the following for time:

Event 7 (all three females)

Couplet A: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 65#, 12 Overhead Squats 65#

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #125, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 135#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Event 8 (all three males)

Couplet A: 1-2-3-4-5 Rds of: Clean 205#,  Bar Muscle Ups

Couplet B: 12-9-6 Shoulder to Overhead #185, bar-facing burpees

Couplet C: 3 rds of 12 power snatch 95#, 12 Overhead Squats 95#


No one seemed super excited about the 125# shoulder to overhead, but I was like “That’s my jam!!! I think.” So I volunteered.

Taylor did the snatches and squats first and sailed through them like a boss. I was grateful because I really hate super high-rep light weight stuff like that and she practically went unbroken through the whole thing.

She then rolled the bar to me. I had to re-dress it with the appropriate weight and begin my couplet.

First 12 reps went unbroken. Piece of cake! This is gonna be easier than I thought!


Um. Except then I started the 9 and after 5 reps I had to drop. Like… I had to drop.


It wasn’t my shiniest moment. Then I finished it off, chipped away at the burpees, and after a bit of encouragement from my judge (I thanked her later), I managed to get the last 6 done without setting it down. I did, however, take quite a pause between the last 3 reps.

It was a very individualized workout. We were 2 reps shy of finishing, but it was good. We were all looking forward to day 3 hoping it would be a lot more team-oriented.

It was a bit disappointing, not gonna lie.

Sunday Day 3

Event 9

All 6 athletes 3 females perform together, followed by the 3 males (25 minutes time cap)


all 3 athletes: 200m sandbag burden run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#

All 3 athletes: 80 wallballs 30#/20# to 10′

Athlete 1: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 60 GHD Situps

Athlete 2: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 40 Aternating DB snach 90#/60#

Athlete 3: 20′ FatBar OH Walking Lunge 130#/90#

All 3 athletes: 20 FatBar squat cleans 180#/120#

Buy out:

All 3 athletes: 200m Sandbag Burden Run

women use 70#/50#/35#

men use 100#/70#/50#


So 3-2-1 We load up sandbags and take off. 70# is a bit heavier than I imagined. I try to sprint but all that happens is a jog. I don’t want to think to myself how this is going to feel when I complete the buy-out later. I when I come back to our lane, I accidentally pass it. The judge makes me turn around and go back to the rig and enter through the correct lane instead. I yell “are you kidding me?!” at them. Which is rude, but that was rude of them too. I lad to lug my 70# bad an extra 50 feet thanks to that.

Wall Balls are my b*tch. Even the heavy ones.
Once I was semi-recovered from that stupid sandbag run they actually felt pretty good.

This was a difficult workout to really plan out. The brunt of the hard work for me was all at the end so I was dying to death! Mary Lou had trouble with the dumbbell snatches and fat bar cleans so other than a rep here and there, Taylor and I split all these reps. And for some reason I did my overhead lunge in between those two movements–lol! At least that part was pretty easy and really really short.

I immeditely did a squat clean and “MAYDAY!” was going off in my head like an alarm. So I did one more and went “someone else!!!” My team communication skills are pretty sharp.

All in all it was a good weekend. But the workouts just weren’t as cool as they used to be. Especially Sunday–Sunday is supposed to be super super awesome and it was just painful. That Fatbar was textured with razor blades for some reason and so afterwards my thighs looked like the owner of a rabid cat.

Sunday events from HOA 2012 and 2013 were much better.

Would I do it again? Well, probably. The main reason would be to get to have fun competing with friends. Plus I got to leave Fayetteville during Bikes Blues and BBQ, which was nice. Motorcycle Rallies aren’t really my thing.

Have a fantabulous rest of your week!

Oh, and don’t eat hummus at restaurants. Have a fantabulous week!

Snickerdoodle Protein Pumpkin Cheesecake

I haven’t shared a recipe in forever. I feel kinda bad about that–especially since I’m over here counting macros and pretending to be on a diet. lol!


It kinda has chunks of cream cheese in it still, but I didn’t want to accidentally over mix it. I promise cream cheese chunks aren’t the end of the word though <3

Snickerdoodle Protein Pumpkin Cheesecake 


12 oz Plain Far Free Greek Yogurt (I used Fage)

12 0z Fat Free Cream Cheese (?! whatever. I couldn’t find this so I used greek yogurt cream cheese)

1.5 c (366g) Pumpkin Puree –Which ended up being about 3/4 of a normal sized can of pumpkin. I actually weighed it out on my scale. You’re welcome.

2 scoops of P E Science Snickerdoodle Protein Powder (which you should buy for yourself even if you don’t ever get around to making this cheesecake. It’s seriously insanely good!)

2 whole eggs (do you like how each of my ingredients have their own comment?)

1 t vanilla extract …okay I’ll stop.

2-3 t pumpkin pie spice

1.5 t cinnamon

1/4 c stevia (the granulated kind. Walmart had it!!!)

1/4 t salt (I wouldn’t stop)


Optional ingredients that I didn’t use in mine:

8 g SF FF Cheesecake Jello Pudding Mix

1/4 Cup Almond Milk  (use only if adding pudding mix)

Combine all above ingredients into a large bowl and mix with handheld mixer until smooth. Do not overmix! Spray an 8″ or 9″ round pan with cooking spray. Bake at 325 for 30-35 min, then drop the heat to 200 and bake for an additional 50-60 min.  Once done, remove from over and let cool completely. I left mine in the fridge overnight.

Serves 8.

My macros for 1/8 sized piece were:

Calories: 179 Fat: 6.2g Carbs: 10.2 Protein: 18.5

I would say that is a win! A dessert with better macros than things that taste really bad…

I’m such a white girl. I got a pumpkin pie concrete at Andy’s.
I also got a birthday cake ice cream cone from Sonic. I need to stop eating ice cream and start eating cheesecake!!! lol

My excuse is that HOA was this past weekend. I will post a recap about it very soon!

I don’t only eat crap though. Here are some of my other meals lately:
Grilled salmon and asparagus.

This Chicken from BuzzFeed. We had leftover homemade pesto and use it all on this:I forgot how insanely good baked tomatoes are.

Here’s the other thing I used homemade pesto on:
They are the edamame noodles with amazing macros. Plus some leftover grilled chicken and some cherry tomatoes. Food is just better when you acknowledge the fact that even though you need to lose fat you actually have tastebuds. YAY flexible dieting. I love the Facebook groups about it because it’s like a club for athletic women who like to hack dieting.


Anywho, enjoy the recipe!!! Have a great week/end!

Greater Gateway Games!


I haven’t competed in crossfit what feels like ages!   This past weekend we did a 4-person RX team competition called the  Greater Gateway Games 3 or “G3”. Some Masters athletes from Crossfit 540 also competed. Here is the whole group:


Check these awesome shirts!!!


And now I will give the lovely lowdown on the comp :) Wod 1 was this:

“The 150’s”

6 minute time cap:

150 Wallballs

150 Chest-to-bar

150 DU

AMRAP of KB snatch with remaining time (53/35)

This was a  fun workout except that I felt suuuuuuper weak on pull-ups. I had just had my shoulder worked on the day before. I had injured/irritated it practicing butterfly pull-ups (no, really–I could barely lift my right arm to my steering wheel on Thursday!). So I certainly wasn’t ready to do anything that wasn’t a “standard kip”. My teammates definitely pulled the slack on that part :)

And yes of course we went to Chipotle for lunch. I was walking distance from the venue!!!


Next was my FAVORITE!

8 minute time cap

4:00 women/4:00 men

3 rep max hang snatch

<3 LOVE! They scored the women separate from the men, and Taylor and I ended up getting second place in this event! Which was super cool. I got 140#….. I eat too many oreos.\




12 minute time cap

male/female pair

2 laps

20 OHS 95/65

This one might have been my other favorite. The whole time we were doing this one, I kept hearing the announcer talking about “lane 10” (hey! that’s us!) being out in front. So that was pretty exciting. It actually came down to running a lot more than I thought it would. And being able to do all the sets unbroken. We both had to break on the last set of overhead squats, but it was definitely a leg-burner. I like regular Nancy, so this one was super fun for me–we only suffered one no-rep.


—end day 1—



We ended the day in 15th place, which is *spoiler alert* exactly where we ended the whole competition.

WOD 4 “Bar Work”

15 minute time cap


9 power cleans

6 front squats

3 shoulder to overhead


OMG! This was my first time ever to do bar muscle ups in a competition! And it was on their crazy rocking rig with fat bars and uneven pull up bars all over it. On my second bar muscle up I ended up hitting my knee on the front short-bar. So then my judge made me move back to the fat bar which freaked me out. I actually still have a knot on my knee. I went first in this workout and ended up only getting 3 bar muscle ups in the time that it took Taylor to get her barbell work done and join me on the rig. Poor Brad. I am pretty sure he did no less than half of all of the bar muscle ups for our team! lol


WOD 5 was outside!

3 minute time cap

every athlete to  complete course

We rounded up cleats for this one (we had a few days notice). We literally had to run a short version of the zig sag sprint from the 2013 games. I think it was 2013? Anywhoooo… I don’t think I am too great at sprinting but we finished both 15th in that one :)


We has to pose with this statue! I hope he isn’t sacred to anyone.



12 minute time cap

row 400/300 (male then female)

25 burpees (female then male)

70 thrusters while teammate holds front rack

50 toes to bar while teammate hangs



This one was most definitely my least favorite and I am so glad it was last! I went to a very ugly dark place during those thrusters. What was interesting was the fact that the other guy-girl had to wait for you to finish your thrusters before they could start, so we figured the faster athletes needed to go first. But then we were able to take our sweet time on the toes-to-bar. It was weird. Our score was based solely on how far the second pair of athletes could get. Most of the super competitive teams put their faster athletes second for that reason I guess. Only two teams actually finished the WOD because they said that the time caps accidentally got switched for this one and WOD 4.


Overall I have to say that I definitely recommend this event. Good venue, really nice judges, lots of air conditioning, and man I had the coolest team ever. And I loved having our masters team there too. Pretty cool people. My favorite part of crossfit is the people. Hands down.

I’m just Bulking

 Last night:

Accidentally dressing alike is my favorite! How cute is he?!?!

Food prep this week was ON POINT.

Grilled things, butternut squash soup, steamed broccoli all full of volume and fiber! Yes, yes and yes!!!!

Plus we did this while prepping:
Beats ordering a pizza! It’s a little bit hot outside for outdoor dining. And by “hot” I mean the temperature and the humidity are both in the 90’s. “Feels like 114”???

I may have let a whole lot of bread and wine into my life last weekend… 
And I didn’t get enough pictures, but we made some homemade strawberry cobbler in our cast iron skillet on the grill. Grilling everything really makes a lot of sense in the summer because ovens turn regular houses into sweat boxes.  But yeah, this cobbler has all the sugar and gluten… but it’s kind of worth it. If you’re feeling saucy, then here is the recipe.


I sure do make a lot of stupid food choices.

I keep writing really long “woe is me–I want to happily eat food and lift heavy, but be less fluffy” rants and deleting them because they are ridiculous. Life is about balance. And I really hope I will eventually find it.

I like flexible dieting, but I am often “too flexible” and also I am sick and tired of tracking. I have tracked weekday food religiously on the myfitnesspal app for about 8 months in an attempt to “cut” and have nothing to show for it (no weight loss, no substantial strength gains, no body recomposition).

Hating your body is pretty lame. Especially if you work out every day and prep food every week.


I made this my Wodify picture. I literally made it. He is a chunky prairie dog <3

Happy Friday!